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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ENDLESS STORY

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong as we all know has a very interesting story, this is not unusual though since everyone of us has different stories to tell too. There are many celebrities out there who has, and many fans are being inspired by their stories one way of another. Hyun Joong can inspire the younger generation even to his fans who have kids, we somehow can get ideas how the growing kids can sometimes be so independent with their aspirations. They may have talents and dream that you might not be aware of.

There may also be some individuals who has been having similar experience with Hyun Joong, we may never know. One way or another, we learn from bits and pieces we get to be inspired in knowing who Kim Hyun Joong is. Oooppss, as I’m writing this part, a fan left a message in my comment box just to say “Hyun Joong is not only my idol, but my inspiration”. She was reading my article Drama Talks. At least one can testify, the guy is not only a simple idol but he does inspire us in our daily struggles.

In Hyun Joong’s story, I think what we can learn is building a strong determination to reach for our dreams. He is a good example to talk about one’s determination. I’ve written a lot of articles about Hyun Joong’s struggles and with that story alone can somehow gives us hope whatever we’re getting through at present. I emphasize on his determination because this was crystal clear from his past and his present, that I admired from him most, that can really be inspiring to any of us, specially to a lot of aspirants out there. Hyun Joong’s story of his strong determination is one thing that I’ll never get tired of sharing to others.

Whenever Hyun Joong describe himself, I think he just wants his fans to accept him for what he is, that he’s not an extra ordinary, but just a simple ordinary man. Although no matter what he says, he’s just somebody whom you can look up too. But I’m proud of him because he’s somebody whom you can openly tell his story to your kids, or your younger brothers, if you know what I mean. He never lead his fans into a blind admiration and for this reason, he works hard to improve his weak points, so as his fans will not be criticized for being his fans.

Honestly, I have written an article entitled Weak and Strong, that talks about Hyun Joong’s positive and negative points, that until now the article is still in my file that I couldn’t post it, because if I write my assessment about Hyun Joong, there has to be a good balance between positive and negative to have a fair judgement. Until now I’m still looking for more negative aspect about Hyun Joong that can be logical enough without being bias about his reality. I read his list of controversy and yet I couldn’t find anything that he had done without valid reason, so I can not write that either. Hyun Joong answered controversial issues being thrown to him.

The funny thing is whenever he’s being criticized, he would accept the criticism!! Like for instance the plastic surgery issue, that in one talk show he openly admitted that he had his nose fixed, because he had a childhood accident that broke his nose and had it fixed, put his nose a bit higher which I don’t see anything wrong. And who among the celebrities who had ever openly admitted he had plastic surgery??. In a talk show with Kang Hodong as the host of that show was quite surprised that Hyun Joong was so casual about admitting he had his nose fixed. And so the controversy stopped that everyone was surprised that Hyun Joong admitted a fact!!

Ah, the height controversy, Hyun Joong was accused of telling a lie about his height. How do you measure height of a person? You turn your back against the wall where there is some kind of measurement scale, or another type of device that measures your height and weight and another person would look to see where the scale points at and tell you your height measurement. I think this was done by DSP as his previous agent and informed Hyun Joong that his height was 181cm, and so KeyEast followed the same information. Or is there any other explanation on how to measure height? Well, for me controversial issues are just something to dispute about. So I still could not consider this as something Hyun Joong did to tell a lie!! Well, these are just a few controversy that I know so far, which is just a part of Hyun Joong’s being in showbiz.

About the issue with the S.Korea’s former President which created too much fire, that in my assessment it was totally a negligence of DSP ceo. These may just be a natural controversy as other celebs experience, but it was still a part of Hyun Joong’s story, specially when he was entangled by a complicated issue. I think he was severely hurt that time. But he was able to surpass those period of trials in his career life being a part of his status in showbiz. He was always been courageous in facing any of his trials, head on.

I seem to notice that Hyun Joong was always been wrongly accused for something he was never been guilty about. He’s always been misjudged specially in his ability. There are indeed a lot of stories to talk about Hyun Joong, not to brag about the past but to learn from those incidents, on how he was able to build his courage in times of rough sailing in his career life. Hyun Joong had gone through a lot and in the end which we all had witness how he harvested the fruits of challenges and how he worked so hard in facing those challenges.

The intrigues controversies, those were his obstacles and his fans played a big role in picking them up so as Hyun Joong can walk his way smoothly on his path towards the top where he belong. His fans were at his side all the period Hyun Joong had gone through rough times and had never left him even a single moment while he was fighting over rough times. It’s so remarkable having a strong bond between Hyun Joong and his loyal fans.

I’m sure many of you had visited my blog site, and you could tell as to how may articles I have written so far, I still have pending articles in my file. It seemed to me Hyun Joong has an endless story to tell, and yet I think there are a lot more that I haven’t written and one of those is his darkest moment in his career. Although this one is a bit difficult because it’s gonna be reading between the lines. Everyone experience challenges in life and Hyun Joong is no exception. How was he able to cope up, how he felt that time and lessons learned. We can all learn from him too, Hyun Joong is not only an idol to us as I have said his fans literally breath with him, that there’s a strong connection, and not only between his fans and himself, but among the fans themselves.

It’s like as if everything was built-in for him just before he could start performing solo, that we are all meant to be at his side, and if asked each and everyone of us, as to why, why Kim Hyun Joong?? Let me know if you have found your answer. Let’s check on the degree of how you fell for Hyun Joong that I know many of you had gone out of your way for him. Specially those fans who were already at his side just before he started stepping on his lime light. What made you stayed with Hyun Joong for such a long time??

