Saturday, 10 March 2012

Kim Hyun Joong… [article collection]

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim:

I started researching about Kim Hyun Joong last year after he had released his first album, collected almost all his video clips of interviews, talk shows, a few game shows, and read a lot about him. Instead of watching dramas as I normally do after work, I started watching purely video clips of Hyun Joong, writing notes significant events. And went over and over watching him until such time I can put myself in his shoes, internalizing that I started writing about him. Every resources I get are coming from his fans, picking bits and pieces from here and there, that I never thought I’ve gone this far for just a matter of few months since I started writing about him. Until it became my daily routine to write anything under the sun all about Kim Hyun Joong.

For fan starters, I made a list of my articles all about Kim Hyun Joong, you may check it out at Google Kim Hyun Joong blogs by LazerKim, since he’s in silent mode, updates are rare these days, and if you’re looking for something to read about Hyun Joong. You may check it out for other articles you have not read. So far these are the once I have already posted. How I wish I would know more about Hyun Joong but I think what we know is just enough for us fans.

  1. Articles written by LazerKim: (2012) 
  2. My Christmas Dream 
  3. Year End Sealed with a Kiss 
  4. Memories 2011 
  5. Perfect Perfectionist 
  6. Luck or Destiny 
  7. Special Relationship 
  8. King of Soccer Field 
  9. Silent Cooking 
  10. Before and After 
  11. Two Men in a Row w/Bae Yong Joong 
  12. Fashion Icon 
  13. F4 Recall 
  14. Untie the Knot 
  15. Action w/ Lee Min Ho 
  16. New Celeb Dogs Art and Matic 
  17. Stage Addict 
  18. Wishing for 2012 Drama 
  19. Untainted Affection 
  20. Humble as Ever 
  21. Race to the Top 
  22. Best Male Solo Artist 2011 
  23. People Behind the Scene 
  24. Perfect Strategy 
  25. Solo vs. Idol Groups 
  26. International Fans 
  27. The Boss – Bae Yong Joon 
  28. Power to Conquer 
  29. Dream house 
  30. Darling of the Press 
  31. Chain of Success 
  32. Addictive Fans 
  33. Star Dancer BTS 
  34. 4D Attack 
  35. Thinking Aloud 
  36. Beyond Comparable 
  37. For All Ages 
  38. Men in Black w/ Bi Rain 
  39. Talks Wacky, Talk Deeply 
  40. Snowball of Fans 
  41. Lucky Rookie 
  42. Fashion Character 
  43. Concert Rewind 
  44. Shared Blessings 
  45. Secret to Success 
  46. Stage Fashion 
  47. Strong Ally – Bae Yong Joon 
  48. Real Pro 
  49. Hang Over 
  50. Touch of Gold 
  51. Destiny 
  52. Close to You 
  53. Date with Prince 
  54. Love and Fame 
  55. Fan Network 
  56. My Fans and I 
  57. Unity in One 
  58. Without You 
  59. Crucial Year 
  60. Fan Started 
  61. Meeting You 
  62. Time Line 
  63. Unique Image 
  64. Twisted Fate 
  65. Embracing You 
  66. Waiting for You 
  67. Life on Stage 
  68. Contagious 
  69. Back to Studio 
  70. Protege Bae Yong Joon 
  71. Love or Friends 
  72. Sharing Love 
  73. Drama Talks 
  74. Richer Poorer 
  75. Bags of Awards 
  76. Fans and Idol 
  77. Endless Story 

Many more to come, enjoy your reading!! LazerKim here writing, thanks.

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