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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CROSSROADS

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: I’m sure many of us are waiting for a chance that Kim Hyun Joong would visit us in our respective countries, and I’m sure he feels the same way as we do. Remember the last message he has for us? That he feels bored and lonely since he was given a chance to stay put and take rest, but knowing the guys is just restless. And as I wrote in my article Love Letter, Hyun Joong is just aching to be out there to be with his fans, to be on stage to share his music with us. At the same time waiting for a good material for drama project. Timing is very important to his career, that’s all I can say.

A while ago, I was viewing some old video clips of Hyun Joong and had brought me in this sentimental mood!!! In a game show during the time he was still with his members something had caught my attention. I could hardly read the Eng.Sub. but I think the host was asking him how was his school days. Hyun Joong was very proudly saying he was a model student and that he has high grades, he was doing good in school. Then one of his members bat in and asked, “until when did it last”? It was intended to be a joke and doesn’t mean anything.

Of course we all know Hyun Joong was indeed a model student when he was in grade school, and everything changed when he stepped in High School. And so he responded only in grade school and laugh at that, but I felt a pinch in my heart and teary eyes. Hyun Joong was blushing but I know deep inside he was somehow a bit hurt.

In another talk show during Hyun Joong’s time with his group, the host asked all the members about their audition with DSP except Hyun Joong, he was asked a different question. As we all know during Hyun Joong’s audition, just before he can play his guitar and sing, he was already accepted and to come back the following day no matter what happen. But DSP made the right choice and Hyun Joong proved himself right from the start of his career.

And in a game show guested by Hyun Joong and another member from another idol group. The host asked both of them as to how was they’re first time audition. The idol was trying to impress Hyun Joong jokingly, and he said he just sang one song and there and then he was accepted, and it was true because he is indeed a very good singer and one of the most popular. The same question was asked to Hyun Joong, and he said before I can sing and play my guitar I was informed that I was already accepted!! The idol scratched his head because he knows it was true, since Hyun Joong and this idol were already friends back then!!

I viewed almost all the shows of Hyun Joong from 2010, as his first fan meeting in Japan, I think it was his birthday celebration with a cake with four candle that can not be lighted!! And from Hyun Joong’s first launching of Breakdown showcase, his series of concerts in Japan, his first fan meting in 2012 up to his first concert 2012 at Yokohama Arena. We all have seen how his fans grew in numbers, not only in Korea or Japan, but worldwide.

Somebody from Romania wrote at my comment box in her language. The other day it was from Ecuador in her language too. I would like to encourage other nationals to write at my comment box, it’s alright to write in your language, we do understand your heart because we all feel the same way for one Kim Hyun Joong. And as I responded to one fan who wrote that she calls this Blog as Henecia Republic!! Well that gave me an idea, I think we’ll call this Blog “United Colors of Kim Hyun Joong”. How about that??

I have already written the history of this blog from my other article, that at first I was intending to have this space to fight over Hyun Joong’s critics, but when I started to write as my first article was Magic Spell which was written filled with love and Memories 2011 which was also written filled with love. Until I got addicted to writing about Hyun Joong and as you notice even a not so good news that I write in the end of each article is still filled with love.

I got one negative comment yesterday, my first one, and another fan replied to the comment as to how she understood the article which was right, It was yesterday’s article Closer Look. I think she missed to understand the article, she’s an anonymous but she claimed which I hardly believe, to be Henecian, Triple S, and that Hyun Joong is Only One in her heart, but she likes other artists which I think made her upset by the comparison I did in that article. I just simply replied How can I differentiate which one is black and which one is white!!! And this is the intention of the article Closer Look, to differentiate one from the others.

If critics can compare Hyun Joong with the idols without basis, then why can’t I make my comparison which I did, stating my fair basis of comparison, I didn’t even name drop. Actually I was reacting to critics opinion about Hyun Joong being compared with other idols. And the article Closer Look clearly stated how Hyun Joong differ from other artist. How can you view beautiful if you don’t see the not so beautiful or vice versa.

