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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GEMINI SIGN

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong a singer, dancer, actor, born in June 6, 1986, grew up at Jamsil-dong, finished high school in 2006 and studied Stage Production Management in 2011 at Chungwoon University. These are Hyun Joong’s basic information about himself.

What I have not shared with you yet is his sun sign or his birth sign in Astrology, since I know many do not believe in it. As for me, I’m a so so, since I still believe in each individual personality is unique one way or another. That even identical twins have different personal traits or personality. And talking about twins, Hyun Joong is born under the sun sign of a twins which is Gemini!!

And so just for a little change, or maybe just for a fun of reading to ease a bit of our boredom!! Let us see what Hyun Joong’s sun sign the Gemini says, let’s see how much of the Gemini sign’s trait Hyun Joong has. Let’s just say, a way of getting to know more about Hyun Joong through his sun sign. I chose some traits found in a Gemini sun sign which I think falls on Hyun Joong’s traits.

I was actually reading a book of sun sign out of curiosity, and tried to read about Hyun Joong’s sun sign!!! I can’t help but laugh and smile because I can see Hyun Joong at some of those Gemini traits. I will not touch about relationships since we don’t really know how he really is in terms of relationship. And so I chose some Gemini traits which I personally see in Hyun Joong.

GEMINI SUN SIGN (By: Summarized

GEMINI – He can never ever be boring as he loves communicating. His talk is rather interesting and informative. He will have lots of friends and neighbors; in fact, he will keep in touch with anyone on his wavelength.

>>> Hyun Joong is a shy type of person, he’s a man of few words, but if you allow him to speak he’ll do so, and spill it out that makes you laugh or cry. He treasure his friends and because Hyun Joong is friendly by nature, he gained respect even from his co-artists.

GEMINI – Ruled by the Mercury planet, Gemini guys often get easily bored, and frustrated by things that move slowly.

>>> As we always see, Hyun Joong is always on the go, having a very active life style. And if he gets bored, his hands starts to itch, that he has to do something, and most of the time he creates something out of his boredom, like drawing on anything, or memorize dance routine. His favorite word “pali pali”, meaning hurry up!! He just doesn’t like wasting time he has to be on the go all the time. Although I believe he has more room for being patient, specially in reaching for his goal.

GEMINI – They have strong determination and persistent nature to attain their dreams that they don’t easily let go even the stumble, they easily rise up and try again and again.

>>> This is very true to Hyun Joong, he can be a risk taker at times but he will never let go is chances are given to him. I have seen this Gemini trait in him many times as I watched him at We Got Married, he will try his guts until he succeed. And of course, we have witnessed all his hard work resulted in a chain of success that seemed endless. His strong determination, passion, dedication to his craft had brought him up to his ladder way up to the top.

GEMINI – Basically, they are intelligent, imaginative, lively and adaptable to any situation and person.

>>> If you have watched the reality show We Got Married, these traits can be seen in him. He’s not used in a strange environment nor strange people, but he tried to adapt whatever the situation was. In a group of strangers, he would just be sitting around but carefully observing what’s going on. And if ask his opinion, he’ll just spill his it out that shows his intelligence in the most practical way. His imagination is remarkable which I think is obvious to everyone as he shows himself in different ways.

GEMINI – Affectionate, courteous, kind, generous and thoughtful towards the poor and suffering.

>>> Well, needless to say, what you see is what you get. Hyun Joong was never been rude specially to elders, strangers, and practically everybody. I fully agree with this Gemini trait, the virtue of charity lived in Hyun Joong’s heart ever since he was born until he grew up. Now that he has the luxury of life, he tends to be stingy to himself so that he has more to spare to the less fortunate. Hyun Joong maintained his support to different charity organization, there will always that big heart of his for the poor.

GEMINI – They are smart enough to use their outward attractiveness to achieve their goals.

>>> Oh yes, and why not, Hyun Joong was gifted, blessed with all the beauty inside out. God has given him such gift for him to use it wisely, and so he does in his most natural way of sharing his beauty to appreciate by others and talent to share. In one big package, he works hard for it and gained success, yet still remained humble as ever.

