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(eng sub) Kim Hyun Joong K-Pop Star MBC documentary 120412

K-Pop Star Captivating the World" MBC documentary April 2012
Credit and copyright to MBC. No copyright infringement intended.
English subtitles by: bellerina countess bobo

What sets Hyun Joong apart from other stars is the unique blend of his many different personality facets that peek out at different times.

He is: 
playful yet mature, 
cool yet oh-so-cute,
4D yet grounded,
tough yet tender-hearted, 
strong silent and tenacious yet still revealing a vulnerable little-boy-lost side to him,
and seemingly blur, yet suddenly surprising with a care that showed deep thought and effort.

This is the Kim Hyun Joong that has a place in my heart, and I hope that he captures a place in yours too. ^_~

Hyun Joong "If You Are Like Me":

The song he is recording from 5:09 of this video. Personally, I love this song and his singing, it draws me in.... ^^

Toy "It Is Still Beautiful":

This is the song Hyun Joong was singing during his faux-KTV session from12:09 of this clip. Hyun Joong's version conveys the vicissitudes of emotion~~ 

Hyun Joong "Axers" band performing during his school days:

He's the one in black playing bass guitar, see him up-close from 1:52-1:58 and 3:36-3:43. He looks the same, and he has a chic and cool air to him ^_~

I know I alluded to this at the end of part 3 of the subbed vid, but I just really wanna say that one of the things I like about Hyun Joong is the surprising maturity of the words he says, which impresses me and motivates me as well to do even better in my own career. 

I would type it out here, but I want to encourage you to watch the vid and see it for yourself ^^

On "role models": 10:15 - 11:00
On "dreaming big": 7:58 - 8:26 

It's not the first time, and certainly not the last time that he has dropped such pearls of wisdom... ^_~

For example, in an interview last year, he said that he doesn't want to be #1, because it means that you can drop to #2 or #3. 

He wants to be the only one, because that ensures more longevity.

Or when he said that he doesn't blame others for failure, because that's what losers do. (hence taking responsibility and the burden for Playful Kiss' ratings)
"When I consoled him that maybe it was due to bad luck, Kim Hyun Joong calmly smiled and said: 'Only a loser will put the blame on bad luck'."

Or the time when he wrote a message, saying, 
"If you are feeling down... even then, live with an active and affirmatory attitude towards life,
and happier days and good feelings will slowly but surely come~~

I have always believed this, so I have always felt very fortunate and blessed" 

I hope the above words have blessed you, and wishing everyone a lovely and happy week ahead ^^ God bless!

P.S. This is my very first time subbing, and using professional subtitling software too...! Wow it has been tough and my eyebags probably have grown all the way to my chin now (LOL!), but I believe it is rewarding when I see that everyone can delve deeper into his world ^^

Enjoy, everyone~~! ^^

Warm regards,

~Belle xxoxoxoxo

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