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[Eng Translation] From HENECIA JAPAN. Fan meeting in Seoul

Translated by @onlyKHJtimes

Kim hyun joong LDFS fan meeting. date: may. 26th. needed to be a membership of henecia japan and henecia mobile site. to apply the pre-order (fm 19pm~ on mar. 30) the detail is acc to that, the tour point is 1) hi-five wz khj 2) the original goods will be presented 3) khj concert 4) talk n game session (cont) (cont) 5) 10,000yen for LDFS gift certificates. the crt is 

[16 Photos] Kim Hyun Joong ~ Yoon Ji Hoo (BOF)

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RUSTLE DAZZLE

Credit & wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong had been in the entertainment industry for six years, as he started an idol of the group SS501, in this span of five years, the group as expected have teenage fans, surely even younger than them. Now that Hyun Joong has been performing as solo artist for over a year now, he was able to gain his fans in all age bracket, but still there are teenage fans, which is not bad at all. You won’t believe this but I got five reader who are minors and they emailed me to inform that they are minors age range 12-14 and new fans of Hyun Joong. And you would be surprised, they do read my articles, two of them even subscribe through email. I’m sure there are many more out there to be teenage fans of Hyun Joong.

I’m restless that while we read good articles about Hyun Joong, and I couldn’t just close my eyes to reality, about what is actually happening around Hyun Joong because he’s in Korea. And so may I ask for your indulgence to please bear with me as I write about reality in Korean showbiz where Hyun Joong belong. I’m taking this advantage as well, since I now have teenage regular readers and college students. I’ll keep this article as positive as I can.

I have written about two articles pertaining fans and idol, and I wrote Role Model, citing Hyun Joong as a good example being a celebrity. When I did my research on article Stalkers, the video clips are just in the blogs. Lately, as I was browsing YouTube, there are a lot of video clips that wasn’t there during my research. This matter caught my attention.

There were video clips all scenes at the airport of Korea. There was one scene, a member of an idol group was there to depart, and there was a huge crowd of teenage fans were there to see him off. But the scenario turned into chaos and ugly, when the idol came in to the airport. As I view this scene, it seemed to me that the airport management are so lenient about security. The idol had I think four body guard, but it wasn’t enough to control the crowd. Fans came running everywhere that they do not care about other airport passengers.

And there’s another one at the same airport I think, with the same scenario, the airport lobby was crowded with teenage fans, this idol group were also on their way to depart and their fans were there to see them off. All of a sudden somebody shouted, it was one of the members of this idol group, he shouted twice, and he looked very furious, and seem to me the idol had a bad temper. He shouted because they can not get through to the immigration reception, since their passage had been block by the crowd of their fans. There were body guards with them but the scenario was such chaos to control the crowd.

This scenario should have been alright if the fans would just stay put in one place, but the problem is, the fans were tailing at the idols to see them up close, which resulted in an ugly scene. This again may be security lapses, this incident should have been anticipated and precautionary measures should have been implemented.

Another video clip showed an idol group manager, just slapped at a teenage fan and the group didn’t do anything about it. Another clip was the other way around, the manager was being slapped by a fan!!! Why is this happening in South Korea? And another suspicious thing is, I viewed this video clip the other night, but when I checked on it the following morning it was there anymore. Somebody commented that those videos are only shown in the late evening, well I would assume she’s right because it was past 2am when I viewed.

Oh yes by the way after that scene, as an idol shouted at his fans, it was followed by a video of Hyun Joong on January airport departing to Japan, showing that Hyun Joong had almost the same crowded fans at the same airport but he had at least eight security and six bodyguards I think, and Hyun Joong was able to smile at his fans and as usual many fans still managed to hand in their personal letters and gifts.

And yes if you compare the security given to Hyun Joong and well behaved fans, it had a big difference. Fans may be moving around simply because they want to hand in their letters, and Hyun Joong’s body guards were kind enough to collect them. And the fans let go of Hyun Joong, which I’m proud to say, they are indeed admirable.They just content themselves to taking pictures from where they were standing.

Majority of the fans of this idol group are plainly teenager, or there may be a few in their early twenties. This is just my opinion, I do understand how it is to be a fan and how it is to be a teenager, I’ve been there too same as your age. But I don’t think it’s necessary to go crazy with your idols if others who are not fans be affected. It’s alright to go to the airport to see your idol depart, but do behave yourselves. And so to other public places too if you happen to see your idols, then behave like young ladies. And please don’t follow them around, to wherever they go.

