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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN MEETING

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong set on his Asia Tour starting on May 4, with countries to visit, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and four cities in China. Indonesia and Thailand are still waiting to be confirmed. Every fan gets so excited by this event had started purchasing their tickets for the Fan Meeting. Since then, fans had been discussing this event and some twitter fans had plan on meeting at the event.

I think this will be a wonderful experience that every fans from these respective countries would have their chance of seeing Hyun Joong in person. Other fans from neighboring countries which is not within Hyun Joong’s itinerary would go out of their way to cross country just to have that chance to see Hyun Joong.

Yesterday, as I was browsing, I came across a news from Mnet as stated:


Kim Hyun Joong and his agency is expressing regret at a ticket sales controversy from his upcoming fan meeting in Taiwan. On May 18 and 19, Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to hold his 2012 Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting in Taiwan. However, the local media outlets have been reporting the prices as too expensive and complaints have begun coming into Kim Hyun Joong’s agency.

On April 20, Kim Hyun Joong’s Key East met with enews and revealed its sentiments saying, “We believed we had decided on an appropriate price for the fans there and therefore had gone through [with that price]. We didn’t know it would become this big of an issue and as such, we are also regretting the issue and also disheartened. For this upcoming fan meeting in Taiwan, Kim Hyun Joong will sing about 14 songs and will do his best to make it the level of a concert. He will also be holding a high-five event with fans and distribute gifts he directly prepared himself. We will work hard to not disappoint our fans.”

Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting prices ranges from 30,000 Korean Won (approximately 26 U.S. dollars) to 180,000 Korean won (approximately 158 U.S. dollars). Most ticket prices are less than 100,000 Korean won except for a few VIP seats prices at 180,000 Korean won. 

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LazerKim point of view:

As I was reading this news, I could hardly believe what I’m reading. If you’re a fan of any celebrity and you’re dying to see him, would you complain about the price of ticket you’re buying for his show? Knowing what you are about to see is worth even more than the price you’re paying? Those who complained, are they genuine fans of Hyun Joong? Or is someone just trying to mess up with the genuine Hyun Joong’s fans??

There are a lot of fans from different parts of Asia and around the world who are just waiting for Hyun Joong to visit their country. I would like to say, if Taiwan truly complains about the ticket price, name any country and they will take Hyun Joong regardless of ticket price. I’m a bit suspicious about this news, but just for the sake of argument, let’s say Taiwanese fans genuinely complains about Hyun Joong’s fan meeting ticket price. Is it too much to spend for only one day event that rarely happen to your life?

Kim Hyun Joong’s Asian Tour, shall be a fan meeting instead of doing a concert. What is the difference? A concert is perform in two hour show straight up, consisting of about 25 to 35 songs depending the on the length of each music or song with a 10-15 minutes interval for the first and second part of the concert.

A Fan Meeting is shorter, and the show consist of audience interaction more than performance. But in the case of Hyun Joong, which we have witness a lot of times, he performs just like in a concert and interacts with his fans. This time he’ll be performing at least 14 songs during the entire show, and this is more than enough for a fan meeting event.

Kim Hyun Joong, for me he’s no longer a rookie, his standard had already gone up since his first concert in Japan this year. And besides, many of us fans had already experienced how Hyun Joong performed in a Fan Meeting. Hyun Joong’s fan meeting event is as close as performing a concert, only it was shorter to have him a chance to interact with his fans. And that’s the essence of a fan meeting, a chance to know your idol better. But with HyunJoong he will give you more than that.

We have witness how he was being treated every time he goes out for a trip, and we fans of course would like him to have that VIP treatment which he deserves and most of all his protection. He has a line of entourage with him, and they are included in the package every time Hyun Joong has to perform anywhere in the world even in his own country.

Hyun Joong’s flight ticket bound to your country which of course includes in the package. The venue where he is to set to perform, light and sound system has to be considered of course. These are just a few of production cost that has to be considered at the expense of the sponsor or organizing company.

