Friday, 6 April 2012

Is KHJ's next drama going to be 'City Conquest'?

Credit : Die Hard Henecians@OnlyKHJtimes

[news]KHJ is the most likely choice of the main character of the comic book based drama, 'City Conquest' 김현중 '도시정벌'로 컴백?… 만화 원작 드라마 주인공 물망 

'City Conquest' is based on the popular comic book which has sold a million copies in Korea. Now there is an extreme amount of focus on the casting for the main charactor, 'Baek Mi Reu'.
If KHJ decides to appear in the drama, this project seems to speedfully progress. 
The drama Iris's director and the drama Lie To Me's writer will join this project. 

[Another News] Is KHJ's next drama going to be 'City Conquest'? 김현중 차기작은 '도시정벌'? "검토 중인 작품 중 하나일 뿐"

According to the this article, KE said, "Nothing has been fixed at
this moment. KHJ has many drama offered to him and 'City Conquest' is
just one of dramas being considered"

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