GEMINI – is honest and straightforward, but when things go against him, he can sulk like a kid. Furthermore, a Gemini seeks affection, energy, and dedication of time on him during childhood.

>>> Hyun Joong is candidly honest anytime, I’m not saying he never told a lie, but every time he does, he easily gives it even with simple alibi!! You can’t hate him, instead you’ll just laugh at him, because he’s not so good at lying!! He’s courteously blunt that he would just say what is in his mind. But he does not like heated confrontation or argument, he would always try to prevent such thing to happen. I think he was indeed an affection seeker when was a kid. I remember Hyun Joong was devastated when his grandma passed away, because she personally took care of him when he was a kid.

GEMINI – Generous with his friends, a Gemini makes a charming companion and you are lucky enough if you have a Gemini friend. Likes spending considerable time with them and loves to share everything.

>>> We all have seen and some had witnessed how he treated his SS501 members whom he treasure as his own brothers. He said he doesn’t consider them as friends but he considers them as his family. that is how close he is with his members that until now it never change. He literally shared everything with his membes. And this is how he values his friendship, as he said “friends are forever”.

GEMINI – In less serious situations – there is usually playfulness below the surface, and they can be brilliant conversationalist.

>>> Hyun Joong loves a light harmonious atmosphere around him, not that he’s happy go lucky, no mam. Hyun Joong is a very practical person, for him in every problem there is always a solution, that need not be gloomy about. You may think everything for him is play, but if asked his opinion you would just be surprised by his brilliant ideas.

When he attended the UN recognition for appointment, as we view the atmosphere in that certain room was a bit stiff considering many of the members of UN are elders and bit high profile you may say. When Hyun Joong stand at the podium, I may not understand what he said but there were a bit roar of laughter, well maybe just to break the ice around the room!! But he’s still outstanding and he has his own natural way of entertaining when he talks!!

GEMINI – Just like the sign of twins, a Gemini is capable of producing the virtue of versatility.

>>> Among all the Gemini traits I have mentioned this trait of being versatile is true by 100 percent to Hyun Joong. As we all know he’s very creative in forming an image out of himself on and off stage, that makes him such a unique individual. Be it his physical outlook or his talent, he can easily adopt a certain flawless image.

One time I was monitoring twitter about Hyun Joong’s departure to Shanghai China! And I can’t help not to chat at twitter, it’s just that everyone seemed to be so excited to see him again, of course. One fan noticed Hyun Joong to be back in his Yoon Ji Hoo image, and everyone followed thinking of the same thing at the same time. It was so contagious!!!

Then one fan said she hopes to see Mr. Breakdown, which honestly my favorite image of Hyun Joong!! What other image does Hyun Joong had? Beak Seung Jo, Mr. Lucky Guy, someone said he’s superman, yes he has a photo at fan autograph signing looks like superman himself Christopher Reeves!!

Someone would say, Hyun Joong is the Tom Cruise of Korea, I would agree, he has a photo that looks like Tom Cruise! As Hyun Joong said in one talk show, “If I were given a second chance of life, I would like to be Tom Cruise”. Whatever character he looks like Hyun Joong is definitely only one in his unique self.

Well, what can we do the guy has so many faces and all of them are all handsome!! If anybody can hear us discussing Ji Hoo, Mr. Breakdown, Mr Lucky Guy, Superman, Tom Cruise Korea and he himself Kim Hyun Joong, they would think we’re a bunch of playgirls having many men to talk about!!

Without knowing we’re only pertaining to only one man, Kim hyun Joong. I remember again a fan was saying, she has five posters of Hyun Joon in different images, and a friend of hers thought she was looking at a group band!! Well in fact, Hyun Joong is only one in different image, that makes him versatile.

As for me, no matter how Kim Hyun Joong looks good or not so good, it doesn’t matter because I have already learned to love him for what he is as a person in reality….. LazerKim here writing.

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