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Welcoming Kim Hyun Joong (and you!) to Asia~^^

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Even though I’ve been extremely busy with my upcoming finals, the stress and piling work to do hasn’t taken away my excitement and anticipation for the upcoming Kim Hyun Joong fan meetings in May 2012. At this moment, we already have a number of confirmed locations; Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and a number of cities in Mainland China between this coming May to June.

It’s always fun going for such events, because it’s where many fans, both local and foreign, will come together to enjoy a special day with Hyun Joong. I don’t know how many of you are actually surprised that it is a fan meet instead of the full-fledged world tour concert that was once the buzz amongst Hyun Joong fans earlier on.

But if you happen to be a fan who is saving and waiting for the world tour to happen, I will really suggest, for once, that you take a short-term view instead, because even though a concert is definitely exciting, a fan meet is no lesser; especially a fan meet by Kim Hyun Joong. ^^

I’m saying this for two reasons, one; because Hyun Joong is going to do his fan-meet in a mini-concert style. If you’ve been following the news, it has been stated that there will be as many as 14 songs, special gifts for the fans prepared, as well as the 500 lucky draw members, who can win a chance to go up on stage for a high-5/handshake moment with Hyun Joong. (And I guess you may use this opportunity to whisper sweet-nothings to him too, if you want.) This is definitely more than what most ‘fan meets’ would have!

And two; Hyun Joong is always much much warmer, nicer, friendlier and tender to his fans during his fan meets. He actually said it himself, when he sang “다행이다” (It’s fortunate) to the lucky fan who won the lucky draw in his January Seoul FM. “It’s my fan meet with all of you, of course I have to do something like this”, before breaking into a killer smile.

I remember that moment, because for someone who struggles with expressing emotions like gratitude, care and love, he said it so shyly that it probably melt other hearts out there….. After attending 2012 Seoul’s fan meet (My first time attending Hyun Joong’s fan meet), I kind of made up my mind that I want to come back again to attend subsequent fan meets because of the fun that I had.

This is the official poster for Hyun Joong’s fan meet in Singapore this coming May 4. I am sooooo glad they chose this photo, because I like the sleekness of his expression here. And any hairstyle that shows forehead definitely scores with me.

So, if you’ve yet to book your tickets…. click HERE to do so!!! ^^

Speaking of which, I wonder if there are any overseas fans out there who are seriously considering traveling out of their country to attend one of the fan meets in Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan. And I wonder if among them, how many are hesitating because of a number of worries and concerns about traveling to a foreign place where you may not know anyone who can help you, should you meet any difficulties along the way.

In view of the possibility that some of you may be confronted by these worries during your decision-making process (To come or not to come), OnlyKHJtimes have kindly offered their help to all of you.

Note: OnlyKHJtimes is a fan-base that has been doing a lot of hard work doing live updates and translations of many Hyun Joong-related articles and information for the benefit of the overseas fans out there.
You may access their website HERE or follow them on twitter HERE.

For those who may have any questions, from how to get to the fan meet location, difficulty with finding accommodation, to just simply worried that you may be alone in a foreign country while attending HJ’s event, these lovely and kind-hearted girls have kindly offered to extend a friendly hand to all of you.  Should you have any difficulties or questions, please feel free to contact:, and these girls will assist you accordingly.

The girls have admins who can understand English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well, so feel free to let your foreign friends who may be interested to come know about the available “help” that they can get, should they need any.


As to the number of questions about whether I’m attending the fan meet, hahahahahahahahahaha I thought this is a question that need not be asked ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Of course, I will be attending it. Wouldn’t miss it for the world. But I think some of you are wondering because you guys also know that I’m having finals these few weeks – thankfully HJ is only coming two days after I’m done with my last paper. ^^

And for Hong Kong and Taiwan, yes, I will also be making my way to these two events as well. Hong Kong has been a decision I’ve made almost immediately after the information is out, because it coincide with the short break that I have after my examinations.

But I made a subsequent (not to mention late) decision to attend both Taipei’s fan meets as well. I don’t know why; I guess it’s a combination of HJ’s irresistible appeal and the presence of many good friends who have been encouraging me to go.

This is also why I understand the extent of thoughts and worries going through the minds of fans who may potentially want to travel out to attend the fan meet. If not for all my friends who have been feeding me with information of the fan meet, help and advice as to getting the tickets and where is a good location to stay in etc…… if not for all these information, I might not have made my decision so quickly.

So I wish to say thank you as well, to my taiwanese friends, who not only rejoiced when I told them my eventual decision to come over, but also tried so many ways and means to get the best tickets they can find for me. This is way after the starting day of the sales, so this surely isn’t an easy task for them. Thankful for their warmness, as warm as the time when I met them by coincidence in Seoul last december at KBS, and one of them offered me a hot pack because I was shivering in the strong winter winds.

For those who feel that they don’t have any friends to go with, it’s actually good to go and make friends on the way. I guess when alone, one finds it harder to reach out to make friends. But on rare occasions when they try, actually they realized that it’s not as difficult as it appears to be. A lot of times we’re just too conscious about ourselves, thinking that we will be judged for being friendly or wanting to be friends.

Except for a minority of people who think they are too high-up to talk to other people, most people are generally very nice, something that I am also surprised about. If it wasn’t for the overseas trips I’ve made to attend such events, I probably wouldn’t have met many of the friends that I’ve made today.

With about two weeks left to Hyun Joong’s arrival in Singapore, I hope that everyone will eventually manage to sort out their issues and have a wonderful May & June with Hyun Joong ^^

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