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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR TALK

Credit : LazerKim

By LazerKim:            [Photo credit to Helen, thanks]   Kim Hyun Joong finally boarded his flight back home to S.Korea yesterday at 3PM. I was just about to conclude that no one had ever notice him at the airport on his departure!! But I was wrong! His fans had spotted him at the immigration area, and took this photo above which I believe was at the boarding area. How I wish to tell him this….” take care, and thank you for the wonderful memories in Singapore. Till we meet again on your second destination, as I follow you anywhere you perform.”

Many of his fans were wondering what happened to him after the big night at the Singapore Indoor Stadium after his explosive performance at the Fan Meeting event, he was gone missing in action!! At last Hyun Joong was able to fulfill his promise to himself that he’ll be walking around Singapore to appreciate the places he wants to visit in his private time. He deserves that relaxing privacy for himself, which his fans respect and let go of him as he enjoyed his time in Singapore.

After his press conference in May 4, upon his arrival in Singapore, I watched another video clip, which is the Singapore OMG Special Interview with Kim Hyun Joong, that I would like to share with you. Here it goes…

HEALING IDOL – Kim Hyun Joong has been tagged as “Healing idol”in an on line poll. How does he feels about that?

KHJ:   He’s honored that he’s given the title as idol, even he’s a solo singer. Since the title idol is like competing with the other idol stars.

DRAMA ROLE – What are the kind of drama Kim Hyun Joong like to take on?

KHJ:   He would like to work on different role or image from his previous dramas as pretty boy or flower boy image. This time, it’s gonna be more manly that he’s hoping his fans all over the world would look forward to that. He would like to give an impression that he has another side of himself being an actor.

ACTING – Is Kim Hyun Joong loving it?

KHJ:   Kim HyunJoong was known to be a singer, but since he had started acting, he became passionate about it and had helped him in his music career. He hope to have a good balance in doing both areas.

ACTING OR SINGING – Kim Hyun Joong wants to be good at both.

KHJ:   This question has always been brought up on what would he choose doing better. It’s like asking whom would you choose, mom or dad. Kim Hyun Joong loves doing both and he wants to be good on both areas.

HOLLYWOOD – Does Kim hyun Joong wish to venture into hollywood like the other Korean artists?

KHJ:   He feels he would lie if he never thought about going to Hollywood. He feels he has lots more to do in Korea and Asia. He still has longer time to build. It’s best to build a firm ground in Korea and within Asia, before he can think of Hollywood.

CAREER PEAK:  Does Kim Hyun Joong thinks he is at the peak of his career now?

KHJ:   He feels he has to build more in his area, he needs a lot of work to be done to improve himself further.

JAPAN – How difficult was it to debut in the Japanese music industry?

KHJ:  Japanese music market is the second largest market in the whole world. The standard of local consumers are pretty high from other markets. What he had achieved in the Japanese market was not that overnight. He worked on since he was still with his group SS501 until he settled being a solo singer, and his dramas had helped him in the music industry. He also hope to venture on Chinese music market as well and hope to promote it in China one day.

FANS – Comparing fans in different countries?

KHJ:   The difference that he found is that, Singaporean fans are more relax, not so busy lifestyle, more content with themselves, he feels personally more comfortable in Singapore

DEPRESSION – Reports on depression were untrue

KHJ:  It was already in the past, Hyun Joong only mentioned depression and it became a headline that was somewhat a misconception. It’s more on feeling exhausted on work load  Now he doesn’t have any depression at all. He’s trying his best while he enjoys his work and enjoy anything that he does.

STRESS – How does Kim hyun Joong relieves stress?

KHJ:   He does a lot of exercise, work out at the gym. He release his stress on stage together with his fans, having all his fans cheering for him, make him feel good that he feels all their support it helps him release stress. After he leaves the stage, he feels refresh and recharged.

LUCKY GUY – Does Kim Hyun Joong thinks he is a lucky guy?

KHJ:   He does feel he is a pretty lucky guy that he receives love from so many people from different nationalities all over the world. So he thinks he’s one of the most luckiest guy on earth.

GAIN OR LOST – Kim Hyun Joong has come a long way in the music industry. What has he lost or gain?

KHJ:   He thinks he has more gain than lost. For the things he gained, he feels that he gained a lot from people around him who works with him, from his friends and people he met along the way who had helped him to attain his goals and future goals as well. Those people are the most important for him.

He likewise feels he has more gain than lost. For lost,  it goes with other Korean or international stars which is privacy or people who are watching him. It feels that there must be a trade, which he understands that. He is not worried or unhappy about this, though.

 LazerKim View Point: (Gain and Lost)

Hyun Joong I think is an open-minded person, as he talks about his gains and lost. He had accepted the fact that his privacy is at stake in exchange to his fame. As he mentioned that any star considers their lost of privacy, but it doesn’t worry him at all, neither is he unhappy about it. Why is that? Because Hyun Joong had accepted his reality of being a star, he had nothing to worry about since he had shared enough about his private life to his fans and gained their respect.

The usual matter that can put a star in a controversy is his personal relationship. And since Hyun Joong had sacrifice his own desire to love a single person, he readily take it as it has to be in reality to his status. Or he’s not prepared to get into any relationship since he had just started a new episode in his career life as a solo singer.

One can never have everything in this world, just the same with any ordinary person. I believe life is choice and Hyun Joong had chosen his path, and had accepted its trade. He said he’s neither unhappy about it because he truly love his work. This is just my opinion on how I see Hyun Joong.