I think even each and everyone of us has an endless story to tell too, for as long as we follow Kim Hyun Joong. Many of you I’m sure tried to get away from his magical net, but failed. Well I did, I tried, but I even got worst, as you can see I’m now writing about him!! I couldn’t stop, because I felt Hyun Joong is pushing me to this!! Same as you, as if you’re being pushed to read more about him, stare more of his photos, watch more of his videos. In short we can’t get enough of him. Am I right?? Because we have already learned to love Hyun Joong as sincerely as he does to his fans. Love be gets love, and I don’t think we’re numb not to feel his sincerity. Hyun Joong opened his life to his fans without hesitation. He wants his fans to know him better and to accept him for what he is and who he is in reality.

Hyun Joong kept a little for himself, in which he can’t do anything because he’s not good at pretending. He can act, yes, but get away with script and ask him spontaneous questions about himself. Hyun Joong can not even get away with simple alibi, we’ve seen it at Strong Heart, how he easily gave away!! And so that’s him, I’m not saying he never lied in his entire life, he’s just not good with it. If he lies, you can see right away that he is!!! You can’t even get disappointed if he does, because he looks cute blushing when telling white lies and eventually admits the truth!! It even makes him special!!

In his interview in Japan fan meeting in November 2011, Hyun Joong was asked if he is a narcissist or conceited, and Hyun Joong said, ” I like it better to praise others.” In one talk show Guerrilla Date, he was even so shy to brag about the trophy he got that day before he showed up at that talk show. Hyun Joong is known for his modesty, observe him whenever he was being praised, he feels uncomfortable. Not that he doesn’t want to be praised, it’s just that he’s so shy and he would blush and just bow his head to say thank you. The guy is just too nice, even he knows for himself he deserves every praise being said to him.

Every time Hyun Joong is out there on his exposure, on every event transpired in his every activities always mark a memory and a story that every fan will keep in their hearts. It will be endless story about Hyun Joong for every fan that they can proudly share with their life time partners, with their family members, with their children and to their grandchildren. His story can inspire anyone specially the young generation and it’s not only his ability as an artist that we prided but Hyun Joong as a person in reality. In his story there are many to learn lessons from and his being candidly honest reveals his true self as he shares it with his fans. Hyun Joong’s truthfulness even draws people near him as they take him for what he really is.

When I was starting to get addicted to Hyun Joong, I was searching for something that would explain why I was unusually restless!! That I want to ask, “is this how it is to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong??” I was looking for opinion from other fans who might have felt the same way as I did. But I couldn’t find any. I can understand some of new fans that might be experiencing the same way as I did. These new fans would be starting to build their own story on how they met Hyun Joong and how they fell for him. Do not hesitate to share your story, there’s a space below you can write on, and I will respond to you.

These past few days I’ve been receiving a lot of emails, messages from Twitter stating they are new fans of Hyun Joong. Please bear with me, I have to give way to the other new ones to know Hyun Joong better. And this is the only way I can do it for others. I guess this is the right time to do so, while Hyun Joong is busy with his preparation for his next album and since news updates are not so busy. I open up a few controversy about Hyun Joong and I won’t keep it from the new ones. They might have read it from other news articles without further explanation coming from his side.

For fan starters, I’m a new fan too, somehow we might share the same experience. As you read on my other articles, you can notice many veteran fans do leave comments in my box below, please read them too and you’ll learn from them too. So far I have not received any negative comments which I happy about!! Or a regular reader of mine said they will keep their negative comment as gentle as they could!!! LOL!!

Veteran fans do share their experience in this blog site which I appreciate, and surely we’ll know from them how well they have known the guy considering the time they became fans of Hyun Joong. I would like to created this blog with friendly atmosphere, that even news update that may not be as good news, I would like to keep it light. And may I just mention, the article Fans and Idol is an article specially written for the new fans too, that I really hope you’ll be able to read it. It’s very important since there are not so good news around about celebrities and fans, that I do not want you to get alarm, instead I’m trying to turn the negative into more positive approach that doesn’t pinpoint on anyone. The article Fans and Idol are just reminders specially for the new fans.

Reading articles would I think help new fans to let you know you are not alone with what you feel being addicted to Hyun Joong I think!!!. I’m sure reading will help you a lot in understanding what you feel about Hyun Joong. And for veteran fans, can help too by sharing their story with the new ones. This was what I was looking for when I was starting to get addicted to Hyun Joong. The new ones will get inspired, let Hyun Joong inspire them, just like what one of the fans I mentioned earlier, “Hyun Joong is not only my idol, he’s my inspiration”. And I think this way will help Hyun Joong expand his fan network.

Lastly, I made a separate space followed by this article, for a list of articles that I have written so far, you may check it out, I think some of the articles has not been posted at Google yet. Honestly, I never thought I have gone this far writing about Hyun Joong in just a matter of few months, as I just kept going!!! And with that, here’s my parting shots.

Kim hyun Joong has a long journey ahead of him as we travel by his side. There will be rough rocky road along the way, but keeping our strength to hold on, will keep Hyun Joong stronger than ever. As we travel with him there’s always a story each of us can tell, as we follow Kim Hyun Joong, our story will be an endless one…………. LazerKim here writing.

At this point may I extend my congratulations to Kim Hyun Joong for receiving honors being appointed as United Nations Honorary Ambassador. I’m very proud of you…

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