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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FANS CONNECT

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim


By LazerKim:                 Kim Hyun Joong was in Japan the other day for a press conference and he was asked what are his plans this summer, Hyun Joong said, he’ll probably be doing acting for a TV drama starting this April!!! Okay, okay, ladies don’t get too excited, nothing is official as yet, as I have mentioned in my article Drama Talks Hyun Joong is just waiting for a good drama material to land on his lap.
But then again as I wrote article Artist’s Agent, which I have not posted, whatever Hyun Joong does for his career it’s always within the discretion of his agent KeyEast. So let’s forget he had ever said anything and let’s talk about something else!!This is just an update about him.
May I ask, how did you start to be a fan of Hyun Joong??? There are different events in Hyun Joong’s career life as we met him the first time.  I used to noticed whenever he’s out in his exposure, there’s always a new fan who would pop out from somewhere, and that is good.  And I’m sure everyone of us did experienced marathon reading watching his videos catching up with his past.
You may say Hyun Joong just popped out of your life and so here you are, wanting to know him better. Everyone of us became addicted to him for reasons that until now I’m researching on!! I’m sure most of us had different favorite actors before we met Hyun Joong, until such time you came up in a degree of liking to glue yourself on this screen watching Hyun Joong.


In one talk show Hyun Joong was speaking from his mind that he asked himself, why don’t I have much teenage fans?? I have the answer for that, it’s because those fans whom he met during his SS501 days had already grew up like him, and mind you even those fans had never left him in the first place. And so now Hyun Joong can see them mature as he has, he thought those fans are new!! I have written article For All Ages, that specifically describe the age ranges of Hyun Joong’s fans.
This is because of the events in his career life. During his SS501 days, he was 19 as he started in the industry, and so his fans were teenagers. Hyun Joong did Boys Over Flower, a very significant event that his popularity remarkably boost rapid high. BOF was in every household all over the world in which every member of each household were home on prime time to watch this drama. And who are these members of a household?
First are the teenagers both boys and girls was captured by this drama. These teenagers would stop whatever they’re doing and would settle in to watch BOF.  And for some who were playing internet games would rush back home to watch. The big sisters who would rush from work to be home just in time to watch BOF.
And if overtime work calls, noona would look for a TV to watch, and I would testify on this, as staffs would ask for 30min break from overtime work just to watch BOF!! The mothers of each home, would prepare early dinner so as she can sit back and watch BOF on prime time. And the grandmas, who are sitting waiting for the airing of BOF, and the very person who would call for her family members that it’s time to watch BOF. I’ve seen one of his photo with a grandma, I think she’s the eldest among Hyun Joong’s fans, and I do hope she’ll be able to read my articles. I acknowledge her presence if ever she’reading this article.
For some countries, this drama was being aired daily on prime time, Hyun Joong became a part of each family in every household. And so that started his gaining fans from all ages, from all walks of life and in different genders. A fan commented that Kdramas were not being aired in her country and yet she was being captured by Hyun Joong.


That time noonas would rush up with their work done, rushing back home just to watch a 30min drama just to watch Hyun Joong. And sometimes mothers would prepare the easiest dinner menu so she can catch up with BOF!! And when the drama was over, some fans would hit the internet and started to know more about Hyun Joong. I think this was how it all started. Majority of Hyun Joong’s fans, well as far as my regular readers are concern, and in my country, most of them had met him at BOF, and from that time on, they finally learned about SS501. And so those fans became fans of SS501 too.
I may have a different story to tell, but we share the same event of meeting Hyun Joong. As I started writing in December 2011, I know nothing about blog, and the twitter, I would say I was totally innocent about this technology. When I was doing my research I met a lot of strangers at the internet, but meeting them felt as if I’ve known them for sometime. I used to fight over with critics that I have never done in my whole life. And I was thinking why would I fight with a complete stranger!!! But then it became hurting for me every time Hyun Joong is being criticized that I can’t resist to defend him.
And so I decided to have this blog, as my prior purpose of having my own space to say what I feel to fight back those critics. But as I wrote my first article, that time for some reasons I was filled with love as I wrote My Christmas Dream, then followed by my most memorable article Memories 2011or Unforgettable Memories. Again the article was filled with love, and so I went on writing whatever my thoughts dictated me.
But it took months of continues writing until I wrote Unity in One, and one of the bloggers who has a large scale of readers posted this article. I can only thank her for doing so because this article was very important for me because I want to reach out for those fan network who are silently supporting Hyun Joong. From there on I started building friendship through my blog.


