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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GET MARRIED

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong had been guesting in talk shows, games shows, specially whenever he’s promoting his album. In 2008 Hyun Joong was a cast in a reality show entitled We Got Married, which became significant to Hyun Joong’s fans specially his mainstay fans during his SS501 days. This reality show was done before he signs up his first acting project Boys Over Flower. But why was this reality show became significant to Hyun Joong’s fans? What was so special about the show?

After four years, this was the only chance I had to watch this WGM reality show, although I have watched some previews at YouTube, a fan of Hyun Joong name Omma from the twitter spared effort to upload the entire episodes of WGM, many thanks to you, I was able to watch this reality show. And while watching, I never thought how lengthy this reality show was!! It was over 30 episodes, and I know many fans are interested to watch it. And this is a “must watch” reality show if you want to know more about Hyun Joong. Somebody from my readers was asking about this WGM, so I hope you’re reading this article. To everyone, I’ll be leaving the link below this article so you can watch it. It’s nice and you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

What is this WGM reality show all about? It’s a show that tells us about reality, what actually is happening in our daily lives. It’s like watching a drama that the guest celebrities does not have a script to memorize and lines to deliver. It’s neither acting in a specific character to portray. In this reality show WGM, Hyun Jong was being paired up with Hwang Bo as couples. Hyun Joong was about 23yrs old and Hwang Bo was about six years his senior, in short she was Hyun Joong’s sunbae. Both may know each other by names being celebrities but they were not connectd with each other at all.

The objective of this show is see if two strangers living together in one roof as couple can be able to develop their thoughts and feelings considering there’s an age gap barrier, by putting themselves in such situation as couple. Everything were done in their most natural way that shows who Hyun Joong is in reality when it comes to having a relationship. This couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo was called Lettuce Couple and in every episode, they were given mission to accomplish being a couple to compete with other couples guested in the show. There were games played in the show that each couple work together to achieve certain goals.

As a couple Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo did lived together at least the audience was given that impression to be as couple in front of hidden cameras, which filming takes place every Tuesday. They started as strangers, there was a clear sign of getting to know each other better, developing closeness since both were being left on their own, and finally friendship was built. Although the entire show was never been an acting ruled by a script, the couple simply played their role being what they are in reality. Much as the show was done in reality, the celebs were still aware that a camera was rolling on anything they did at the entire show.

I enjoyed watching this show, very entertaining as Hyun Joong was so funny and you can’t just get enough of him!! In every challenge given to him and Hwang Bo both worked it out together with the same determination to win. I’m so impress with Hwang Bo while I watch her struggled with Hyun Joong over the games they played and they have a good team work. Although the first few episodes of this show, Hyun Joong was totally awkward, seeing Hwang Bo as his senior and really took time before he finally loosen up with the help of Hwang Bo.

Hyun Joong is a shy type of guy even his work is in the showbiz and uncomfortable with strangers. Hwang Bo may be feeling awkward since her partner was much younger than her, but she was able to gotten rid of her inhibitions and being more friendly and comfortable to be with the company of Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong slowly found his comfort zone with Hwang Bo being at his side and had developed a friendship within the period of the entire episodes of the show. I was carried away by how Hwang Bo showed her open-mindedness and her sincere caring for Hyun Joong as he reciprocated. I believe he is not difficult to love, but he has his own way of showing his affection to the one he loves.

Hyun Joong is a man of few words to say, much more difficult for him to express himself that you have to read his heart to be able to understand him. He can’t stand it to see a girl crying, feeling sad or upset, not because he’s cold but he simply doesn’t know what to do to comfort her. He would always want a happy atmosphere around him. And Hwang Bo was the typical girl suitable to his personality.

In another scene, Hyun Joong and his members flew to Japan for work, prior to his departure Hwang Bo wrote a note to him and hid it inside his wallet. Ever since Hyun Joong departed to Japan he never called Hwang Bo, and so she followed him to Japan. As she reached his apartment Hyun Joong and his members were at the recording. She cleaned up the apartment and found the letter she wrote for him just laying on his dresser. Of course she was pleased with the simple sign that Hyun Joong indeed cared.

There’s another episode Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo that both shopped for their wedding. Hyun Joong tried some tuxedos and kept asking how much the tuxedo cost!! He won’t go for anything expensive. Just the same as Hwang Bo tried many wedding gowns, Hyun Joong would immediately asked how much the gown would cost!!! And he was saying “I have to work hard to buy the wedding gown!!” But take note, Hyun Joong has a very good taste in ladies clothes. He’s a bit conservative, his idea was one can be sexy without revealing too much skin.

There’s a part in the show that Hwang Bo had to perform in a military base as he chose which costume Hwang Bo had to wear for her performance. He chose a type of dress that reveals the body contour with a long sleeves top layer. He cares what his girl wears.

