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2011.12.30 Kim Hyun Joong… [article] UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES OF THE YEAR

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim
Posted on 2011.12.30


From this hour on, we start our count down as the year 2011 slowly fades away to welcome the new born year. But before we bid farewell to 2011, let’s look back and reminisce the most unforgettable events that Kim Hyun Joong left our hearts for this year. Or maybe simple memories that will always remind us of Hyun Joong. What are those that sticks to our mind about him that makes us laugh, cry, or even hurt us one way or another being a fan? And for you, what are the most significant events transpired this year that you can never forget about Hyun Joong?

We only get to see KHJ on TV, videos though internet, and we only have known him though news updates, articles written by those who have personal experiences of watching his live concerts or live TV appearances and yet he’s close to our hearts, even we do not have any personal knowledge as to who he really is.

Kim Hyun Joong’s  popularity rating this year had risen remarkably, so I’m sure many of you out there had started following him this year. What made you glued your eyes to him??


As for me, when I first saw him promoting his first solo album Breakdown as his come back stage project highlighted his singing career. I was star strucked by his transformation in black hair, well built muscle in black leather suit and his powerful charisma magnetized my whole system that until now I have not gone over with his Breakdown image even he had already changed to blonde, I still could not forget that flower boy who had turned to a real man, that shake the entire continent and dominated the billboards.   For me it was his best character ever.

Hyun Joong became my sole interest that taught me a lot of things that i have not experienced in the past. This year may be his best year as he stepped up as a solo artist proving himself in bringing out the best in him as a singer and dancer.


I barely know Kim Hyun Joong, I know nothing about his behind the scene true self. I wasn’t even aware about his 4D personality until I came to watched him when he guested at Mnet MUST, The photo above was one of his turning nuts that every time I watched this video which is over a dozen times, I still laugh at it. He was actually describing himself if he gets drunk he sings crazy!! LOL he was so cute!!! I can’t imagine a very handsome gentleman would be this way whenever his 4D personality attacks!!! Gosh he’s really something!!!


Then after throwing himself like crazy, at the same show, Hyun Joong sang a very beautiful ballad “Fortunate” (Dahaemida). I actually fell in love with this song, I can never forget how he sang this song filled with love and emotion, his voice coming from the depth of his soul had touched my heart that even I could not understand the song lyrics since it’s in Korean, but the melody and his voice gave me an unforgettable feeling of being loved. I do wish he would have another chance to sing it again next year. And he looked very handsome as he sang it, would make you fall head over heels in love with this guy.


In another talk show “Guerrilla Date”, showed his candid honesty in a funny way but totally expressionless as if he was casually talking to a friend. The interview by host went like this:

Host: Did your agent paid your rehearsal fees and commercial modelling job?

KHJ: Yes

Host: Did you gave the money to your parents?

KHJ: No, I paid for my taxes, it was huge amount so I set money for it, now I’m broke!!

Host: You must be very close with your boss Bae Yong Joong, what do you usually talk about?

KHJ: We talk about history of his women, and laugh about it, the normal men’s conversation.

Host: Both you and Bae Yong Joon are batchelors, right? What can you say about it.

KHJ: It’s alright with me to be bachelor……because I’m still young ….but Bae Yong Joon Hyung should get married!!!

Host: What can you say about your fans?   Say something to them..

KHJ: I have many adult (noona) fans that would say “Hyun Joong ah I’m going to marry you” don’t say that.. if you meet a good man, then I hope hurry up and marry him!! What I feel good about noona fans if they come to my concerts when they’re pregnant……I just really like it…come with big bellies…and give shock to their babies!!!

The host couldn’t control his laughter, he was laughing the entire interview!!  I can’t forget this talk show, that sometimes out of nowhere it just pop out of my mind and start laughing by myself every time I get to remember this.


The photo above was another funny talk show from Strong Heart, although it was televised sometime in 2009 which I have only watched recently, but it’s one of my most unforgettable. Hyun Joong here was talking about his high school days, when his teacher asked his class to compose a long poem of about three pages. KHJ was honest enough to say he’s not much interest about studies, but at least tried.

Anyway, he was thinking of how he can compose a poem, then he thought of using the lyrics of a song about mothers and he included the adlib part of the song that says yayaya that would make three pages long. And so he wrote the song lyrics instead and submitted it to his teacher. The song was about a mother who passed away that Hyun Joong was able to convinced his teacher that he actually wrote a true to life poem about Hyun Joong’s own mother.

After sometime he had forgotten about the poem, his teacher invited their class parents to come to school. And so he told his mother to come over, but his teacher whom he convinced that his mother had passed away thought that Hyun Joong brought his step mother. And because the poem was all a lie, Hyun Joong was badly punished by his teacher!!!


This photo above was taken during a one on one interview with Lee Sora Second Proposal. Hyun Joong talks about his first love here and his lack of self expression or interaction with others. One thing I couldn’t forget in this interview was his message to his fans. As he stated and translated as

“I hope that I will always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized for being my fan. But if you happen to meet another person will say I understand. Please believe in me and I will work hard”.

I will never forget  this message to his fans being truthful to his words, he worked hard to bring out the best in him, to be deserving of their love and support.


This photo was taken on June 7, 2011, a day after Hyun Joong’s birthday, launch his first solo album Breakdown showcase attended by some 4,000 fans. In this photo Hyun Joong broke down to tears while reading his letter to his fans. This was the most memorable event for me about Hyun Joong, he was able to disclose what he felt during the time he was preparing for his solo album. He said he was scared to be doing this alone by himself, then he could only watch his fans having conflicts and that he couldn’t do anything and being helpless made him feel small. I was in tears while watching him read the letter but I admired his courage to humble himself in front of his fans. He’s such an amazing guy.

A press conference was held on the same day, and he stated that he worked harder to make better music to move away from the shadow of SS501. It wasn’t easy at all to fill up a big stage all by himself   the pressure was too much to bear but he was able to build his courage to surpass the challenges he had faced before he finally stepped up to his stage.


From this time on till the year ends, anything that Kim Hyun Joong touches or work on any project turns in a magical success. He thank his fans by creating a memorable love song Marry Me in a digital single as his Christmas present before the year ends.

 Kim Hyun Joong has what it takes to be a superstar. He may not be the best singer or actor but he possess a certain power of charisma beyond comparable to any Kpop artist. People will always remember him for what he really is because he has never pretended to be someone else he’s not.

These are the memorable moments that for me will remain unforgettable about Hyun Joong. And lastly, knowing an artist like him is my most precious memory. This year I had a great time listening to his music everyday, I had a bunch of good laughs every time his 4D attacks, I had such fun seeing him dance and I shed tears with him in sadness and joy of his success.

To Hyun Joong, thanks for being you……Kim Hyun Joong.


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