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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CAPTURED HEARTS

Credit : LazerKim

By Lazerkim:           It’s been over three days since Kim Hyun Joong performed at Singapore Indoor Stadium, which was a huge success. It’s a fan meeting and yet it’s not, it’s a concert, but it’s more than just a concert!! Kim Hyun Joong marked a trend and lead an innovated kind of fan meeting in this present generation, to create something new in show production.

Whenever we watch a good movie, it sticks to our mind until we go home after watching the good movie. The following day, the good movie is still there in our mind and we’re just dying to tell our friend, our office mate or classmates about how good that movie is. You wanted to encourage your friend to go and see the same movie before it last. And even you have seen it once, you still would want to go and watch the same movie again.

I can see the same trend after Hyun Joong performed the explosive fan meeting event last Friday. It was such spectacular show, that until at this moment people still talks about it. And others remained regretful for not being there with other fans to see Hyun Joong in action. It’s been three days ago, but people still keep posting everything they got and share pictures and videos about the fan meeting! And fans still stay up late at night and talk about the show. As for me I could no longer count how many times I have watched the same video clip of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert!!

Now I would say, Hyun Joong was very successful in re-capturing the hearts of his fans. And not only his fans, he was able to capture even the Singapore local and international media. Hyun Joong gained attention again, not only by his presence but what he created. He created an innovated kind of fan meeting, that is just something new even to the show business industry.

Hyun Joong raised the standard of what we call a fan meeting, which  now appeared to be a misconception of the stereotype of fan meeting. Because his show is more than just a fan meeting, at the same time it is more than just a concert!! It was such a unique innovation that now people would be looking for the same standard from other artists. And that is very much likely to happen. I’m very proud of Hyun Joong for his creative ideas and seeing from the production itself, I would say it was such an expensive production for a fan meeting.

It’s more than what you’ll pay for a ticket price, because the quality of what you are buying is more than what you are paying. Now Hyun Joong is set to step on his next stage to perform an explosive show on May 12 in HongKong. For those who have not gotten your concert tickets, visit the nearest outlet and go get those tickets before you regret, just like the others who were not able to attend.

Now if you’re having a second thoughts, fine. Just remember, people do talk about good movies, and good shows. It’s been three days since Hyun Joong came to Singapore for the fan meeting, but why do people still talk about the event? Aren’t you curious? See for yourself as to why do they still talk about it!!

As I was reviewing the video clip of the recent fan meeting concert of Hyun Joong in Singapore, another part of the fan meeting had touch me so much. It was when two of Hyun Joong’s fans in wheel chair, a big sister fan and a grandma fan were there to attend. After the show proper, Hyun Joong proceeded to the High Five portion of the event. And as soon as Hyun Joong spotted his two fans in wheel chair, he immediately stepped down from the stage and approach them and greeted them with a hand shake and a hug.

I wrote about this in my recent article First Memory, which talks about grandma fan and little girl fan, the different age range, different walks of life, different gender and different nationalities of Hyun Joong’s fans. And that is how powerful Hyun Joong is in term of capturing the hearts of people whoever would watch him perform, and know more about the guy.

Since I got a clearer video clip of the two fans in wheelchair and Hyun Joong’s reaction upon spotting on them, really gave me a heart leap. And I recognized the two fans in wheelchair, since we have the same nationality, they too are Filipinos. Both can hardly walk but still they were there to support Hyun Joong. They came all the way from another country just to experienced a one night performance of Hyun Joong.

Although this was not the first time I have watched this scene. In Japan, at Hyun Joong’s recent concert in Yokohama, I also had spotted an elder fan in wheel chair. But then that event was a concert, so Hyun Joong did not have the chance greet them with a hug but he approach the nearest ramp to their seat  nod at them, and stayed while he was singing at encore part.

At Hyun Joong’s special interview in Singapore, the first question to him was, “how does Kim Hyun Joong feels to be tagged as “Healing Idol”. Hyun Joong responded as he is honored to be given such title. Hyun Joong feels as if he’s in competition with the other idol stars!! The fact that Hyun Joong is no longer an idol but a solo singer, still he was being tagged as an idol.

In S.Korea, idols are perceive to be in the young generation group of performers. Hyun Joong in fact came from an idol group SS501, but had already been a solo artist. And I’m saying it again, that Hyun Joong has always been on top of any music chart in 2011, in line with the idol groups. Unfortunately, he was the only solo artist to be racing on top with the idol groups. It’s a fact, that Kpop idols are currently the most popular Korean artists from home and abroad.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong belongs to another bracket of categorized artist, his ever growing popularity can not be denied. He’s quite competitive with the idol groups. And so, in Hyun Joong’s documentary, a group of producer renamed Hyun Joong as a solo idol, in which he will take the lead and the first solo artist to be given the title.

As to Hyun Joong being a “Healing Idol”, I think the best witness to this fact are Hyun Joong’s two fans in wheelchair who were there in Singapore to watch Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert, whom I mentioned earlier. These two elders apparently have an ailment, as I have mentioned they can no longer walk, they are not Singaporeans, but they manage to be there with Hyun Joong.

They have the reason to be there, to begin with. Despite of their ailment, it’s Hyun Joong’s presence that can somehow heal whatever pain they have. It’s Hyun Joong’s charisma that can heal anyone’s physical or emotional ailment. Everyone of us do experience those ailments brought by our daily struggles and Hyun Joong keep us company to soothe and ease down our stress or whatever feelings we have.

Hyun Joong deserves the title given to him as the Healing Idol. I think every fan of Hyun Joong can testify to this fact. To the new fans, it won’t be long from now as you read this article that you’ll eventually feel the same way as other fans do. Believe me, everyone may have different history on how we met Hyun Joong but we all feel the same way for him. And that made us in Only One.

Whatever title given to Hyun Joong be it the Healing Idol, solo idol leader, walking statue, Mr.Perfect ect. For me Hyun Joong is still the U:zoosin Alien Prince who had brought me to his world. A world away from reality that had taught me a lot, that I have not learned in the real world.

A world that taught me to love strangers, that I do not see but I can feel them,  that now I feel like a family with them, a world that’s full of love and compassion. This is the world where the Alien Prince had brought me together with his fans as we breath as one with Kim Hyun Joong.

Singapore was Captive by the Prince, be it his fans or not, surely the Prince captured their hearts! Kim Hyun Joong shall be on his way to his next destination HongKong, beware for the Prince shall capture your hearts!!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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