One episode in this show that caught me up was Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo’s first kiss. They have a mission that Hwang Bo has to kiss Hyun Joong and leave a lipstick mark on his cheek. Before doing so, Hwang Bo ask Hyun Joong to talk to his fans!! And so Hyun Joong spoke to his fans in front of the camera and said “this is only a kiss, if you leave me because of this I’ll be mad!! I don’t know, I don’t care it’s up to you, anyway you also have boyfriends, right?”

I really laughed at that!!! This is the very first time I ever heard a celeb who would notify his fans about a kiss!!! The kiss was not even to his lips, so I can’t help but laugh!! But I find him thoughtful to have considered what his fans might think, or maybe Hwang Bo was very thoughtful to his fans too.
There’s a scene in that show as Hwang Bo pretended to be upset over a matter with her friend, Hyun Joong was sincerely worried that he doesn’t know what to do to comfort her. And at last he initiated to have a talk with Hwang Bo that she was able to speak out what she felt while he was trying to cheer her up. I think it was from this time on, they started to get closer with each other.

It was at this part that showed Hyun Joong can’t stand heated confrontation as he watched Hwang Bo and her friend was having it. Without the slightest idea that both Hwang Bo and her friend was just pretending to be fighting just to see how Hyun Joong would react and how he would comfort Hwang Bo. He didn’t leave her at all, he stayed with her to comfort her. Hyun Joong is a peace loving person, he doesn’t like any heated confrontations or any arguments. You’ll be able to see how he reacts on such circumstances in this show.

Towards the end of their episode, Hwang Bo cried and I cried with her. Who wouldn’t be, even it’s not a love for a lover that she felt for Hyun Joong, the memories of their closeness was something difficult to let go. At the very end Hwang Bo stated that Hyun Joong finds it hard to express himself and you have to read his heart to be able to understand him.

I’m convince to this fact, and at that certain point, Hwang Bo was able to help Hyun Joong to express himself by being a comfort zone for him. She assured Hyun Joong that his weak spot in his heart is safe with Hwang Bo. Letting go of someone whom you have shared Joy, laughter and sadness is something difficult to do. Which reminded my of a song that says……”If you love someone set him free, if he comes back, then it’s meant to be.”

When I was still on my stage of researching about Hyun Joong, I read an article about intriguing the Lettuce Couple, as what Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo was being called in the show, I ignored it back then. But after watching this show aftermath I came to understand what the intrigue was all about.

After the show We Got Married, the Letuce Couple, had won the Best Couple Award for 2008. Then, this now is reality, since Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo parted ways after WGM, Hyun Joong was doing Boys Over Flower and Hwang Bo had other project, it was said that there wasn’t any communication between them after WGM. I have watched the MBC Award ceremony, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo were not seated together although they were both at the same table, and you can no longer see the previous closeness they had at We Got Married.

Now let’s set the reality here, Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo are both celebrities, they are professionals. Even they were normal and had showed their true selves in this show WGM for what they are in reality, there’s still cameras focus on them, they were still working, they are professional artists so whatever happened in that show was plainly their work. Many of the fans who watched this show fell in love with both of them because they do have a very good chemistry and how I wish they can be real couple. It was fun watching them at the same time you’ll be touched by how they build up their partnership.

As Hyun Joong said, if he gets married he will think he has done this show and memorable one, just the same with Hwang Bo. Just to be pretending as couple, it was an experience how it was to live as husband and wife, with no strings attached in reality and that’s showbiz. Although there are celebrities specially in my country who are being paired up and ended in marriage in reality. Unfortunately, with Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo, it was purely work.

Just like Hyun Joong did Playful Kiss, well there are lots of kissing scene, Hyun Joong was even asked in his interview in Singapore, if he ever desired to fall in love that time he did the drama, and he said “I can’t think of falling in love because I was busy memorizing my lines.” After the drama, Hyun Joong and his lead partner parted ways just like that, because everything was purely work. And I think this is better, that Hyun Joong doesn’t get linked with his leading ladies from any of his dramas he had worked on, to prevent from being intrigued.

Watching from this reality show We Got Married, I can’t help but to think that, I was right in my personal assessment of Hyun Joong as a man. As he was saying towards the end of their episode, it’s been 20 years that he never express what he truly feels, and that Hwang Bo was able to helped him in doing so. Hyun Joong was saying he used to lived in a confined life, that none outside his friends truly know him as a person.

I’m writing about WGM which I haven’t done so, as for a way new Hyun Joong would know him better. Now I think Hyun Joong doesn’t need to say, “nobody knows me other than my friends,” because his loving fans had started knowing him better as to who Kim Hyun Joong is. He will never be alone again, because his fans will always be there to understand him better.

At the end, Kim Hyun Joong said whenever there’s hard times there will be laughter. LazerKim here writing.

Video Credits and non tag photos by: TS’s eommonie-omma, Thanks a lot!!

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