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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] TALK SHOWS

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By LazerKim:          One thing I love watching most are Kim Hyun Joong’s interviews and his TV guesting at talk shows. There’s always a part in the show that makes you laugh. Hyun Joong has his own way of entertaining viewers in his own natural ways.  Don’t you guys miss Hyun Joong at all??  After reading updates about his plans this year, somehow we know where he is, so that gives me a peace of mind. But I do miss him everyday, isn’t that obvious, you see me here everyday writing about him!! Let’s just say, writing about him became my hobby.
At this time while Hyun Joong is in his cocoon, let’s talk behind his back!! I have collected most of his TV appearances, I’m just in the mood to talk about it from his past. I can’t help compare his TV guesting on talk shows, from the time he was still with his group and last year when he granted a lot of interviews since he was promoting Breakdown. I noticed one common ground specially on talk shows. The host’s attention seemed to be drawn to Hyun Joong one way or another more than it should be, even he was together with other guests. I would say if you’re an artist and you guested in a talk show together with Hyun Joong, unlucky you, it’s not gonna be your day!!

Hyun Joong guested at talk show King of Hearts (Strong Heart episode) together with other two idols from other idol groups. In this show, guest takes turn to relay their stories, I just noticed that even it’s the turn of the other two idols to talk, the host would turn their attention to Hyun Joong and asked the same question to the other two idols. But when it was the turn of Hyun Jong to talk, the host attention never shifted to other guests!!! Then there was a dance showdown between the two idols, after they dance the host asked Hyun Joong what he thinks about the two idols dancing. Hyun Joong said, ” It’s good to watch them”.!!! And when it’s Hyun Joong’s turn to dance, he has the entire floor to dance his Breakdown!! The host’s attention were always being drawn to Hyun Joong, while he simply sits there and wait for his turn to talk
In another talk show Romantic Bus with popular TV host Kang Hodong, as Hyun Joong guested together with Lee Pilmo and Kim Suro. Among the TV host I think Kang Hodong had known Hyun Joong since the start of his career with SS501. This time Hyun Joong was doing Boys Over Flower when he guested on this talk show. I know nothing about the two other guests, but it seemed to me they are much senior than Hyun Joong. It was on this talk show that Hyun Joong opened up about Jacksal Chicken for the first time which he owns together with his childhood friends.
Hyun Joong would simply sit there during the show keeping cool as he answered whatever questions thrown to him as cool as he naturally is. While Lee Pilmo is some kinda over excited type of guy, and trying to dominate the air time, but somehow while Hyun Joong sit there, the hosts drew back their attention to Hyun Joong. And then on the second part of the show, the host requested Hyun Joong to sing a song. And so he did sang Fortunate which he sang beautifully even back then and it was well appreciated. Then  this guest Lee Pilmo volunteered to sing the same song, in which if I were him I shouldn’t have done so, because he only showed Hyun Joong can do better than him!!


In another talk show Night after Night Hyun Joong was guested last year 2011 together with Lee Byung Jun an elder seemed to be a nice guy, both guests were said to have strong charisma which I believe so. I wouldn’t say Hyun Joong dominated the air time because he will not take the initiative to talk unless he is being asked to. Unlike Lee Byung Jun right after Hyun Joong had done answering the question thrown to him, Lee Byung Jun would really bat in about his opinion.
I learned a lot about Hyun Joong from this talk show, he was asked why he chose to have the same role as a flower boy student for two consecutive dramas, He said  ”it’s because my fans wants to see me in a flower boy image, and besides the first time I read the plot of Playful Kiss I liked it immediately.” Both guests were asked in choosing drama, would you consider ratings as the basis for choosing? Lee Byung Jun definitely considered it. But Hyun Joong replied, “if I like the story plot I’ll grab it even I would take the secondary lead, I wouldn’t mind at all”. Hyun Joong spoke truthfully that he’s not after anything else for as long he likes something he’ll do it.
Coming up next is his guesting at Strong Heart which was quite often during the entire period of his career. The recent and the latest he guested I think that was before his concert tour in Japan. Hyun Joong brought with him a pair of his training pants which he has in his possession about 30 pairs of those. He wears it as his rehearsal outfit with matching sweat hood shirt. He brought one pair of pants to give it to Lee Seung Gi as his way of apologizing for Hyun Joong’s failing to keep an appointment for soccer games.
Hyun Joong was set to attend to that soccer game with Lee Seung Gi unfortunately he overslept and wasn’t able to make it. Lee Seung Gi was trying to catch Hyun Joong with his alibi for saying he was watching a movie till 5am that was why he wasn’t able to make it for early morning games. Hyun Joong is not good at lying I can see that for least two separate incidents. And I think Lee Seung Gi knew him quite well to corner him. Actually, Hyun Joong was out drinking with his dancers till 5am!!!