At my twitter most of the bloggers post their news updates, and sometimes I can read their thoughts. Like one time, I had just finished writing my article for the day, it was rather late in the evening, and she posted “I have beacon for lunch, care for some? It’s lonely to be eating alone” and so I bat in and wrote Have a nice lunch. And there was one just wrote How can I get over with HJ? I answered her back,” I don’t think you can!!”
Then there’s another one, “where’s our daily dose, my lunch appetizer?” There were two of them, and so I know who and what they’re pertaining! I posted my article for the day. I do not know these people but it felt there’s a strong connection among Hyun Joong’s fans.
In my comment box there were three fans who takes turns in doing marathon reading, before I can start writing I do review my comment box and majority I share with their thoughts. There are times I get carried away with the topic I’m writing and I do experience teary eyes and a pinch in my heart, and there would be somebody who would cry while reading the article!!.
Oh yes, when I wrote the article Jealousy, I told myself, I have to be rational about this and not to give in to jealousy, since my readers are matured. And when I checked on my comment box, one said she’s married but she’s jealous about Hyun Joong!! Then followed by “what if HJ get married”and cried!!
Then that show with After school, someone said “he didn’t kiss her right?” I laughed at that, she’s trying to convince me that Hyun Joong didn’t kiss the girl.  Honestly, I wasn’t able to finish watching Playful Kiss, in this drama and there’s a bunch of kissing scene there but I think nobody commented about being jealous about the kissing scene.
Well, quite understandable, these are just acts. But I’m sure it’s different in real life of Hyun Joong having a relationship. And there’s another one who was trying to rational, but by the middle of her comment it ended up she’s jealous too!! I can only laugh, bacause we all feel the same way. Oh dear, it’s really good Hyun Joong is currently uncommitted!!


There’s another one who’s currently on her marathon reading at wee hours of the night, she read Humble as Ever, and she gave Hyun Joong middle name as Humble!! I never thought about that. Hyun Jong’s initial is KHJ and she’s giving H as Humble, which is very true to Hyun Joong personality!! And there’s another regular reader, she came in late, so i’m sure she had missed some updates for the day, and so I wrote her to check on new photos of Hyun Joong, but her connection wasn’t cooperating, she was dying to be updated about Hyun Joong!!! And so, this is it, this is how it feels to be a fan of Hyun Joong.!!
We may not know each other’s name or who we are, what we are, but it never mattered for as long as we speak and think of the same person. Hyun Joong has three big network of fans having fan bases in different parts of the world, they may speak of different languages but having one thought about one single person makes us all in one. These articles had reached countries which is beyond my imagination that Hyun Joong’s name had reached that far.
There’s a new fan from Sri Lanka and she was asking if HyunJoong would be able to visit her country so she can have a chance to see him person. And so I gave her my idea about artist performing a world tour. I’m sure KeyEast has records pertaining to Hyun Joong’s popularity status in each country, by this time I’m sure they’re monitoring this regularly since there’s a layout plan of Hyun Joong’s world tour. I would say this as simple idea, if there’s numbers in certain country and there’s a prospective sponsor, then that’s gonna be easy to put up on an event concert.
Just like in US a certain state requested for HyunJoon’s visit, a group of fans gathered consent from individual fans regarding the request. I’m not sure though about its latest development. Everyone of us is just dying to watch his concert, we all feel the same way, and the same hope Hyun Joong would drop by in our respective country, And I’m very sure, Hyun Joong is just dying to make his visit to us, believe me!!