Again may I say, Kim Hyun Joong had already gone a step higher with his standard, let us consider this fact, and be happy for him, he’s already a star. And this Fan Meeting is a rare chance, why don’t we grab it? I would say Taiwan is very lucky to have this chance while other fans from other counties are just screaming for their request for Hyun Joong to have his concert in their country.

For the fans in Taiwan expressing their sentiments about ticket price, I do understand that you wanted to attend the fan meeting just as much as the others. KeyEast had extended their regret pertaining the ticket price controversy. I may not have the knowledge as to how the organizers in Taiwan deals with the matter, but I do hope they are not taking advantage of the rare chance. My point is just simple though, Hyun Joong deserves more than just a ticket price for a fan meeting.

Many Hyun Joong fans are dying to see him and to the sponsors and fan meeting ticket outlets base in Taiwan, let’s be fair. Hyun Joong just wants to see his fans and vice versa. So let’s not take too much gravity on business revenue. These fans would do anything for Hyun Joong, they spare even sacrifice a little just to support him. But please do not take advantage, this is just simple, let’s be fair and square.

Business should not always be about revenue. I’m not saying they should not earn, but maybe a fair revenue would be the best. We do business not only to earn but to share a simple happiness to others. And by this way, businessmen will even gain more. Like the Chinese business ways, they would prefer quantity of costumers so they tend to lower they product price.

Hyun Joong fans should not be under estimated in terms of numbers. Specially at this stage of Hyun Joong’s career. I don’t think the genuine Taiwanese fans will complain because they too are dying to see Hyun Joong in person just like in other countries. And as I’ve mentioned Hyun Joong deserves more than a ticket price and his fans knows this.

And so far I don’t hear any complain from other countries where Hyun Joong is making his visit. But I do hope this matter will be settled. I still believe a real fan would support Hyun Joong regardless of any matter arises, because we know very well that Hyun Joong deserves more than just a show ticket price. Come on Taiwan, you just don’t know how much fans from other countries envy you for having a rare chance with Hyun Joong in a Fan meeting. Grab yourself a ticket to the fan meeting which is a rare chance.

There are fans who would follow Hyun Joong on his Asia Tour, as to their purpose actually will give them chance to travel, visit other countries and grabbing their chances to see more of Hyun Joong. Traveling Asia is much cheaper than following him outside Asia. Many fans are just dying to see Hyun Joong and who wouldn’t be in the first place!! His fans just miss him so much.

Just like for instance, the other day, Hyun was out there for launching of Center Pole which is the latest endorsement of Hyun Joong. After the launching of Center Pole, I was rather late to get on line at twitter, and I’ve noticed the movement of twitter was rather fast!! I asked myself, what’s going on??

And I found out photos of Hyun Joong were all over twitter, and his fans were unusually busy sharing the photos!! The whole night was like a nightmare, everyone was so crazy viewing the video and Hyun Joong’s photos!! Hyun Joong by the way, is currently in his new hair style!! He’s back to blonde but a little darker than the last time.

Well, at this time Hyun Joong is already preparing for his Asia Tour, which his fans are just on count down before Hyun Joong starts the ball rolling. As expected, updates of course will be very busy again. As everyone gets so excited to have the chance to see Hyun Joong in person, and the chance to know more about the guy. I’ll be praying for Indonesia and Thailand since they are just waiting for confirmation from KeyEast, and still hoping for more Asian countries will be included in Hyun Joong’s itinerary.

The much awaited event is fast approaching, for those who have not gotten their tickets for the fan meeting, you may do so, as I think tickets are already available. Don’t let go of the rare chance, grab a ticket and you’ll have a good unforgettable memory of Kim Hyun Joong.

And with that, may I just say my parting shots. To Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand, you’re all so lucky to have a chance to be with Kim Hyun Joong!!! Fans from other countries will be watching and will be sharing our joy with you. Please do take care and Protect the Prince!!! LazerKim here writing 

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