One of the guest praised Hyun Joong’s gesture to be giving his favorite pants to a friend as a way of apologizing for his short comings. Hyun Joong said he didn’t had the chance to apologized to Lee Seung Gi when he guested the other time, and so he was trying to make it up with his friend. Unfortunate his friend knew Hyun Joong’s alibi, his expression easily gave in to the alibi!! 
In another episode of Strong Heart Hyun Joong was guested together with his two members, let’s call them as member 1 and member 2. I think I have already written this in my other article, nevertheless I’ll write it again. As I mentioned earlier that every time Hyun Joong is a guest in any talk show, he would just sit there silently and he will only talk if questions are thrown to him. There was this topic about H1N1 which Hyun Joong had when the group was in Japan.
And within the discussion out of nowhere, a fight between member 1 and Hyun Joong was brought out. Hyun Joong was simply sitting there listening while member 1 even stood up trying to defend himself. It’s funny that Hyun Joong was just sitting there looking cool and relax while member 1 appeared as if he’s getting all the attention he can get from everyone!!! Unfortunately he didn’t succeed, because the discussion went back to Hyun Joong. Again a typical example of TV host drawing more attention to Hyun Joong.


I thought I was just imagining this, until it’s member 2′s turn to speak and the most unexpected just spilled out. Member 2 related his desire of whom he wants to be if ever there would be a second life. And his response was, he wants to be Kim Hyun Joong. Member 2 related that, every time the group SS501 was invited to guest at any talk show, the show host always turned their attention to Hyun Joong Leader, and member 2 would think of a way where he could be noticed. Member 2 said, Leader always get good opportunity, and that he reveled he’s jealous and envy Leader. Hyun Joong responded, “Why do you want to be me? Why don’t you try your best, work hard to improve and be yourself?  If I have a chance for a second life I would want to be Tom Cruise.  You’re talking as if you want me dead”. 
I don’t think Hyun Joong was angry but he was a bit sarcastic. Such a smart guy, no wonder he’s a sunbae not only to his group but with the other idol groups too. I smelt fishy that time, I knew something was not going right within the group, but I admired the five of them for not trying to badmouth at each other or whatever. But I was quite surprised by the heated discussion that time and my admiration to Hyun Joong on how smart he is. In this show Hyun Joong again showed his cool personality even at heated discussion, he stayed cool for the rest of the show, he was just so expressionless.
And then, there’s a part in the show that member 2 volunteered on taking Yoon Ji Hoo’s role, and Jandi was taken by another female guest, the scene was at the motorbike. Member 2 delivered the lines of Yoon Ji Hoo and hug the female.. Then Kang Hodong asked Hyun Joong to do it, play Yoon Ji Hoo again, and an older female guest was called in to take the role of Jan Di. And so Hyun Joong delivered the lines, but instead of hugging the older guest he run away from the older guest as if he was riding the motorbike!!! Hyun Joong gave a real good laugh to the audience!!


At the same episode, the host Kang Hodong asked one of the guest to do a fortune tell to Hyun Joong, and the guest related that Hyun Joong was having a relationship quite recently but broke off. Kang Hodong asked Hyun Joong if it was true, and to everyone’s surprise he admitted that in fact he had a girlfriend and broke off, the relationship lasted for five months. The guest who told Hyun Joong’s fortune was just guessing, but Hyun Joong admitted and said “what can I do I’m not good at lying.” Which is true judging from his past talk shows.
I wrote an article Love and Fame recently, about Hyun Joong having a relationship and his career at the same time. If I’ll be asked about my opinion on Hyun Joong having a relationship at this time of his career, I wouldn’t want him to. Why? Because Hyun Joong is a very honest man, he couldn’t even make alibi for himself, and he’s not good at lying, he doesn’t want to be sneaking around with his girlfriend. Hyun Joong is a free spirited type of person. And knowing how media works about the personal privacy of celeb, I wouldn’t want him to get entangled with malicious controversy. Either way he goes, hide the relationship or open it up, media will run after him, and I do not want this to happen to him. Of course this is just my personal opinion.
This is how I get to know Hyun Joong better, through watching his video clips from his interviews and talk shows. You see how a person behave on and off cam. Hyun Joong has been an apple of the eye of every talk show host. Why is that so? Because Hyun Joong  will not give you a false pretense just to impress anyone. He is himself all the time, and I admire his cool personality.


Hyun Joong has his own way of entertaining audience by just talking with him. It’s either you’ll laugh at him or learn from him. The guy is so transparent and he easily gives in to alibis!! When he talks he doesn’t even appear to be one of the richest young celeb in Korea, because he’s so humble. At the Romantic Bus it was the first time Hyun Joong disclosed his chain Jaksal Chicken, and it just so happened that the host Kang Hodong heard about Hyun Joong’s ownership.
I remembered, his high school teacher said that Hyun Joong was very submissive to his faults and that was why his teacher could not bring himself to get angry at Hyun Joong. Just the same as he admits his weak points as an artist and try to improve whatever is missing in his ability. His critics would say anything negative about his ability, but I haven’t read any criticism about his personal attitude not even his mistakes like bad pronunciation. Why is that? Because he looks cute even making mistakes, and would only give you a good laugh whenever he does!!!
Kim Hyun Joong speaks truthfully and not a self centered nor self opinionated, he’s simply being himself that people are drawn to him. In any talk shows, he’s always been the apple of the eye of any show host. Well, he’s just simply being himself as Kim Hyun Joong……..
LazerKim here writing


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