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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MBC RECAP

Credit : LazerKim

By LazerKim: MBC had successfully aired Kim Hyun Joong documentary as a Kpop star, and his fans had successfully got their stream to be able to watch the program. Unfortunately, there was no Sub. Eng. yet, so I can not talk much about this as much I wanted to. And so I can only describe what I see and share my personal opinion for the mean time, while I wait for the video upload with subs and write about what was being said.

The whole show package was really good, it’s just that, as expected we wanted more!! I myself can’t get enough of it, and still would want to review again through YouTube. Today’s article are just a few highlights and recap of the program, and once I have seen the video with subs, I’ll discuss the program in details.

The program was focused on the Yokohama Arena Concert in Feb. 5, which was the first concert of Hyun Joong in 2012. A huge crowd of fans who attended the concert gained a lot of attention from the international community, which was quite unexpected from a soloist rookie like Kim Hyun Joong. It was barely eight months since he debuted as a solo singer and yet his popularity boost even higher than expected.

And as we all know Hyun Joong marked a history in the Japanese music industry as the first Kpop star who was able gain a remarkable results on its album debut having gained a gold record for Kiss Kiss Japanese version. Hyun Joong’s hard work and struggles during the time he was preparing for his first album had paid off in a very remarkable results.

A warm welcome from a crowd of Japanese fans at the airport was shown upon Hyun Joong’s arrival in Japan and had acknowledge them throwing a big smile waving his hand and gave them the chance to take pictures of him. From that day onward Hyun Joong had rocked Japan as events transpired with unexpected chain of success took place and the unforgettable Hyun Joong’s first concert in Japan for this year attended by a huge crowd of fans at the Yokohama Arena.

The preparation for the concert was shown and Hyun Joong was totally hands on about this concert, from brain storming down to the technical rehearsals at the arena. And watching from it makes me proud of him as a professional artist who really was concern even the smallest details in the concert. Even Hyun Joong’s body guards went for the rehearsals! Oh they did not dance, they rehearsed on where Hyun Joong should travel around the audience gallery!!

There was a behind the scene shot of Hyun Joong coming out of his dressing room being cheerful like a kid with no tension and doing a few push ups before stepping on the stage!! He was very gay and excited to perform the concert which was indeed a very successful one. After the show, Hyun Joong thank all the production staffs in doing a good job. Some of his Japanese fans had a brief interview right after the concert, and I couldn’t help but smile because they were truly delighted about the concert.

The record store in Tokyo was shown with unexpected fan crowd waiting for Hyun Joong that caused traffic at the streets of Shibuya! There were a bunch of Hyun Joong’s photos in beautiful picture frames that was said to be salable items!! Hyun Joong’s CD album was given a bigger show case and it was worth it since the album ranked on second top at the Oricon. Hyun Joong was warmly welcomed by the Universal Music staffs on its debut success.

There was a scene of Hyun Joong walking at the street of Tokyo, he mentioned something about a pachingko (slot machine) as he spotted one as he was walking and he just laugh, and I’ll find out what was that all about!! I have noticed Hyun Joong I think is just not so fond of fine dinning or fancy food, he content himself with a bowl of ramen which he enjoys eating!! Oh, he was also able to play indoor soccer, and enjoyed watching it that he looks so happy to have a chance to play the spite of his busy schedule.There was also a scene during the recording of his latest OST If We are the Same, which I’m quite interested in knowing how it went.

There was a scene of Hyun Joong’s hotel suit room and he was just wearing a bath robe with no make up (1st photo above) and yet still handsome. This was one of the five star hotels in Tokyo showing all VIP treatment and Hyun Joong was well protected and escorted anywhere he goes during his official visit.

Hyun Joong’s best friend Jae Jong was also in the program as Hyun Joong came to visit him at Jae Jong’s restaurant. They did experienced many ups and downs in their career life that both stayed as loyal friends to each other. As we recall Jae Jong lived with Hyun Joong for a year that both shared their ups and downs. Though both had lived together for a year, they seldom see each other because of their busy schedule. Hyun Joong would go abroad, Jae Jong stays in Korea and vice versa.

And finally I got a closer view of Hyun Joong’s girl, his mom!! A beautiful lady whom I would really want to meet and thank her with all my heart for bringing up a wonderful son and sharing him with us. She was interviewed as well, again this is in Korean and so I’ll talk about her again as soon as I get an upload. I think Hyun Joong got his perfectly cut features from his mom, they both have almost the same shape of face and she spoke so gentle and my immediate impression is that, she’s a very kind woman and understanding.

Oh by the way, there was a scene of Hyun Joong at his hotel suit room and he was just wearing a bath robe with no make up (1st photo above) and yet still handsome. This was one of the five star hotels in Tokyo showing all VIP treatment and Hyun Joong was well protected and escorted anywhere he goes during his official visit.

There was a scene at the Pet School where he brings Art and Matic for proper training, and he happily played ball with his two loving dogs. It was such a beautiful scene in reality to watch his childish ways, the typical kid we used to know to be playing with his dogs. Matic indeed was such an intelligent male dog, and Art is a shy type of female dog!!

I was smiling the entire program, but I came up in teary eyes while watching him because I finally had seen the missing kid that I have been looking for from Hyun Joong. During in between his rehearsals at his dance studio, I’ve seen the playful kid was back with all his cheers and laughter, joking around playing as he imitates I would assume some animals or something!! I may not understand what was being said since he was speaking in Korean but off stage he was simply cheerful and happy. I would only wish he would stay that way forever.

There was a scene of him getting ready having his hair fixed while playing with his lips and making funny sound, really like a kid!! Gosh I miss this guy’s childishness and at last I’ve seen it from him again. I can’t help my tears to drop, this time it’s tears of so much joy to see him happy, cheerful and playful.. All the while in front of the camera, ever since he started performing as a solo singer, he had been showing a lot of his manly side and so all the while I was thinking the kid was gone.

But he kept it inside him, without realizing how much his fans missed his 4D childish ways and finally revealed that it’s still inside him. Hyun Joong succeeded in showing his being a real man, but he knows he can’t keep his childish ways from his fans because we have known Hyun Joong by heart. It’s nice to see Hyun Joong being happy off stage in his private life, so relaxed and very candid. And I’m very sure all his loyal fans feel the same as I do, feeling happy for Hyun Joong seeing him that way.

Now I would say, Kim Hyun Joong had gone over with his dark moments of yesterday, and all I can see from him now are just but a bright today and brighter tomorrow…. LazerKim here writing. 

For those who would like to watch Kim Hyun Joong documentary……


Photo credits: Twitters, thanks. Video credit: Omma, many thanks.

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