When Hyun Joong went to China recently and his Chinese fans prepared for his arrival as the put beautiful streamers for his arrival. But the preparation ended in a chaos that Hyun Joong was squeezed by a crowded fans. But Hyun Joong still managed to smile at his fans no matter what happened, and he let his body guards and security do their job. The scenario may be alarming because of the rampant stalkers around but I hope this will be the first and last incident to happen to Hyun Joong.

Celebrities are human too that needs their privacy same as we do. I’m writing this article for fan teenagers. When they’re up on stage in concerts or TV shows, you can cheer for them on top of your voices and they would love it. But we have certain boundaries as fans, and so follow the certain limits. I’m saying this because Hyun Joong has the plans of a world tour and so this time, it’s international fans concern. We’re just lucky because Hyun Joong has a majority of big sisters fans, and be guided by them. Don’t worry because they will also be there at the airport to meet Hyun Joong, they will also be cheering with you when he visit your country, but be guided by noonas (big sisters).

And then with this idol who shouted at the airport, I do not want to pass judgement since I barely know the guy, but I think it’s not proper to shout at his fans at a public places!! I do understand, he’s catching up with his flight, but let the bodyguards do their job so as people will not misunderstand him. I think this idol has a short temper, he was together with Hyun Joong guested in one talk show, well my first impression there’s bit of air of arrogance in him. Although you know Hyun Joong, he is a friend of everybody, and I would say he was friendly to this idol too, so he must be a good person too only maybe he has a not so good experience with fan stalkers.

But my point is, celebrities are public figure who are bound to be prim and proper, they are bound to keep a good reputation and keep a good behavior, specially in public places. Freedom for celebrities may be at stake, but this is reality in showbiz, this is the price paid for fame. This idol group may be so polluted by stalkers, but then not all your fans are stalkers, majority of them are decent. Well, except for a few teenagers who misbehave but then they’re young and I think idols should know how to deal with teenage fans who are legit. And for the stalkers, where are your parents to guide you? Don’t waste your time following idols, you have a better future to look up to than doing something inappropriate as stalking!!

And for that manager of another idol group who slapped the fan, that’s totally foul, and the idol group didn’t do anything but simply watched their manager as he swear on the fan!!. Here’s a good example. Hyun Joong was still with his group SS501, they were surrounded by teenage fan, one of the security accidentally pushed one of the fan and she fell off the ground, Hyun Joong help her to get to her feet. Did their fans hurt them? No, the group were all in smiles and the fans let them go. It was said SS501 experienced stalker fans but it didn’t take long since it was controlled.

Hyun Joong experienced a stalker as he was saying in his interview in Singapore, that a fan pretended to be a gas delivery. Although she was kind enough to cooked for Hyun Joong but this was way out of hand. This is a clear invading his privacy even if the intention was good. This should not be done. Just in case Hyun Joong would experience having stalkers, I do hope he’ll expose them at once, so that other stalkers can be controlled.

And so I think it’s high time to know your idols, I’m sure many out there has some idols other than Hyun Joong, it’s alright, that’s just but natural. But know them better, who are they in reality. Specially to the young ones, who takes their idol as their inspiration, and can somehow influence your life. That’s natural too, Hyun Joong was influenced by his favorite rock star. But my point is, are they deserving of the love and time you spend watching and them?

Idols and celebrities are someone whom we look up to, and I have said earlier, they are bound to keep their reputation clean because people do look up at them. If you can see any sign or air of arrogance, I would advise you to have a second thought about them. Arrogance can take these celebs nowhere but down there. And those celebrities who could hardly keep their feet on the ground tends to drop easily. Fans do feel if their idols are sincere or not, and so you should feel it too being a fan.

Hyun Joong’s fans grow everyday from, different ages, different walks of life, different nations and in the near future he will be able to attain the same numbers of fans like this idol group. The bigger his fans grow the bigger the risk, that’s a natural chain reaction. And so I’m writing this article for every fan specially fans from Korea to protect your fan community from being infiltrated by stalkers. We international fans can not just close our eyes with what is reality in Korea. Although I believe Hyun Joong’s fans are better behave and responsible in taking care of Hyun Joong’s teenage fans. We as their noona (big sister) have to guide these youngsters. Let us treat each other as one big family in Hyun Joong. Isn’t this wonderful??

