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2011.12.31 Kim Hyun Joong... [article] PERFECT PERFECTIONIST IN 2012

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Posted on 2011.12.31


The new born year had finally come, on New Year’s day we tend to make a list of resolutions on how we can change ourselves for the better. Kim Hyun Joong is no difference from us. In one of his interviews on a talk show he mentioned that people thinks and says Kim Hyun Joong is perfect, but he couldn’t accept that for himself. He said he’ll work harder to be worthy of his nickname Mr. Perfect given to him by some of his fans. But what is there to be changed in him? 

Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with very good looks, multiple talents, excellent personality, a fashion icon  and blessed with a big heart specially to the needy. But he’s right nobody is perfect no matter what. He said he still lacks a lot in his ability that needs to work it out to improve. Knowing the guy is such a perfectionist he wouldn’t mind working night and day so as to give a perfect performance consistently. He said in his Taiwan interview, one aspirant should be the first to wake up and the last to sleep. Well, that’s obviously what’s he’s been doing whenever he hits the rehearsal hall.


Change in a person doesn’t happen overnight even there’s a long list of New Year’s Resolution in front of you, as far as bad habit is concern. Ability needs strong determination to develop and I believe Hyun Joong has that kind of determination, patience, hard work and acceptance to its result.  Judging from his one on one interviews, he’s a type of person who loves challenges, an adventurer who loves to try anything new, a perfectionist who wouldn’t mind dancing and singing till dawn just to perfect his piece and he’s the type who rise up stronger whenever he stumbles down. 

Hyun Joong came back stage stronger as a solo artist, resulting to remarkable popularity rocket high in a span of six months. There will be more challenges, more struggles and obstacles ahead of him this year 2012 but I believe he had already built a stronger courage and confidence to face his obstacles  head on. He doesn’t relax no matter what amount of awards he kept receiving, it served as an inspiration for him to keep going and spread his music. 


It’s only Hyun Joong who knows what changes he ought to be doing for himself in 2012. He’s practically holding his four aces, his fans are ever faithful to him which I admired so much. And may I say Hyun Joong gives them his 100% importance and I admire the relationship his fan network and himself  had created in or out of his country. Hyun Joong ended the year 2011 being in the company of his fans and starting the year 2012 will be a fan meeting which means he’s starting his year with the company of his fans. 

While we were busy preparing for year end 2011, Hyun Joong had been busy preparing his storage of ideas for 2012.  But remember this guys, whenever he’s in a silent mode, he’s cooking something for you, but be patient, he’s a perfectionist, he won’t take the risk to go out there with flaws head to foot. As his interview with Guerrilla Date, he said there was a slight delay in launching his first album because he wants a perfect come back.

 And so he did, history repeats itself, he’s very fond of giving big surprises to his fans. Do you still remember how you felt when he surprised you in his black short hair, muscled body built in black leather suit??   So I repeat, the guy has a big storage of ideas, if he’s not Mr. Perfect then he’s a perfect perfectionist to make sure you’ll be surprised enough to give you a heart attack in 2012!!!

 This is how much he loves his fans!! Well, to prove him right, quite recently he surprised you by a kissing act with After School group, didn’t he?? Were you not surprised if not shock by that act?? It was all over the blogs the following morning, that I want to kill the girl at first sight!!! LOL.


And so for 2012, there will be no new year’s resolution, because we already know Hyun Joong will just pop out from nowhere in his new image or if not it’s gonna be something you haven’t seen from him in the past. Base on history I can only assure you of one thing, he’ll give you a perfect shock!!

And with that, let’s support his ideas. He’ll not give a blind show just because he already had captured your interest, instead he’ll give you a higher dosage of it. He’ll make another noise for those who haven’t heard him call in 2011. Let’s be there with him because he’s doing it for us. What have we got to lose, in my experience knowing the guy lead me to a new frontier of learning from his story. In fact the longest drama I’ve ever watched is Kim Hyun Joong’s story.

The question now is not what is in store for Kim Hyun Joong this year because he already has it in his hands. But what is in store for us from Kim Hyun Joong this 2012.


I trust Hyun Joong, no matter what change he does in his outlooks he’s still handsome, no matter what he does it’s cute. He had already proven himself that I’m not following him blindly.

For the new fans like me, give it a try to know more about him, you’ll find a lot of interesting facts about him and learn. You’ll laugh with him, you’ll sing with him and sometimes you’ll cry with him because this guy has a lot of deep sentiments in his heart that you’ll only find it out from his honest heart………Happy New Year!!!……..Happy Kim Hyun Joong year!!!


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