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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA AFTERMATH

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim


By LazerKim:                    Kim Hyun Joong had left Shanghai China Sunday afternoon. As usual his fans were at the airport waiting for Hyun Joong to see him off. Unfortunately there were change of plans due to security protection. For a recap, Hyun Joong arrived Shanghai China at the airport in the afternoon, prior to his arrival, a crowd of fans waited for him and had prepared streamers for Hyun Joong. And Upon his arrival, for some reasons that until now I have no idea about the incident, the entire preparation turned into a chaos. Fans were overly excited everyone wanting to take a glimpse of Hyun Joong, but it turned out he was being squeezed by the crowd of fans. Nevertheless, Hyun Joong maintained cool and composed until he got through from the crowd.

And so on his departure from Shanghai China, Sunday noon time, the airport security management escorted Hyun Joong through the VIP tunnel of the airport and safely boarded his flight back to Korea. One of the fan at the Twitter said, she feels sorry for the fans who waited from morning. I honestly feel sorry for them too, but maybe if the chaos did not happen as Hyun Joong arrived the airport, the fans should have enjoyed his arrival and departure. I also feel sorry that the fans exerted effort in preparing for Hyun Joong’s arrival, that he was not able to appreciate because the fans got overly excited and turned chaos!! Hyun Joong arrived home to Korea safely, and again at the Incheon Airport his Korean fans were there to welcome him back, as he collects letters and bag of goodies!!


Anyway, many thanks to China for taking care of Hyun Joong specially for his security protection. The Tokyo Girls Collection event was successfully held at Mercedes Benz Stadium which was full house, which I was assuming majority of the audience were Hyun Joong’s fans. Seeing from the gallery and the luminous uzoosin signifies Hyun Joong’s fans. Hyun Joong was the highlight of the show.  A fan from twitter wondered, “Was Hyun Joong able to garner more fans from China?”  Apparently Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans had snowballed in numbers to compare from the time he last visited China. And you may expect after this event, another set of fans shall be coming in. And this is becoming a trend whenever Hyun Joong goes out on his exposure, Hyun Joong fans just magically multiplied!!

China is another country that seeks entertainment, demand from this country is quite high as well specially idols. Similar to Japan, in China, entertainment is also a part of their culture. In an ordinary citizen, after work they tend to go unwind. And this is another country which is becoming a target of Korean Entertainment industry, where market is good be it in concerts, Korean dramas and music. Many Korean idols and actors had filmed drama projects to join in with their very own Chinese TV series and movies.


The Boss and his Body Guard…               At the twitter I was surprised to see many photos of Mr. Jeong !! And there were Hyun Joong’s fans taking picture of Mr. Jeong together with the fans!! By the way Mr. Jeong is the personal body guard of Hyun Joong ever since he moved in to KeyEast Mr. Jeong was already assigned to protect Hyun Joong. Anywhere Hyun Joong goes specially on official activities, Mr. Jeong is always at his side.

The guy is very accommodating to the fans and very polite to them. I think KeyEast staffs are, his entourage was never been rude to Hyun Joong’s fans, and I’m happy on how they deal with fans. and so Mr. Jeong, our hats off to you for taking care of Hyun Joong with you life. You are very much appreciated by Hyun Joong’s fans all over the world.

Hyun Joong is back to his cocoon again but at least even just for two days his fans enjoyed monitoring his activities in China. Now we deal with the aftermath of thrills and excitement we had, back to the dull life.!! This morning a fan was doing her marathon reading and she was reading Time Line and had quoted a song that says…..”.If you love someone set him free. If he comes back to you then it is meant to be”….

I’m sure you’re familiar with this song “Some Good Things Never Last” by Barbara Streisand. It was rather raining this morning and reading her comment I just felt lonely, I wrote my reply and said I don’t want to write if this is my mood, otherwise I’ll let my readers cry again!!!    So I’ll take my rest from writing, I’ll take a good break and recharge!


