Thursday, 29 March 2012

[Translation] KEYEAST’s notice with regards to Asia Fanmeet

Translated by @wonderrgirl

With regards to the fan meet, here’s what KEYEAST have to say. Actually, I don’t know how many times KEYEAST have to say something like this. As long as it did not come from KEYEAST, nothing you hear is official, no matter where it came from, and nothing is confirmed until the official schedules are out.

In order to prevent fans from receiving the wrong information, and therefore being placed in a disadvantageous situation, perhaps this also should be another call for everyone not to post/disseminate/spread any unconfirmed rumors or news. If you must do so, please indicate clearly that it is ‘UNCONFIRMED’ or a ‘RUMOR’.

That way, we can ensure that no Henecian is being led on by any unconfirmed rumors or news with regards to Hyun Joong. Let’s try to make it easier and anxiety-free for every fan to support Hyun Joong.

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