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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO CRITICS!

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong has been flocked with many critics in every corner of the internet. Any celebrity do encounter different types of people who criticize them, and I would say, they have gone used to it. Showbiz and politics has the same nature but different field. There are even celebrities who goes to court to file for libel charges mostly against media and some from on line who were posting malicious articles or write up against them. With tons of criticism thrown to Hyun Joong, so far he hadn’t gone to court and he manage to face those criticisms. At the internet, every time he’s being criticized, his fans are always on guard to protect him. Which I’m very proud of.

But how does an individual fan actually feels whenever somebody criticizes Hyun Joong? I can read them from everywhere but mostly at Youtube and Dramabeans. I can only laugh at those specially when I read from Youtube when somebody commented as “guys watch out, tone down your comments if you do not want to get into trouble with KHJ fans!!” I really laugh at that!! I can only guess, I think everyone at the internet knows how you deal with Hyun Joong’s critics!! And there’s someone who’s apologetic to start off her comment before she spilled out her criticism, and yet the following day I happen to drop by on that video clip, Hyun Joong fans were there about 4 of them defending Hyun Joong!!!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the drama Speed, which was offered to Hyun Joong but rejected it. I read an article about it, and there was about a hundred comments there, and most of it were negative harsh comments about Hyun Joong. And most of good praises were in favor of another actor which was suppose to be paired with Hyun Joong. And so I searched on this actor because I do not know the guy. And so it happens, this actor was much senior than Hyun Joong. I stated my comment as, how dare you compare a junior from a senior who’s old enough to be Hyun Joong’s father.

How did this actor started? I mean I’m sure he was not as good in his past. Same with Hyun Joong who’s a starter being an actor, and that other guy is a veteran actor. And same with Hyun Joong in due time he will be a veteran actor too and a good one if not the best actor. Everyone has to start somewhere, every actor was rather clumsy when they started and that’s natural for a beginner. In fact, Hyun Joong did a good start with BOF and we have seen how he improved when he did Playful Kiss.

Hyun Joong has a very good potential in acting and I firmly believe that. Or I would rather think some had misunderstood Hyun Joong’s character role Yoon Ji Hoo at BOF. When I first watched Hyun Joong at BOF I never expected that it was his first drama project. I was hooked by his character who may had minimal lines delivered, but played on his emotions which brought an excellent impact to the audience.

There was another article that seemed to me like a blind item featuring Hyun Joong. The entire article was full of negative opinion particularly in his acting skills. I tried my best to be as diplomatic as I could, to comment and I asked the author to justify her opinion on how she watch a Korean drama. She replied saying she had watched more than 80 Korean dramas and American movies so she can identify who’s who. And she said I was the only one who contradicted the article. I replied back saying “How can I be agreeable if what you’re saying was completely baseless.”!!

There’s another video of a showdown, I think Hyun Joong was one of the guest performer together with other groups. There was a war among the fans KHJ fans versus the fans from two other groups!! I think there were about 7 pages of comments from three sides like a dispute!! KHJ fans really fought back and they defend Hyun Joong, but none of KHJ fans ever criticized the other groups. But I can’t help noticed in that show, how come Hyun Joong was the only soloist within the showdown performance. And I’m proud to say Hyun Joong was the best performer in that show, without being bias.

Watching from the same video clip, at the audience gallery, you can identify who’s who among the fans are. The anti KHJ fans doesn’t cheer for him, and their faces were blank. But with one of the groups, although KHJ fans were not cheering but they were attentively watching the group, and they were waving U;zoosin light stick!! Do you know why? Because the members of that group are Hyun Joong’s friends. See? KHJ’s fans can identify Hyun Joong’s friends, they may not support them but they respect his friends. I can’t help but feel proud to be with the same crowd that Hyun Joong created.

Another example. Hyun Joong performed a cover for another artist, the video clip was uploaded by a KHJ fan. I was the first to comment, and I stated truthfully what I thought about Hyun Joong’s performance based on the original version since he did a cover and my comment was purely professional nothing personal in favor of Hyun Joong. I watched at least 4 live performances of the original version, just to see if Hyun Joong performed that music right since he performed cover. And honestly Hyun Joong did a clean choreography and the song suits his voice range. Hyun Joong brought sophistication to the music piece and I’m very proud he did it excellently.

A fan from the original artist replied to my comment, of course she was furious. But I was surprised a KHJ fan came to my rescue before I can reply back to her, to explain about my assessment!!! I gave the other fan the live video clips for her to watch and compare between the original vesion and Hyun Joong’s version. Incidentally I wrote an article about that original artist, and so I told her to read it just to prove I’m not against her idol since he had been a long time idol of Hyun Joong. I think she’s one of my readers now. And another none KHJ fan commented “I told you, be careful with KHJ fans!!!. I really laugh at that!!