May I just share, one day, a reader buzz me and ask for help since she wants to read my other articles and she was asking for hyper link. But then LazerKim is a commuter illiterate, and so I do not know how I’m gonna help her, I was so apologetic for the inconvenience since I do not want to mark anything on my blog site, so that readers like me can focus on the article you’re reading. And so I asked for help from my other regular readers. And in no time two of them came in to rescue, one of them spent two hours to do the link. I’m really so thankful to you for helping others just to be able to read my articles. Really I appreciate this very much. So can you not be proud of being Hyun Joong’s fans?

Do you know, you guys can inspire other new fans to stay with Hyun Joong, and that is also one reason why I try to encourage Hyun Joong fans to leave comments on my box, this is not for me but for the new fans since they read the comment box too, for them to get inspired through you. Remember the tale of the boat I was talking about in my other articles? I’ll write it again…..

Hyun Joong’s fans were stranded in an island, there was no food, no shelter and the place was completely deserted. The the only way to survive is to help each other find for food and shelter to stay. Do you have a choice? Hyun Joong arrived boarding a boat to collect his fans, and he will not roar unless everybody is on board. By the time Hyun Joong arrives that island his fans are already friendly to each other now they’re like family of Hyun Joong.

I’m done with daily dose again all coming from Kim Hyun Joong for his one big family! LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong's Asia Fan meeting ticket announcement fr: Han Guoguan network

Credit to Han Guoguan network

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ACTOR’S GUILD

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Many Korean producers have been trying to develop young artists into acting, specially those who are from the Korean Pop idol groups. Kim Hyun Joong started from the idol group SS501, before he was offered on his first acting project Boys Over Flower, and as we all know it was a huge success. Producers are being encouraged to pick from Korean Pop artist basically because there are indeed many handsome artists within the Kpop community, and most of them are already popular. And so what happen to those actors who belongs within the Korean Drama category? Well, I think they’re slowly fading from the lime light. At least this is one thing I have notice lately, the concentration on choosing actors are within the Kpop category.

I used to watch a lot of Korean drama, in fact it’s already been years that I have forgotten all about the Hollywood and my local showbiz. I have certain list of Korean dramas that I can watch repeatedly that I haven’t gone tired watching. And Kim Hyun Joong had changed all of those!! Anyway, Kpop actors has been criticized of course by the international fans!! The trend is getting higher having Kpop artists doing dramas, unfortunately I haven’t watched any Kpop artists doing drama after BOF. The last drama I have watched was Lie to Me which I think is good, and currently the top rated drama The moon Embracing the Sun, which is also a good drama and had gained a very high TV ratings.

There’s an actor that used to be on my list of favorites, and this actor is quite good specially in doing martial arts. I have watched almost all his dramas and I’ve notice there’s only one specific character that suits him perfectly. He had done three consecutive historical genre and it had all good ratings. After doing these dramas he switched to two modern action drama which did not rate as good as the historical genre that he did. And now he’s I think he’s out of the lime light. Oh he got married by the way, I would consider it another factor as to why his popularity just dropped down.

Most of the actors stick to their image on and off camera, and so I was thinking about Hyun Joong has the ability to change his image, I would think any role will be good for him. Since Hyun Joong had done barely two dramas with the same image but different character, I would think he’ll be a good actor given the chance, I think he will excel. Switching image may be difficult for other actors but that’s gonna be very simple for Hyun Joong, because he’s already been doing it constantly. I believe Hyun Joong has a very good potential and with just a little polishing here and there, he’s set to be on the go for acting.

Kim Hyun Joong was interviewed after his filming AEON ad commercial, using Kiss Kiss as the music theme of the commercial ad. In the interview, one of the question was “what kind of a drama would you like to play”? Hyun Joong replied, “I want to play the role of Roronoa Zoro in the Japanese manga One Piece”. This had caught my attention, for one thing I heard him mentioned One Piece, which I have heard in his first concert tour in Japan at the Q and A portion of his concert. I didn’t get it at first, what’s with One Piece anyway!! And so I researched on it.

And so I got it, Hyun Joong wanted to play the role of that anime character named Roronoa Zorro!! Was this one of Hyun Joong’s 4D strike again?? This is not new to everyone, since the character was in his cellphone, but since Hyun Joong mentioned the character again and this time he mentioned that he wants to portray the character, I deliberately look into it. Quite honestly, I find the character interesting as I browse over it and I think I’ll end up reading the entire story of Roronoa Zoro!!! But was Hyun Joong joking about this?? Let’s pretend he’s not!!

Roronoa Zoro is a pirate former bounty hunter and one of the main protagonist of One Piece. Zoro is an average sized muscular young man. He almost always carries around his three swords, bundled up with green haramaki or ob sash over his right hip, allowing him to easily draw them with his left hand. Zoro normally keeps a black bandana tied around his bicep and ties it around his head when he is fighting seriously against his opponent. Zorro wears three identical gold earring on his ear lobe.