There’s one fan from Ecuador, wrote in Spanish although I can understand a little but I can only read her heart. Another one from France, she patiently read the articles and share. And a lot of us has been suffering from eye pain in reading while for me in writing!! Even in our disability we do share!!! Just because of one single person, and through him we build up friendship in a most mysterious way that we all share the same thoughts about Hyun Joong. We may not understand having different languages but we do understand each other’s heart and we all do know we’re pertaining to only one person, Kim Hyun Joong.
Does Hyun Joong knows all about this?? The guy doesn’t even know why many people likes him, that no matter how he brings out his vices that he probably was thinking some would get turned off!!! As he was saying when he was in Japan November 2011, there’s a true or false kinda game in the concert, that “Hyun Joong gets nasty whenever he gets drunk”.
Hyun Joong replied, False. He said he just sleeps when he’s drunk, and then he invited his fans to drink with him to see for themselves how he gets drunk!!! He was relating, in one karaoke bar, after he drinks, he fell asleep that the bar manager did not recognize him, and left him in the bar sleeping!!! Well, he’s just being honest!!!
Hyun Joong knows he has a bigger chunk of international fans than his local fans. But I wonder if he ever know that our fan friendship had gone beyond being his fans. That because of him a bigger network of friendship is building up in different ages, different nationalities, different culture, different walks of life but having one thoughts and one person in their hearts.
Maybe he will be surprised to know all of these, and probably once he gets to his English class, that’s the only time he’ll know what’s going on with his fans!!! That we do talk behind his back!!! That we’re loving him no matter how huge the ocean there is to separate him from us physically. I guess he will know in due time.


I posted article Stalkers that I felt hesitant in posting it since it’s not a so good news and I didn’t want you guys to feel bad after reading my articles. But instead somebody cried again!! Well, maybe because of how Hyun Joong treats his fans. And there’s another who says every time she reads the articles she cries!! Oh well, Hyun Joong loves us very much that his story has touched our lives and indeed, he makes us cry. I think majority of us had experienced this.
One comment was there, she said Hyun Joong had changed her life that never thought she has that fan girl feeling inside her after having teenage kids and here she goes as a fan girl giggling!!! You know collecting Hyun Joong’s photos, and she’s quite updated with just about anything Hyun Joong has!!! Oh I do experience this most of the time even I’m all alone here!!!
And another mother fan, I would assume shares the same girly fan feeling, and she was being supported by her family with her admiration on Hyun Joong!! Oh this one would really fight against Hyun Joong’s critics and would care less!!! Another fan wrote Critics step out!! And so maybe critics are quite hesitant to leave comments on my box!!
I mentioned earlier how this blog was built, it’s made up of truth and love of Hyun Joong. If you can read my first batch of articles are rather shorter and filled with photos, now it’s rather lengthy!! I think I’m more inspired now, because you all do your share thoughts. If you leave something in my comment box, if you have time, try to visit again and you’ll find response either from me or from other fans, specially if you have questions or needs help in search of Hyun Joong. By this way we connect one way or another. Everyone here is very helpful and I can only thank you.
We all do share the same feelings, that somehow Hyun Joong had change our lives and I for one would testify to that, a 190 degrees change in just about everything. There’s a girl, she’s a minor who’s regularly reading these articles, and it’s nice to know that Hyun Joong is inspiring her, she’s a new fan. And another teenage, who’s quite crazy about Hyun Joong just like everyone of us, as she was saying all her notes in school are full of Hyun Joon’g pictures, and that’s really great to have someone inspiring her studies, she would check on articles about Hyun Joong after coming from school, before she could work on with her schoolwork.


Hyun Joong touches the hearts of many that had change our lives, regardless of age or whatever, it’s nice to think Hyun Joong shares his love with us, as we feel his sincerity, and this love had filled his fan’s everyday life in each of us. Remarkable and beautiful!
We fans do connect with each other in a most natural way, Hyun Joong brought us together, in happy time that Hyun Joong share with us, we share it with one another. And in bad time we stay together to comfort him as we connect as one.
This is such as amazing bond among strangers building in one Kim Hyun Joong……    LazerKim here writing.


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