Honestly, I enjoyed reading the defenses of KHJ fans because many could be so witty in defending him, specially at the dramabeans. There were two KHJ antis who were discussing the changes in Hyun Joong image particularly plastic surgery, a KHJ fan just bat in saying “why don’t you two stop discussing Hyun Joong’s face, he had already won three trophies from Breakdown, and you’re still discussing his changes”!! I laugh at that!! People would tend to talk anything about Hyun Joong as if he hadn’t done anything to be successful!! Or simply jealous because their idols couldn’t make it to the top as Hyun Joong does.

Oh yes, may I just share with you one of my unforgettable experience when I was just starting to research on Hyun Joong. Actually I’m a computer illiterate, technology was never been my interest until I got crazy with Hyun Joong. I was browsing around for info about him, I was careless wherever my mouse takes me. And I came across a blog, an article criticizing Hyun Joong’s hair style. That time whenever I read negative comments about Hyun Joong, I really fight back to defend him. When I read this article, my blood just rose up saying to myself, how dare you criticize his hairstyle. I wrote my comment, of course furiously, and before I realized it, my comment was even longer than the article!!!

I think that incident pushed me to have my own blog site, so that I can say what I want without using other’s space. And I did, I was starting to write then, that I came to realize that blog site where I wrote my lengthy comment was my morning coffee mate!! You know, after all morning routine I go straight to internet and check on this blog for updates about Hyun Joong. In short that blog became my best friend where I get latest info on Hyun Joong.

God I was never been embarrass in my whole life. I totally did not recognize that blog since they kept changing their blog site outlook. And so I sent an email and apologized for writing harsh comments to defend Hyun Joong. I learned a big lesson out of the incident, because that blog belongs to Hyun Joong’s fans!!! My goodness if I can only get down on my knees to ask for forgiveness I should have done so!!! Lessons learned, use your etiquette even to strangers, that might end up to be your best friend!!

So I would probably apply the same principle on Hyun Joong’s critics, to defend him in the most diplomatic way. Who knows, someday his critics might just change their minds and become Hyun Joong’s fans. And with that I would still open doors for them, as I mentioned in my other articles, Hyun Joong does not choose his fans, whoever is in front of him he embraces them.

I remember, in one of his interviews after his performance Breakdown, he was saying, “I’m not worried about my fans, I’m worried about those who are not my fans”, meaning his critics. Because Hyun Joong trust his fans that no matter what he does on stage, he can easily meet their approval. And if only a critic could be able to read just one article about Hyun Joong, I’m sure it will be followed by another, until such time they get to know more about Hyun Joong, well, you know what’s next!! Then I would say, not bad at all!!!

In general, celebrities may have gone used to criticisms since it’s a part of showbiz that you can not please everybody. There are times I do sympathize with artists, because in reality without fans they may lose their job. But it necessarily mean without fans there will be no stars, as others think. But then without the artists, can you imagine a life without music? Or drama to watch, games shows, or no TV or radio at all to entertain, as it became our daily stress reliever.

Of course it depends on the celeb on how they handle their fans and their ability. But celebrities are human being too, just like us, they also have feelings and they do get hurt too. Hyun Joong seldom reads negative comments, because it can sometimes affect them personally and this is very natural to artist. Majority of them are sentimental and sensitive. But what did Hyun Joong did once, he wrote negative harsh comments about himself!!! Of course that’s a part of his 4D attack!! I’m not saying Hyun joong is a self centered, no of course not, that’s beyond his character. I think he’s natural sensitive. How many times did you see him cry over personal reason?

If only these critics would simply say “I don’t like him” period, instead of delivering harsh negative comments. Although lately, I’ve noticed, criticisms had tone down a bit since the time Hyun Joong was in Japan. I hope I’m right though!!! Hyun Joong had been beaten up for so many times by unjustified opinion, although it hurts us as his fans, he kept fighting against all odds but it was too much to endure. I’m just too happy that for every stone being thrown to Hyun Joong, the more chain of success he collects that I can only be proud of him.

And I’m glad Hyun Joong did not become a slave of his fans, because we fans truly love him in reality. I think it’s the other way around though, I think we’re his slaves!!! What do you think, here I am still writing about him at 3am, while some of you may still be reading about him at this hour, or whenever there’s even a little time to spare, you would still be reading about him!!! But I just love every moment doing this, talking about Hyun Joong. I actually became addicted to writing, and I can’t last a day without doing so!!

But mysteriously I couldn’t write anything about other people not connected with Hyun Joong. Probably same with you there, you couldn’t get yourselves to read about other celebs if not connected with him. I could probably read about Jae Jong his best friend simply because I want to write something about his best friend and his boss Bae Yong Joon as his closest ally. Or about Mr. Jeong as his bodyguard!!! Are we at the same boat???

Critics would always just be around Hyun Joong while his fans would do everything within their power to defend him. I don’t mind having his critics around, for as long as they do not step beyond their limits, I would still be generous to let them know who Kim Hyun Joong is and would still say………….Hello critics!!!                     LazerKim here writing

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