I’m trying to visualize this image on Hyun Joong, and he definitely looks a very handsome pirate. Zoro is a sword man and a very good one, well, this must be very challenging, it’s like Song Il Gook’s forte, as he did Emperor of the Sea. If Hyun Joong will be given such character, why not? If he’s gonna be the Prince of the Sea!! But in reality, a pirate is a pirate in short a thief!! But this Zoro is a thief for a good cause like Robin Hood, the Prince of the woods. Well portraying such role needs a lot long preparation in martial arts choreography. There’s nothing wrong with trying for experience, why not.

Actually, Zoro Roronoa has a similarity to Hyun Joong, Zoro is a sleepy head even manage to sleep through bizzards and bad weather often waking up when everything’s over and yawning curiously at everyone. He has a funnier trait of unnatural ability to get lost even in small spaces.Like Hyun Joong, Zoro loves drinking too!!!

If you remember, Hyun Joong already did the pirate concept at Mnet 20′s Choice as he performed Breakdown using the concept of Pirates of the Caribbean. Actually that version is my favorite among Breakdown he had ever performed. I like that the most. What Hyun Joong wants to do is simply a challenging role of a real man. He wants to portray a character that is beyond his true character in reality. In acting, a good actor can be called a good actor if he acts contrast to his true character in reality, that’s acting. If the actor was able to deliver a convincing character out of the plot, then he’s doing it right.

As I read the character of Roronoa Zoro further, I try to visualize Hyun Joong in it. Well, let’s wait and see, if he’ll be able to attain his dream pirate role!! Oh I hope he’s not kidding about it though!! I like watching historical genre, sword fighting and martial arts, it’s gonna be a big challenge for Hyun Joong but I believe, in anything that was worth working hard for turns to success.

We do have our own personal preference in choosing the dramas we watch. Hyun Joong as an actor would like to portray different roles for every drama project he’ll work on in the future. Hyun Joong has the ability to change image which makes him a unique artist. What ever he wants to work in his projects, we’re here to support him all the way, that’s the role we’ll portray being his loyal fans. Eventually, little by little he’ll be able to portray those personal preference that we have. This is just a matter of time, Hyun Joong can only gets to improve or develop his acting skills if he’ll be given many chances to do so. We may have our choice of drama to watch, just the same with Hyun Joong he has the choice what he wants to portray. Whatever it may be let’s give it to him.

Again, critics will be just around him, and you know what to do with them!!! LOL!! As Hyun Joong walks his path there will be obstacles and we get rid of those obstacles for him!! So as he can walk smoothly as he develops himself. We as fans are very lucky, because our idol has many talents. One can never get tired of him because you see him in many different angles being an artist, today you see him as a singer and dancer, tomorrow you get to see him as an actor, and maybe the following day he’ll surprise you he playing his instrument while singing. In short, we don’t need to eat pasta for breakfast, lunch or dinner!!

I enjoy writing this article simply because I do miss Hyun Joong doing drama since it’s been a while since he was last seen at Playful Kiss. But then again, whether he performs a singer dancer, or acting, it doesn’t matter at all because I’m here to support whatever he want for his career life. Hyun Joong has a very good potential in all his talents and there’s still a lot of time to develop those talents. And while he’s doing so, let’s stay with him, let’s be his cheerers as we stay together watching him in this process of developing himself.

Kim Hyun Joong will never be alone anymore in his struggle to develop, because his fans will always be at his side all the time…………… LazerKim here writing.

Kim Hyun Joong at 'Tokyo Girls Collection' for Finale Stage

Kim Hyun Joong was invited to '2012 Tokyo Girls Collection' as a special guest for the event that combines music and fashion to perform the finale stage.

Kim Hyun Joong received big applause in Shanghai, China.

Kim Hyun Joong was invited to '2012 Tokyo Girls Collection' as a special guest for the event that combines music and fashion to perform the finale stage.

'Tokyo Girls Collection' is a semiannual fashion festival that began with the purpose to develop a comprehensive mix of Asian fashion culture between China, Japan, and Korea.

'2012 Tokyo Girls Collection' on Saturday invited Korean wave star Kim Hyun Joong and actress Park Shin Hye from Korea, Sasaki Nojomi from Japan, Kay Tse from Hong Kong, Hannah Quinlivan from Taiwan.

