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2011.12.30 Kim Hyun Joong.. [article] 2011 YEAR END SEALED WITH A KISS!!!

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim
Posted on 2011.12.30


This morning as I check on Kim Hyun Joong’s undate, this photo came in front of my monitor, and it’s all over the blogs!! I was shock, of course the first thing came to my mind was who could be this girl he’s kissing?? Is this real??

As I went over the other photos and videos from You Tube I was burning with curiosity, just to find out it was a part of a dance with Hyun Joong and female group After School performed last night at the Year End Presentation.!!!    The kissing part looks real though but as I watched the video in slow mo, it’s fake!!  But she’s such a lucky girl to be hugged!!!

The performance was good, sensual, too tricky but I’ve noticed Hyun Joong was a bit uncomfortable maybe because of the kissing part, but still he outshine the girls even they were indeed beautiful and sexy. Hyun Joong’s strong presence on stage can easily swallow other artists beside him.


As always, everytime Hyun Joong appear on stage he has something new, his new hairstyle looks very handsome in short, still blonde hairstyle that covered half of his face. Although he has lost a bit weight again, well who would not if he’s working nonstop since the midyear, he’s been running here and there promoting his first two min albums. He probably be working until the last day of the year as he bid farewell to 2011.


Kim Hyun Joong performed the remix version of Breakdown as another surprise to his fans dancing and singing in another Breakdown version being well applauded by his co artists. Well who would get tired of Hyun Joong as he always brings out the best in him consistently. Actually, I haven’t been over with his original Breakdown image in his black short hair which I really miss, now here he comes in another new image!!!


Kim Hyun Joong indeed sealed the year 2011 with a kiss, leaving the year with many memorable events pressed in his fans heart.  The busy fans voting for him nonstop on different polls, we watched him go up stage to receive well deserved awards of honor were the happiest moments a fan can ever experienced. He made them proud for his hard work and for so many times he had proven himself worthy of their love and endless support.

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