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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MAN of HONOR

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong has been appointed as Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Millennium Development Social Contribution Campaign of Korea. This news is just Wow!! If you can monitor the Twitter today you can see how excited and happy Hyun Joong’s fans are. And who wouldn’t be? This is United Nations a prestigious organization all over the world we’re talking about and this event has proven Hyun Joong’s credibility again. Very few Hallyu stars receive such honor and Hyun Joong has it. I’m truly happy about this and very proud of him. I’m sure every Hyun Joong fan is happy and very proud about this news.

This event reminded me of what I have written in my article Unity in One, remember? “Hyun Joong has the power to unite different people of different nations. The room filled with his international fans breathing as one.” And as Hyun Joong mentioned in his acceptance speech, “I am going to be someone who can give happiness throughout the world as a singer and actor.” Actually Hyun Joong had already brought happiness to every household in different parts of the world when he did BOF and Playful Kiss, and had already brought his music throughout the world and will continue doing so. This guy is really something and he deserves the Honor from United Nations that was given to him.

This is another proof to Hyun Joong’s credibility as a person which is only given to the chosen few from the entertainment industry. This only goes to show Hyun Joong’s good reputation not only as an artist but a person with sincerity in helping the less fortunate. Hyun Joong has been actively supporting many charitable organizations on his own and this is the fruit of what he had planted out of good deeds and truthfulness in helping others. United Nation is a prestigious organization throughout the entire world known to be supporting developing and under develop countries in many ways. In Hyun Joong’s speech he stated “during the 50′s, United Nations had been supporting Korea, but now in my generation Korea can repay.”

During the event, it was said that Hyun Joong was introduced as a top Hallyu Star. And if you have watch the video, Hyun Joong was filled with humbleness, not a single air of arrogance can be seen in him. He greeted everyone in that event meeting as he bowed at them, and I can only be proud watching him as if he’s not a star, that’s Kim Hyun Joong. But he was so handsome in his dark hair and I can’t resist the thought that he looks fresh and blooming.

I have been monitoring the Twitter and watching the fans sharing their excitement gave me a real big smile and laugh. One of the fan was riding in a public transportation, screamed with excitement when she saw Hyun Joong’s pictures in new handsome dark hair at the UN meeting, as people kept staring at her!!! You know who you are!!! LOL…Until now I’m still laughing as I imagine her screaming in a public transpo!!! And somebody responded as “I screamed inside a restaurant when I read Hyun Joong won at MAMA!!!” I laugh at that, everyone’s getting crazy!!! Oh I’m just so happy to see you guys really share happiness with Hyun Joong!!! And another fan was crying out of happiness for Hyun Joong as she wrote in my comment box! My God this is really so contagious. What has he done to all of us???

One time, I read from one fan at the Twitter saying she just got home from work and she was so sleepy. And so I posted my article for the day at 12noon, right after she re-posted my article, she’s gone. Gosh I felt so guilty, since I was just waiting for time till at 12noon the hour I normally post my article. And that time updates were so scarce and I think she was just waiting for the article so as her followers have something to read. I really felt guilty. And I came to realize, these people had already gone out of their way for Hyun Joong and how I wish he knew all about this. Not to brag about it but letting him know how much he is being loved by his fans.

This is one thing I have been very curious about. Bloggers who are fans of Hyun Joong really get out of their way to post his latest photos, updates, they do share just about anything about Hyun Joong and they never fail every single day, they do share just about anything if not updates, which we have very little the past days. And I’ll be ever grateful because I can’t update my articles without at least update news. What made you do it? Have you asked yourselves?

I’m asking this because I think we’re just the same. One of the fans wrote in my comment box “I hope you won’t run out of topics.” I replied, then I just have to squeeze my brain out!! Well, I’m just human imperfect. I don’t even mind staying up late at night for as long as I have written something about Hyun Joong. He always occupy my thoughts, and I think most of you do miss him too. I can read from the Twitter, and one fan just kept typing his name and said she just want to scream his name!!!

Every time Hyun Joong is out in the public eye, fans from the Twitter can really twit all the way!! And now back to silence, at least we have some new video clips to watch over and over. At least we have seen him even just for some minutes, at least there’s something we can share for the day and a happy one.

By the way, today there are changes at my wordpress dashboard, there’s a world map that specifically shows where my articles are going, and for today as I’m writing this article there are eleven countries who are reading my articles. Oh this is so great, I’m very thankful to those who have been helping me in re-posting my articles to reach out other fans of Hyun Joong from different parts of the world. Thank you everyone! And also I would like to mention those fans who are working hard and getting out of their way in translating my articles in their respective languages, there are at least six non-English speaking countries. I really appreciate your efforts, thank you very much.

Honestly, this is just so mysterious to me, Hyun Joong pushing me to write which I have not done in my entire life, other fans who are getting out of their way that instead of taking the time to rest after work they re-post what I’m writing, and for those Hyun Joong’s readers, well, one fan was just telling me she read the articles for six hours straight, and there’s another one who asked for a list of all my articles and another for hyperlink. Thank you for the extended interest about Hyun Joong. I remember what he always say “I will keep you interested in me always”. And so that’s it, he made his word to keep us all interested in him!! But I honestly find this mysterious, and Hyun Joong somehow changed my life.

What is happening to us?? Ever since Hyun Joong released his first album, I think the people had gone crazy over this guy!! I think we’re really meant to be driven near Hyun Joong. And this is just so contagious!! Although I’m happy with what is happening, because my main objective in writing is to spread the word about who Kim Hyun Joong is, and to expand his network of fans. And since we seldom see the guy, by this way it can keep him close to us. I can see how fans build up sharing just anything about Hyun Joong and I can see increasing fans by itself. I do have a small scale of readers or Twitter followers, but those followers has a large scale of followers to re-post my articles, and I would say this is another factor that we can help Hyun Joong expand his fan network.

Everyday I get emails from a new fan and today I found out the extent of reaching out from other countries, that gave me the chance to acknowledge your presence and your undying interest with Hyun Joong. I think this is what he wanted, and so by the time he visits your country you’ll be multiplied by numbers to welcome him. And then today, Hyun Joong was given an Honorable recognition at the United Nation’s meeting. Don’t you see anything that is similar to a jig saw puzzle, that is nearly to form a surface??? Oh this is just too great!!!

This day March 9, 2012, mark another history in our lives with Hyun Joong, as he was appointed by United Nations as Honorable Ambassador for Social Contribution Campaign. This again is beyond his desire, but by just merely being himself as Kim Hyun Joong in real life and for being naturally helpful with sincere good deeds on his own personal way to the less fortunate, had brought him excellent honors to be a part of United Nations. I do believe sincerity truthfulness is a virtue that can not be tainted no matter how a good actor can act. Knowing Hyun Joong by his nature one can tell who he really is. And those who knows Kim Hyun Joong by heart would tell the guy deserves this Honor given to him.

As to us his fans whatever success Hyun Joong has been attaining is our success. Whatever achievement Hyun Joong has been receiving is our achievement. We do share with him every effort exerted, every tears he shed, we cry with him and in every happiness he has, we enjoy it with him. As we take pride being his fans, for us Kim Hyun Joong will always be……..our Man of Honor. LazerKim here writing.

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