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Kim Hyun Joong… [artcle] WRAP UP

Credit : LazerKim

By LazerKim:         Kim Hyun Joong must have enjoyed his spare time in Singapore as he was spotted at the Universal Studio Singapore yesterday. It was said that Hyun Joong spent $74 just to play the Transformer!! As he mentioned in his press conference on his arrival to Singapore, that he would want to visit some places like the Marina Bay and Universal Studio.

Thank you Singapore for taking care of Hyun Joong and his staffs. Thank you for your hospitality to the other international fans who came all the way to attend this special event.   Hyun  Joong successfully performed a spectacular Concert Fan Meeting, was all over the Singapore local newspapers and magazines yesterday, that once again Hyun Joong brought hurricane to another Asian country!

Hyun Joong brought with him a magnificent show as he performed a totally innovated fan meeting and more than just a concert, wrap up in one package for his fans. The Asia Tour of Hyun Joong will be a week-end series, since next week on May 12 Hyun Joong shall rock Hong Kong, next will be Taiwan and China.

Hyun Joong was able to fulfill his challenge not only a high five session, but a hand shake for 3,000 fans who attended the fan meeting event. It must be a tiring activity for Hyun Joong after performing a spectacular show, but knowing the guy, he’ll do anything to please his loving fans.

Hyun Joong had promised Singapore that he will be coming back next year to perform a major concert. And that he’ll be bringing with him more new songs he can share with his fans. This will be another episode for Singapore to look forward to from Hyun Joong and another worth waiting for event for his fans in the near future.

Hyun Joong was asked, as to how he rates himself. He replied that if there may be 100 steps towards his goal, but at this time he had just take 10 steps, and that there’s a long way for him to go before he could be able to win his global audience. We have known Hyun Joong to be as humble as ever, and once again he had shown his modesty to Singapore.  At Hyun Joong’s documentary, one of his producer stated, and I quote,

“Because he has control, Hyun Joong has a huge potential to become a mega star. He manage and maintain himself very well and doesn’t allow his fame to be a burden. He manage it well, and no matter now or in the future, his popularity can only go higher from here.”

I have been watching the video clips of the fan meeting over and over, that I get this feeling as if I was actually there enjoying the event as it unfolds. I can’t help staring at empty space with the thoughts of Hyun Joong’s power to re-capture the hearts of his fans, that made them fall for him all over again. I wonder for those who were actually at the Indoor Stadium, how does it feel to go back home to reality after watching Hyun Joong on stage in person?

One memorable moment for two or three hours of fan could have brought something to look forward again from Hyun Joong. Some fans said it’s addicting to see Hyun Joong in live performances, that you wanted to see more of him!! It’s never been enough, just like what I feel at this moment.

I just remembered the feeling when Hyun Joong performed at Yokohama Arena, after which as he was about to board his flight going back to S.Korea, it felt lonely seeing him go after weeks of endless exposures in Tokyo. As Hyun Joong got out of his cocoon and just exploded in a one night performance, and today he’s going back to Korea, his fans from Singapore would miss him more!!

I couldn’t forget the feeling of happiness as Hyun Joong once again succeeded in sharing a priceless joy among his fans, who attended the fan meeting and the fans who monitored the event from up far. Now everyone is getting a hang over about the event, and still gets the excitement of talking about it, which really feels good!!

Nevertheless, there’s another week of waiting again, as Hyun Joong proceeds to his next stop, which is Hong Kong on May 12 Saturday. It’s another event to look forward to!! Some international fans will be attending the fan meeting in Hongkong, and after they have seen the event in Singapore, the more eagerness builds up in them in meeting Hyun Joong in person!

Other fans would be busy in posting their advertisement for Hong Kong this time. After seeing the fan meeting event in Singapore, this time I hope the none fans of Hyun Joong will be encouraged to come and watch his show. This time it’s easier to say that this event is more than just a fan meeting, and more than just a concert. For us fans, our count down for Hongkong starts at this time.

Hyun Joong doesn’t stop, since he’ll be preparing for his next destination to create another magnificent show, that will shake another Asian country by his presence and performance on stage. As Hyun Joong bids farewell to his Singaporean fans for now, but he’ll be coming back as promised with a bigger plan of sharing another set of music with you.

As we wrap up this episode in Singapore, the memory of a one night performance of Kim Hyun Joong will always be remembered by his fans.

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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