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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SOUL MATE

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong was born June 6, 1986, and under the sun sign Gemini signifying the twins, which mean having dual personality. This can probably explain his 4D personality, having been blessed with perfect physique but different personality. Or it’s better to say when he talks his mind out, you wouldn’t expect him to say something out of context or say something unexpectedly from his outlook. I posted an article Gemini Sign which describe’s Hyun Joong’s personality base on his sun sign Gemini. That article had been sitting in my file for days, and I was quite hesitant to have it posted. I did not include the love relationship of a Gemini in that article, since I can not justify Hyun Joong on this terms.

It’s been the objective of this blog to write only about reality on the life story of Hyun Joong. But I do understand we ladies, can be so curious as to how Hyun Joong is as a lover or in terms of courtship or his personal relationship. None of us would know except those which he shared with us. And so to give in to those who are interested, I’ll be writing this article but everything about the Gemini Sign in terms of relationship may be fictional as far as Hyun Joong is concern. Meaning some of these Gemini traits may or may not fall under his personal trait. Anyway, this will only fill in our curiosity about what be possible to Hyun Joong or may not.

KNOW YOUR GEMINI MAN (By: Linda Goodman)

1.) Knowing where to look for this versatile creature requires a little forethought. He may be one place today and somewhere else tomorrow. Suddenly, too a Gemini can change his clothes, his job, his love life or his residence as fast as he changes his mind, and that’s pretty fast. Finding a good example to study may keep you hopping. You could try a bookstore, he’s browsing, because he can get the gist of the contents in a brief scanning of the pages, meaning he’s a speed reader.

2.) Gemini is the favorite of every hostess. He likes people, the more the merrier. It’s a rare Gemini who’s not a perfect delightful conversationalist. He has exquisite taste, he’s loaded with witty remarks and his compliments are masterpieces of warm sincerity. Usually a master of impeccable manners and social adroitness, he keeps the party moving in more than one.

3.) If you meet him first at a social affair where he’s performing his fascinating multiple personality act, you haven’t a chance. You’ll be convinced he’s the most exciting interesting man you’ve ever come across. But before you let him change your name, be sure you’re capable of tackling an uncertain future with a man whose whims may change with the wind and whose goals in life may shift drastically before the honeymoon is even over.

4.) One day your Gemini man may call on you with a chattering monkey perched on his shoulder and suggest going to a flea circus. He’ll bring you flowers, perfume, a phonograph record or a couple of books, maybe even one he wrote himself. The hours will speed by as you happily sun yourself in his cheerful disposition, laugh at high bright clever jokes and melt under his gay gallant charm. He’ll say I love you a hundred different ways like no one else in the world could do.

5.) The next day, he’ll phone you and break a date for no earthly reason whatsoever, causing you to imagine all sorts of things. Was he only joking about loving you? Is he seeing someone else? Is he in trouble? Your fears may be true. Then again, they may be false. A week later, he’ll reappear, full of sarcastic remarks, moody and irritable.

6.) He’ll be impatient, critical and petulant. He may criticize your shoes, your lipstick or your literary taste and have some pretty cutting doubts about the possibility of your happiness together. Either all this, or he’ll be sullen and troubled, his mind far away, distant and aloof. No use asking why, you won’t get an answer that makes any sense.

7.) If you survive that experience, a few more days will find you visiting an art gallery, theater, museum, library or opera with your Gemini man, absolutely hypnotized by his knowledge and wide interests. He’ll unusually tender, full of fragile, butterfly dreams and imaginative hopes for tomorrow. Then he’ll propose. Like that. Quick as lightning. You’ll forget all the thunder and storm, all the rain that fell before, say “yes” before he changes his mind and there you are engaged to an enigma.!!

8.) This man will not remain tomorrow what he is today, nor will he have any lasting memory of yesterday. In one way or another, he will change. Granted, the changes may always be for the better and he may consistently aim higher. But the element is always there. If you’re a gambler, you may very well hit the jackpot with him, and find a glorious mental and emotional compatibility to celebrate on your golden wedding anniversary.

9.) Gemini have an unconscious urge to disguise their true intent, to fence with others verbally and cloak their motives, with dual actions. In general they seek to confuse you. Then with true Gemini inconsistency, they’ll turn right around and be so direct, they’ll fairly take your breath away with their frankness and bluntness

10.) Loving a Gemini is easy and fun, if you don’t try to get too close. there’s an inner core that belongs only to him, that he’ll never share with another human being, even you. Keep things cool and light, and don’t be overly passionate or dramatic. Don’t bore him, always excite him and your Gemini romance can be very special. Don’t rebel against his changablity. Change with him.

11.) Be as alert and interested in life as he is. Otherwise, the love affair could become just one of those things. He seeks a mental companion above all else. One who can match his wits, even top him now and then, because he’s not an egotist. He’s a realist, and he thrives on mental challenge. The last thing he wants is a doormat or dull mouse. Let your brain show through your feminine image. It won’t scare him off, as it might to some men. It will spin him around in the right direction towards you.

12.) Their own personalities fluctuates and advance so relentlessly, it’s only natural for them to seek those who match their interests at the time. Anywhere Gemini hangs his hat is home. There’s seldom any deep lasting attachment to old memories, places, people and things.