Lucky Guy:

In one talk show, Hyun Joong stated, “In order to gain love from my fans I have to work hard for it.” Majority of Hyun Joong’s fans specially the loyal ones who have known him as a person in reality, those who have truly accepted him for what he is as a person and not only for who he is as a star, and those who have learned to love Hyun Joong regardless or had loved him unconditionally, I would say he doesn’t need to do anything to gain that love. He just have to be himself as he always is.

To be able to gain more fans, then I would agree with Hyun Joong’s statement. To any star to be able to have a strong hold on his fans and to expand his network of fans, then it is but necessary for that star to work hard. Again may I quote Hyun Joong’s message to his fans, “I hope I can always be the person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan.” Hyun Joong had buried this words in his mind and in his heart. It is his inspiration and his fans are.

He may be the luckiest guy on earth as he stated, but he worked hard to be that luckiest guy. He may benefit from the love he receives that maybe for other artist would be sitting comfortably in a cushion to relax. But for Hyun Joong it’s not, for him it means he has to work harder and while doing so, he enjoys his work because he is inspired by the love he receives from his fans.

He’s happy about it because he loves what he’s doing and truly doing it all for his fans. We have all witness the results of his hard work, during his fan meeting in Singapore and will be showing more in his next destination.


At Hyun Joong’s documentary, there’s a scene in the video clip as Hyun Joong exits from the stage right after the encore part of the concert in Yokohama, he does not seemed tired at all after his performance. The same thing in Singapore, right after the encore part of the fan meeting, he proceeded to the high five or hand shake for 3,000 fans waiting for him. Apparently there was not a single clue that he’s ever tired after performing a spectacular show. He still manage to sincerely smile to each of his fans as he takes their hand.

Hyun Joong’s way of releasing his stress takes place on stage while his fans cheer for him and he was enjoying himself as he sings and dances just as much as his fans enjoyed whatever he shares with them. The long period from February of preparing for this event may have caused a lot of pressures on Hyun Joong.

Since Hyun Joong was totally hands on in every preparation details took place, one way or another he may have experienced anxiety, which is natural in any production planning and execute. All the hardships, tensions and stress were gone, after seeing his fans in front of him with much eagerness, excitement, love and support that eases down the gravity of his hard work.


Hyun Joong was asked how difficult was it to debut in the Japanese music industry. I think the answer to this question was at Hyun Joong’s documentary. He faced a lot in his past while Hyun Joong and his group was in Japan in 2007-2008. There was a part in the documentary that back then Hyun Joong asked himself, “do we need to do this, do we need to be here in Japan?”.

As I wrote in my previous article, Hyun Joong was experiencing being home sicked back in time during the period he stayed in Japan with his group, and he was so young to be trapped in a strange place. From there on, he finally got his answer at present time. Back then, it was his training ground to be what he is at present.

Hyun Joong was able to achieved so much than he expected. For a rookie solo singer to debut and placing his first Japanese album in a gold status, is something that mark a priceless value for being a rookie. But Hyun Joong did not achieve this by over night. His past training ground, his present rigid training and his freedom to do his music made it to the Japanese music industry. And the big bonus from his previous two dramas had helped him to achieve in the music industry.

Back then in Japan several years ago, I’m sure he never dreamed he’ll be able to achieve so much at present. It took some time to finally answer his own question as to why does he need endure in the past. It’s because a brighter and much bigger reward awaits for him in the future, which is what he is at present.

Career Peak:

It’s not that Hyun Joong isn’t aware of his growing popularity, I’m sure statistics had shown him much reality. It’s just that he doesn’t want fame to rule his mind and heart. He knows for himself there are lots more he can do to develop his music and himself as an actor. His growing popularity might not have sink down to his system yet, since for Hyun Joong he had not reached the degree of learning that he wants to achieve for himself. He wants to improve himself further, he wants to learn more and develop his craft in both singing and acting.

Although we have seen a lot more improvement in him since he performed solo, but for Hyun Joong he knows for himself he can push himself further more than what he had already improved in himself.

Hyun Joong probably would only feel that career peak, once he has attain the improvement he wants for himself. And I would say Hyun Joong has a good professional attitude. He can manage his fame quite well by maintaining his feet firmly on the ground.

After his press conference, Hyun Joong gave the international media an impressive opinion about him, that he was able to charm them in his most natural way. Hyun Joong proceeded to the OMG special interview

There’s only one thing I have noticed in this special interview. There’s a portion at the latter part 3 of the interview that seem to me Hyun Joong gave in to his 4D again!! While the lady interpreter was talking, for some reasons, Hyun Joong was caught by something on the table!! I think it was the microphone again that caught his curiosity, that he even bend to his side to take a look!! It seemed he was tempted to touch whatever it was but definitely he’s curious!!

Hyun Joong spoke gently as he always is, well mannered and polite as ever. The difference is, quite understandable that he’s in another country with different language as it was strange to him, unlike being interviewed in Korea by the media that he would give an accidental laughter to the media crowd. That’s his natural charm.

While in Singapore Hyun Joong charmed the media by his heartbreaking smiles, and his gentle voice, that even they barely understood what he was saying, his soft spoken voice can just melt anyone even with strong firm knees!!

Hyun Joong has finally gone back home, meaning back to work in preparing for his next destination which is HongKong. He leaves for HongKong on May 11 Friday and perform on May 12 Saturday and back to S.Korea on May 13. Just like that, the star will be taking a brief pause and on his toes again as he explodes in another part of Asia!!

As Kim Hyun Joong completed his task of sharing a remarkable memory in Singapore, we now look forward for another episode in his Asia Tour’s next destination as he will mark another memory for his fans in HongKong……

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing.

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