Sunday, 11 March 2012

[Article] The Many Loves of Kim Hyun Joong-Reel and Real

By : aprilstarr

Does your heart feel a pinch or even a stab of pain when you read about Kim Hyun Joong’s own admission of having fallen in love not once but many times?

You are not alone.

But why? Is it because you had no inkling whatsover that this warm blooded, true to life in the flesh male at the prime of his youth was taken at some point? Or how could he be so good in hiding or masking the relationships he had? There was a time fans were frantic in searching for clues as to who were his past loves. Was the girl the one pictured close to him that circulated in the net before he became famous and popular his girlfriend? Was there something between him and his leading ladies that launched many ships among fans? Who was it he said he had a three year relationship while being in the same company? Who was it that was supposed to be one of the cause of his tears while in a concert? And other rumors fluttering around like butterflies and bees here and there.

Yes,yes. We want to know. Sometimes we want to give our nod or show displeasure if we did not approve. But how could we know when he himself admitted his former company prohibited them from talking about their love life. Nevertheless, interviewers in variety programs, talk shows and for magazine articles could not help but ask him just the same.

It was pretty safe for Hyun Joong to reveal his lovelife in the past tense. And he is also ready to jump the gun saying he has no time now for romance given his work schedule. Really, Hyun Joong? I’ll remember that!

Is it possible that your pain as a fan is due to your having fallen in love with him? Or is it infatuation, a crush because of his good looks, or other varying degrees of emotional connections because celebrities are more attractive, say even exotic than the average person? Did he remind you of someone you once knew or does he represent all the idealized images of the Perfect One? Perhaps he represent to you someone influential or significant, like an old comfortable pillow or a blanket ,you don’t want to let it go.

But Hyun Joong having fallen in love , he will fall in love again. It means someday you will really have to let him go to the arms of the woman he loves. It may be a “bomb”now as one headliner stated recently as admirers of stars like him become agitated. A very real fear he will be “stolen” from them. Some fans candidly admitted they are not ready to give him up.

Have you then somewhat sorted out your feelings, how about his? Isn’t it healthy for him to have fallen in love? Would it not be surprising if he had denied not having given in to that basic of human emotion? To love and be loved,with all that warm, happy, intense feeling. To enjoy holding hands with the beloved, in a crowd that does not matter.To exchange loving looks, steal kisses, sipping colas under the sun but hidden by a conniving huge umbrella. The ultimate killing.

He is not going to stay the beautiful star forever, not the idealized image in the spotlight he himself said will eventually fade away. But I’m sure he’d like to also look back with no regrets to those times of his life even if they were like faded photographs.

But to you, to all of us,he is the beautiful person inside out you’d like to remember having admired in your life. And then believe him as he often said his fans, are also the love of his life.

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