During a long period of loneliness, he can shed some sentimental tears, but it’s the loneliness that does it, rather than nostalgia for yesterday. He’s gregarious, and he hates even fears being alone for extended periods. If you can hit him with the message that you’ll be a partner who will always be around, but who won’t lean on him nor expect him to lean on you, he’ll probably consider signing a long-term contract.

13.) He’s strangely attractive to women, so there may be occasions for whispers and suspicions. But you can count on this: It’s rare Gemini man whose deeply ingrained sense of fairness will let him be dishonest in his actions if you secretly wonders. He’ll always be able to sense if you secretly wonder. Gemini minds often intercept your private thoughts as if you are broadcasting them.

However it’s not a good idea to expect a Gemini husband to give all female a cold shoulder just because he wears a wedding band. Females are part of the scene, and Gemini must make the scene. If they are around he’ll talk to them maybe even laugh with them or have a drink with them. It’s only natural for Gemini to communicate regardless of the gender of the listener. but that doesn’t mean he has to romance them.

14.) To be misunderstood or mistrusted in any area deeply distresses a Gemini man. It frustrates and depresses him and such an unhappy Gemini can fly here and there, seeking relief from tangled emotions. When he’s free from a feeling of mental isolation and has nothing to prove to anyone, he losses the compulsion to experiment and take flights of fancy. A woman who has perfect mental harmony with a Gemini need never fear emotional or physical unfaithfulness.

15.) You’ll have to get used to the word “if “. He’ll say, If I loved you, we could….” and ”If I love you, there might be…..” and sometimes never finish the sentence. You may have to listen with your heart and finish it for him. Blot out the word “if “. he only uses it as a smoke screen or as a safety precaution. Harsh, critical nagging and continual emotional scene will surely dull the edge of the fine sensitive Gemini Love.


Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are the most compatible with each other, as they belong to the same air sign.

Gemini and Libra: (Pros) This is a social pair of party animals. Neither is possessive; both will give each other plenty of space and excite each other mentally as well as physically. (Compromise) Both must learn to come down to earth when dealing with everyday realities, or this can be all talk and no action.

Gemini and Aquarius: (Pros) Both feel most secure in an open relationship. You’ll give each other freedom and friendship as well as love. Yours is partnership that stays fresh as you both contribute new experiences. (Compromise) There may not be enough sparks to ignite a grand passion. Some commitment is necessary to keep you together. Strong shared business or intellectual interests will help.

Gemini and Gemini: (Pros) This dual sign combination is really four people at once. At least two are bound to get along. And you’ll never be bored. (Compromise) The combination may be too light to play any serious scenes. When the realities of life hit, Gemini may float off.

LazerKim Point of View:

Kim Hyun Joong is a freedom loving person, he does not want to be tied up in one place doing the same thing all the time. He wants a happy environment although this may change from time to time, he easily get bored specially being by himself that can sometimes lead him to be sentimental if being left for some time. I have summarized the book of Linda Goodman about Gemini Man, by choosing a closer opinion to Hyun Joong base on his interviews and We Got Married.

As he always said in WGM he does not like mushy thing in his relationship, he’s not showy and that his girl should learn to read his heart, read in between lines of what he is trying to say and do not get to close otherwise it will scare him off, since he’s not that expressive in showing his love. Eventually he’ll open up once he felt comfortable with you

Hyun Joong loves challenge at work even with love. During courtship, he would like to be the one to make the chase. Once his prey gives in, he looses the challenge or his interest to get you. And if he feels he’s losing you, he’ll do everything to get you back. In one interview in a talk show, he was saying if he likes a girl and this girl happen to have a boyfriend, he’ll try to capture her heart and win the challenge from her boyfriend. This is for as long as the girl is not married of course!! He considers a girl with a boyfriend still single even committed in a serious or not so serious relationship.

I would say the most suitable girl for Hyun Joong is somebody who is strong but not overpowering his manliness. Someone who can understand his changing mood without being too sensitive or emotional about it. Someone who can also be his friend with wits whom he can confide with. And someone who is not a jealous type.

He likes mystery and search for it from you. If he’s in such a melancholy, leave him be by himself for a while and don’t ask, he’ll be the one to approach you and open up. If it happens listen to him through your heart because even he’s saying something he may mean something else. The book says Gemini are not a jealous type of men or he may be that but will not show it to you.

Having an ideal person remain as so, but once a woman captures a man’s heart, regardless of her qualities, and found his comfort zone in her heart then he will pursue her no matter what. This sun signs are just a guidance to understand your man. As I have mentioned earlier these Gemini traits may or may not fall under Hyun Joong’s since it was only derived from the book I have read about Gemini Sun Sign. Anyone who truly loves Hyun Joong can understand him regardless of sun sign.

This would just fill in our curiosity about Hyun Joong’s sun sign in terms of relationship. Again, whatever or whoever Hyun Joong is in his relationship is still his privacy. He may or may not share it with his fans and that is gonna be his prerogative, as we respect it.

They said a soul mate can just be anybody, I do hope as Kim Hyun Joong’s biological clock starts to tick, he would find his soul mate on the right time and right person deserving of his love….

LazerKim here writing Photo credits as tagged thanks.

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