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4th May 2012 – Fitted to the theme of an alien coming down to Earth to find a girl to put an end to his loneliness; what was supposed to be a mere Fan Meeting turned out to be a concert and so much more.

As the lights dimmed, the sea of green screamed for Kim Hyun Joong, who appeared on stage seconds later in an all-black outfit performing his first song for the night, ‘Let Me Go’. Not missing a beat, right after this song ended, he started dancing to one of his more popular title tracks, ‘Breakdown’ and got the whole audience singing and dancing along. Tirelessly, he went on to perform ‘Please (제발)’ in which he showed off his well-toned abs and got the girls screaming for more.

After a quick outfit change, he came back on stage and sang two of his ballads; ‘Thank You (고맙다)’ which he dedicated to all his fans there and said, “If it weren’t for all of you, I wouldn’t be standing here right now”. The other ballad he sang was ‘Happiness is… (행복이란)’ where he took the initiative to translate a meaningful line in the song to English (“Happiness without you baby, I can’t even imagine it”) and asked the audience to sing along.

Not forgetting his fan-service manners, he appeared again on stage in white along with a huge white teddy bear. As he sang ‘Kiss Kiss’, he went off stage and into the seating area and gave one lucky fan the teddy bear. He also mentioned that the song was dedicated especially to her.

Kim Hyun Joong continued to serenade the crowd with ‘I Am Your Man (나는네남자야)’, ‘Smile (웃어요)’ (which he performed for the first time live specially for Singapore fans) along with an OST song from ‘Boys Over Flowers’ titled ‘Because I’m Stupid (내 머리가 나빠서)’.

As the idol went backstage to change into something more casual, five lucky fans were chosen to go up onstage to interact with Kim Hyun Joong himself in a game called “One Mind with Kim Hyun Joong”. Not leaving out the fan who got eliminated earlier from the game, the star gave her extra fan service as he passed her a bouquet of roses and held her hand while singing ‘Marry You’.

As the fan meeting drew to a close, Kim Hyun Joong sang his last three songs, ‘Do You Like That’, ‘Lucky Guy’ and ‘If You Are Like Me’ while donning a bright red suit. When he left the stage, screams of “encore” filled the stadium as fans called him back for more songs.

Surprising everyone, he appeared a few minutes later at a side entrance singing an OST from ‘Playful Kiss’ entitled ‘One More Time’ as he walked through the audience and back on stage, where he performed his very last song for the night, a remix version of ‘Lucky Guy’. The Fan Meeting officially ended as Kim Hyun Joong and his dancers gathered on stage for a long bow.

The highlight of the night would be the hi-5 session that took place after the fan meeting, where Kim Hyun Joong shook hands with everyone who attended the event; a total of 3,000 people. Fans were all-smiles as they left the stadium chattering about how brilliant tonight was.

We would like to thank Running Into The Sun for allowing to cover the event. For more exclusive pictures from the event, head over to our official Facebook page!

Pictures taken by: Myra
Written by: Myra

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