Kim Hyun Joong swept the crowd with his performance with hit songs such as 'Do You Like That' and 'Lucky Guy.’

Event organizer shared, “The performance showed Kim Hyun Joong’s immense popularity. His powerful stage charisma captivated the crowd with his great performance driving the crowd wild.”

Kim Hyun Joong proved that he is the leading Korean Wave star through the promotion in Asia and Japan tour last year. He is now preparing his next album as well as preparing for his upcoming drama.

[Translation] KEYEAST’s notice with regards to Asia Fanmeet

Translated by @wonderrgirl

With regards to the fan meet, here’s what KEYEAST have to say. Actually, I don’t know how many times KEYEAST have to say something like this. As long as it did not come from KEYEAST, nothing you hear is official, no matter where it came from, and nothing is confirmed until the official schedules are out.

In order to prevent fans from receiving the wrong information, and therefore being placed in a disadvantageous situation, perhaps this also should be another call for everyone not to post/disseminate/spread any unconfirmed rumors or news. If you must do so, please indicate clearly that it is ‘UNCONFIRMED’ or a ‘RUMOR’.

That way, we can ensure that no Henecian is being led on by any unconfirmed rumors or news with regards to Hyun Joong. Let’s try to make it easier and anxiety-free for every fan to support Hyun Joong.

[Eng Translation] KeyEast Notice from 2012.03.29

Original Notice From KeyEast

아시아 팬미팅 티켓 판매 관련 공지 드립니다.

안녕하십니까 키이스트 입니다.

2012년 5월 진행되는 김현중 아시아 팬미팅 티켓 판매와 관련하여 문의가 많아 안내 드립니다.

현재 해외 티켓 대행 예매 사이트를 통해 김현중씨의 아시아 팬미팅 예약 판매가 진행 되고 있는 것을 확인하였습니다.

허나 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 사항은 현재 모두 예정만 되어 있을 뿐 개최 확정지가 아니므로 선예약시 불이익을 받으실 수 있습니다.

티켓 대행 사이트를 통한 예매로 발생된 불이익은 키이스트에서 책임지지 않으며 추후 아시아 팬미팅과 관련된 일정 및 개최지가 확정 되는 대로 티켓 구매 관련 자세한 사항은 공식홈페이지를 통해 공지 드리도록 하겠습니다.


Tranlsated by Lala@lowlovelylala

Ticket sales for Asia Fan Meeting Notice

in brief, they are planning on KHJ's Asia fan meet in May, but in terms of the locations and specific schedules, they didnt fix anything yet. KE doesnt have any responsibility if you make any loss when you purchase the tickets in advance before KE officially announce on the official website.

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[HyunBar] 120324. 上海TGC時尚盛典. Kim Hyun Joong 金賢重全場表演.by.雨

Uploaded by s120116 on 26 Mar 2012

′Wedding Plot′ Releases Kim Hyun Joong′s OST Teaser

2012-03-27 14:19  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Kim, JiYeon
Translation Credit : Erika Kim

Kim Hyun Joong will be returning as a sweet guy with an emotional ballad.

Kim Hyun Joong sang the single If You’re Like Me for the OST of tvN’s upcoming drama Wedding Plot, which will air its first episode on April 2.

The reason why Kim Hyun Joong, who is busy with overseas promotions, joined the OST crew for a drama he’s not starring in is due to his connections with the drama’s director Lee Min Woo, who also worked on the drama Boys over Flowers in 2009. Kim Hyun Joong showed he was a real friend by immediately taking up the offer to sing for the OST when it came to him.

If You’re Like Me is to be the theme song for The Wedding Scheme, and is a sad and beautiful ballad that emphasizes Kim Hyun Joong’s mellow voice. 

Kim Hyun Joong will be temporarily leaving behind the charismatic image he put on for the singles from his mini albums such as Breakdown and Lucky Guy to become an emotional romantic with If You’re Like Me.

If You’re Like Me revealed a music video teaser through online music sites such as on March 26, and the actual single will be released in early April.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently blazing a trail overseas, even breaking the record for best-selling foreign singer album in the Oricon Chart on the day of his album’s release in January. He is currently preparing a new album and is considering other scenarios.

2012 03 25 Kim hyun joong fancam @ Incheon Airport by OnlyLeader

Uploaded by kim701004 on 26 Mar 2012
Arrival from Shanghai

[18 Photos] - Kim Hyun Joong TGC Shanghai 2012.03.24 by 小慧 - Magic賢

Credit : 小慧 - Magic賢
Repost from