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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR SECRET

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By LazerKim: There’s an update about MBC K-Pop Star documentary TV program, featuring Kim Hyun Joong, and shall be airing tonight Saturday April 14 at 12:20am. I’m not so sure about the time though I just read this from another blog. But this documentary is a must watch program for Kim Hyun Joong fans. Watching from the teaser I think MBC will feature behind the scene on Hyun Joong’s preparation on his first album and his concerts. So don’t fail to watch it. If in case your time would not allow it, I hope other Hyun Joong fans would upload the program for others to have the chance to watch it. This must be a very interesting documentary on Kim Hyun Joong, he will reveal how it takes to be a K-Pop star.

Kim Hyun Joong’s career life story has been an open book for his fans to know him better. Even his secrets being a celeb were reveled specially about his work, and now we’ll have another chance as MBC will be airing Hyun Joong’s documentary as a K-Pop solo singer. Last night there was a video clip posted of Hyun Joong’s singing coach, and he mentioned that he had taught many singers and most singers comes to vocal lessons wondering how will they present their top notch performance to the audience.

The coach said “One artist whom I find interesting was Kim Hyun Joong, he was different. Kim Hyun Joong totally caught me off guard when he asked,” how should I take in and absorb the music?” The question was quite smart, and Hyun Joong’s coach was quite surprised to wonder, yes what does it takes to be able to absorb music?

This questioned echoed in my mind as his acting coach had the same question from Hyun Joong when he was doing Boys Over Flower. Since Hyun Joong portrayed the role of Yoon Ji Hoo, this character has to deliver emotional act rather than line delivery. And so Hyun Joong’s coach taught him to emote on a wall by letting his imagination run through his mind and body. His coach was saying, it was a regret no one saw how he brought out Hyun Joong’s emotion through the wall, which he did perfectly.

Hyun Joong shared his secret experience on how he prepared for BOF. Although it’s no longer a secret since he had shared it during one of his interviews!! Hyun Joong bought a bunch of Hana Yori Dango comic book and was scattered all over his apartment, that he just read from time to time anywhere he sits home. Actually this is not unfamiliar to other actors, it’s just that Hyun Joong was quite candidly honest just about anything if asked. This is one way of internalizing a character, know more about the character head to foot. Know the character’s history, like and dislikes, his personality ect.

As Hyun Joong did BOF which was based on a Japanese comic book, it’s like a sketch that was put to life. Therefore his guidance is the comic book itself, the plot and the script. As Hyun Joong portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo for Boys Over Flower or Rui for Hana Yori Dango, The least he can do is to internalized the character from the comic book, of course. If Hyun Joong acted as himself as Kim Hyun Joong in that drama, then definitely it’s not Rui from the comic book he’s portraying, then I would say he’s not acting!

Just the same, if Lee Min Ho act as himself as in reality, then he’s not portraying Gu Jun Pyo. Because Gu Jun Pyo is the opposite character of Lee Min Ho. The guy is never arrogant and harsh as it was describe in the drama how Gu Jun Pyo was. These are all acting, and acting is doing something which is not you in reality, that’s acting.

Hyun Joong was criticized at BOF as he portrayed Yoon Ji Hoo, simply because his critics failed to see as to what character he was portraying. Or they might not have known Rui’s character in the comic book Hana Yori Dango. The original writer of Hana Yori Dango stated that Hyun Joong was the perfect person to portray Rui or Yoon Ji Hoo for BOF.

Hyun Joong has done two dramas Boys Over Flower, Playful Kiss, which both are based from a comic book. And he’s likely to work on City Conquest, which is another plot this time from a Korean comic book. Hyun Joong is likely to do the same thing, of reading the comic book and internalize the lead character of the story. As I mentioned earlier, comics are just sketches but putting a life on those sketches to characterize is the challenge to any actor portraying the roles of sketched characters.

This is similar to a re-make filming in a different approach. The plot and characters are already familiar to the audience since there is already an existing comic book. Therefore the drama casts has to portray the character based on the comic book which the audience is already familiar with. This is different from filming a drama plot which is unknown to the audience, then actors may be given the liberty to create a character.

It’s nice to imagine Hyun Joong in different characters, knowing his remarkable versatility can just do anything. Like that one he mentioned he wants to do that character from One Piece, and so I picture him in my mind as he had already done in one of his version of Breakdown as a pirate and shared it to you in one of my articles. Hyun Joong is by nature a total versatile type of guy and not the try hard type of actor that I do enjoy watching him in his different characters.

And funny thing is, his fans are actively doing fan arts of different characters of Hyun Joong!! There was a news that Hyun Joong was offered a drama project City Conquest, and is likely to work on it. The photo above was made by a fan, imagining Hyun Joong in a motor bike as what the lead character in this drama describes.

Just seeing how he would look like in such characters and it’s fun because he’s so handsome in it!! Good to ease the boredom of daily life that can make you smile seeing Hyun Joong’s creative photos made by his fans!! Be it a character in a comic book which is quite a challenge, Hyun Joong does it perfectly.

Hyun Joong was saying in one of his interviews, that he actually acquire the personality of that character on and off cam. And I think this was one of his secrets in portraying the character successfully. It’s like, if he’ll be doing a drama for two months, he would speak, move, walk, sleep, eat, the way that character does!! He was actually saying it, as he was doing Baek Seung Jo, who could be so mean, and unconsciously or without intending to, even off cam, he’s doing Beak Seung Jo in reality!!!

I’m not trying to predict on anything, but Hyun Joong has what it takes to be the best Korean actor. It’s his versatility that makes him unique that I think make it easier for him to portray any role. Hyun Joong must be given more opportunities as an actor and by then, he can easily develop himself. Any actor has to start from somewhere and this goes for Hyun Joong as well. But in due time, with his hard work perseverance and dedication, there’s no doubt he’ll be able to attain more than what he expects. Well history speaks for itself!!

Actually Hyun Joong doesn’t have a star secret in becoming a success, because he practically share those secrets with us, specially in the process of preparing for his projects. Once he is done with any of his projects, he shares what he got and what it takes to be a success. And to what he shares, is becoming an inspiration to us specially to the young student fans who looked up on him.

Tonight we will be able to witness Hyun Joong’s documentary which will be aired tonight 12:20am at MBC. I’m so glad some fans who are active with their updates are looking up on website and share it with us so that we’ll able to watch it. I appreciate their effort to be able to share with other fans, thank you very much. Please don’t fail to watch this program, this is gonna be another way for us to know Hyun Joong better. He’ll be sharing a part of himself again, you have seen the teaser, his best friend Jae Joong shall be in the program.

There’s also a scene as Hyun Joong having production meeting in preparation for his first two albums and his series of concerts. This is absolutely interesting, and so we have something to talk about again, of course LazerKim is on cloud nine to write about recap of the program!! That means I won’t sleep, because the program shall be at midnight but who cares, just for the love of Hyun Joong anything is possible to any fan.

And so we’ll see each other tonight as we share watching Kim Hyun Joong in action, and revelation of a Star Secret! LazerKim here writing.

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