Just like one fan who’s doing marathon reading said, how would you know if you’re getting the good quality if you can not compare it with others. The article did not mean to criticize other artist, I think that was clear enough. Or even if I did, if Hyun Joong’s critics can freely criticize, then why can’t I have the same right to criticize other idols, and if ever I would criticize, I would make sure to state my basis.

If you see all artists as the same, then she should not claim that she’s Henecia, Triple S or Only One, then there should not be fan club if you support all artists, then there should not be number one in the music chart, if they are all the same. If you’re asked why do you support a certain idol, then there must be a reason. You may say he’s different as you state the qualities that makes him different. We may have different views but still the same, we have our own favorites.

I was thinking, maybe anything that was being built out of love, can build a better foundation of just about anything. I know those critics are reading my articles too. And I really wish they would, because the only reason they criticize Hyun Joong is because they barely know the guy. But if they read the articles they can get to know Hyun Joong better and hopefully they will change their opinion or perception about him

Many had said Hyun Joong had changed their lives, even a student fan was relating her story on how Hyun Joong changed her life at her young age. Another fan said she wasn’t expecting that Hyun Joong was working as delivery boy. Nobody would believe it, for a perfectly handsome guy and smart would go through those struggles in life. His story of saving every penny he earns from those hard labor, is just unbelievable.

But it’s his reality and he’s proud of what he had been through. That’s why as I started this article as the opening part, I felt a pinch in my heart because I know how it was for him to go through with those hard life struggles. And his critics would only insult him and harshly criticize without basis. He may just laugh it out but deep inside Hyun Joong is a very sensitive type of guy, even he wouldn’t admit it. I think everyone of us has a weak spot in our heart which is humanly natural. Hyun Joong is a celeb who probably gone used to criticism, but still he has feelings just like us.

In one of Hyun Joong’s interviews in Taiwan, he was asked what do you advise to the young ones who are aspiring to be a star? Hyun Joong said, “do not be like me, put time to studies, while you practice your talent, you have to be the first to wake up and the last to sleep. Be patient wait for your time”. Hyun Joong’s mom was relating, “he would come home late in the evening, we pretended to be sleeping, but we’re waiting for him till he comes home from work”.

Hyun Joong underwent two years of training before he debuted. And during the time he was on training, he was working at the same time, because his agent doesn’t provide allowances for trainees. This is not easy at all, because training in dance takes the whole body and mind to work yet he still had to work for part-time job and earn, as a service crew at a chicken restaurant. His part-time job isn’t easy too, it was also physically tiring since he’s been dancing all day and working as service crew.

Hyun Joong’s pain did not stop there, even as he was already in the lime light, he became the center of envy jealousy from people he never expected to. But he kept everything to himself until such time he decided to pursue his dreams by himself that some fans failed to understand. He couldn’t do anything but to close his eyes about everything happening around him, as he remained focus to his dream and his first album. When he read his letter to his fans on June 2011, I hope that will be the last time he’ll ever cry.

All of us do experience different struggles in life, that sometimes it seem unbearable and a lot of times we get tired that how we wish to just stop and do nothing. As many of us had change our lives because of Hyun Joong, we have found someone to lean on and in the process of knowing more about him became our outlet from the real world.

One of the fan said by simply posting Hyun Joong’s photos and updates everyday of her life is enough enjoyment for her. If I can not last my day without writing about Hyun Joong, same with you, you can’t last a day without reading updates about Hyun Joong on what’s going on with him or around him.

And so we all meet here, we share our thoughts and love to Hyun Joong until friendship from different nations started building because of Hyun Joong. I’m happy to have found this space built out of love from his fans for Hyun Joong.

All of us coming from different directions meeting our crossroad towards Kim Hyun Joong. LazerKim here writing.

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