I stayed away from my computer after Hyun Joong had flew back in Korea at noon, I said to myself anyway it’s Sunday I won’t write today. But I felt restless and as if I’m sick or something, I went back just to check on the twitters, as a fan went worried after reading the word sick from me!! I do not know the right term, but if you have gone used to be doing certain thing on routine like writing, reading, posting and you attempt not to do it just feel sick!!

And then a song came flashing to my mind that actually I forgot the title, and so I search for it the same singer Barbara Streisand the title of the song is I Finally Found Someone. I found it but within the selection of video clip version there’s a fans who uploaded this song and the video shows Bae Yong Joon. And then said, what a co-incidence.  Anyway, tell me if this is what you feel for Hyun Joong, as you read, which I quote from some of the lyrics of the song.

I finally found someone who knocks on my feet, I finally found the one who makes me feel complete

It started over coffee we started out as friends,      It’s funny how simple things the best things begin…This time it’s different, it’s all because of you..

My favorite line was….. “Can I call you sometime” ………It’s all you had to say, to take my breath away…….   This is it…… I finally found someone to share my life

Cause whatever I do, it’s just got to be you, my life has just begun I finally found someone

You know I love your hair, I love what you wear,…… You’re exceptional,……. I can wait for the rest of my life ……..    this is it………………… I finally found someone.


This song clearly describes how I think of Hyun Joong that I would like to share with you., I may have first met him at BOF, but he knocks on my feet when I saw him at breakdown. Since then upon waking up having my coffee each morning everyday of my life I look for updates about Hyun Joong. This was how simple it started that made me different and it’s all because of Hyun Joong. Whenever he talks, it takes my breath away, and whatever I do it’s just got to be Hyun Joong. I love his hair however he change it. I love what he wears no matter what, Hyun Joong is exceptional worth to be waited and this is it, I finally found someone to love….

To the fan of Bae Yong Joong who uploaded at YouTube using this music, “I Finally Found Someone”….thank you for uploading and sharing the beautiful video and song in it. This was just a wonderful co-incident, that I share the same thoughts and feelings with her but at two different persons. I as Hyun Joong fan and her as Bae Yong Joon fan, which happens to be connected with each other!!! It’s like magic!! How I wish I could make such beautiful video of Hyun Joong using the same music, because it clearly describes how I feel for him.

If it’s raining, and you know you’ll miss somebody who’s about to go back to his hiding, it somehow give you a sentimental feeling, and before you know it your love for that person is just growing inside you. Hyun joong is like a kinda, Now you see him, now you don’t!! But by just that thought makes him even special…


No matter what I do, to at least switch my spare time to think of others, but the thoughts of going back to Hyun Joong keeps ringing in my mind and keeps pushing me right here in front of you and talk about him as i normally do!! No Sundays and Holidays!!! Now I feel better to face the Monday work again with a bright smile, because I felt complete by just the mere writing about him.

And again may I mention, the Hyun Joong fans at Twitter which I’m very sure shares the same thoughts as we share news update, Hyun Joong’s photos all about Hyun Joong to bring them to you as we read coming from them. There’s one fan who literally stayed on line from morning till late night! She always say she’s a slave of Hyun Joong!! In that sense I would say she’s near to that, because she’s very loyal and so with the others with her too!!! These people are just so amazing if you can observe how they work on Hyun Joong. And the only help that I could spare is to let them know my presence of keeping them company and just viewing their movements over twitter.

I sincerely appreciate the fans at twitter for job well done during Hyun Joong’s activities in China. Thank you very much for keeping the fastest on time updates about him. I will not mention names, please forgive me, but you know who you are. Your effort is very much appreciated, and I’m sure the readers shares the same thoughts with you.

And so, I’m done again with the daily supplement dose to the Hyun Joong addicts!!! We may be back to dull life reality, but this time with smiles for having taken a short glimpse of Hyun Joong as we fans share the China Aftermath of that precious glimpse of Hyun Joong. We may face another Monday of life challenge but as we take the break from work and hit the internet as we refresh our thoughts of Hyun Joong in another world of Kim Hyun Joong.
                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.


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