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2011.12.24 Kim Hyun Joong - [article] LUCKY OR DESTINY???

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim
Posted on 2011.12.24


Quite recently Kim hyun joong received four trophies from Yahoo Buzz Awards 2011 as Asia Best Male Artist including, Hongkong, Taiwan, and Korea. It was said that this was his third year to be awarded by Yahoo Buzz and the only Korean artist who was given such honor for three consecutive years from 2009 to 2011.


Other than these trophies, he received awards from Mnet Asia Music Awards 2011 for Best Male Artist in November 28 and had won honors from Style Icon Awards 2011, and had also been awarded for three consecutive years from 2009.


Is Kim Hyun Joong just a lucky guy to be receiving awards for such a short time on his come back stage?? Or is he destined to be where he is at this point of his career?

What makes this guy click that anything he works on just turn to magical success??  Let's refresh the highlights of his career from the time he first gained attention and let's examine how he did it.


I barely know Kim hyun Joong,  I first saw him when he did Boys Over Flower in 2009 which made a big hit at home and overseas. He was very handsome back then but I didn't take too much interest on him that time.  

The next thing I read about him was when his contract with DSP expired in June 2010 and immediately switched agent on June 28 the same year to Key East, owned by Bae Yong Joon, my first favorite Korean actor who brought Korean drama to my attention. 


Well, not bad for a choice of agent, not bad at all. As we all know KHJ's first acting project under Key East was Playful Kiss, which suffered low rating back home but gained huge attention overseas, so it's not KHJ's lost, not at all. After doing Playful Kiss, there was silence.....

I believe Kim Hyun Joong has the ability to shake the entire continent by his presence. After that long silence, Hyun Joong surprised everyone by his total transformation on his come back stage as a solo performer.


I hardly recognized the man in black short hair, well built muscle in black leather suit, who's dancing on his own powerful music. The impression was enough to glue my eyes on him looking for traces of Yoon Ji Hoo, but where is the flower boy from BOF and Playful Kiss gone?? What happened to Kim Hyun Joong??? I can only ask "is this him"?


The flower boy had grown up to be a real man. Kim Hyun Joong has the ability to transform himself inside out that no other artist have such ability.

He has matured and no matter how people praised him, he stayed humble. He embrace his imperfections, weaknesses and never pretended to be what he's not.  And that is why he is a unique individual, that had gained respect and high regard by his co artists.

He released his first solo mini album Breakdown in June, a year after he left his DSP's SS501, that immediately hit the top rank in any music count down billboard at home and overseas. He won at least four trophies for two consecutive weeks.



Kim hyun Joong was a busy bee, to be appearing on TV shows promoting his first mini album, jumping from one location to another for fan signing and his nationwide concert successfully accepted by his fans. Before his fans can quench their thirst over him,  he had spread his wings to fly from one country to another to promote his endorsement for The Face Shop and his album Breakdown in July and August. KHJ was awarded for Platinum Record in Taiwan.



Kim hyun Joong never gets tired, in October he released another mini album Lucky and came out in another surprised image in blonde curly hair style and this time in a sophisticated dandy, a contrast image from Breakdown. Again his second mini album Lucky hit the top rank in the music count down and the world billboard surpassing Lady Gaga. Isn't it that great?


After promoting his second album, here he goes again hitting the sky to fly over to Japan for his
first solo Concert Tour performed in seven cities in November and it was indeed successful to sell out tickets like hotcake in just a blink of an eye tickets sold out!!

Hyun Joong proceeded to Singapore on November 28 to accept his award from MAMA, and did a memorable performance that rocked the venue. After which, at last he rested. Well that's what we thought. 

On December 15 he released his digital single Marry Me, which was meant to be given to his fans as his Christmas present. And even his present rank top number one on several on line real time music chart.

What really is with this guy, he's practically taken all awards available for this year!! there must be something behind all of these highlighted events that kept shaking everyone's toes!! Is he a lucky guy or is it his destiny???


In my opinion base on the events transpired this year, I think Kim Hyun Joong has a  formula in which he formulated by himself back when he was about to leave his group. What makes this artist click that anything he touches immediately delivered excellent result??

His formula.......KHJ's hardwork, BYJ's financial baking up, right timing and lastly KHJ's sincere love for his fans.  Let's dissect each factor and see as to why these factors has to go hand in hand that resulted in a perfect career strategy.

First, Hyun Joong worked hard for hours everyday as if his studio became his second home for months of dance rehearsals for six to seven hours, five hours for his music, and two hours to hit the gym.


Second, is his agent Key East under Bae Yong Joon who's doing a good job of providing everything needed for the production. What KHJ worked hard for would not materialized without financial support and Key East was consistently at his back supporting with open arms. 

Third is timing, an important factor as to when is the right time to release any KHJ's project. It's like saying grab the pan while it's hot, take every open opportunity as the last, but use it wisely. 

When KHJ was about to end his contract, he knows it's his time to go solo and he made a perfect decision to choose his agent which provided what he needs in pursuing his dreams. At the same time Bae Yong Joon made the right choice for KHJ to give boost to his company's name marked to everyone, and of course excellent revenue increase.


Lastly, the most important factor that push Hyun Joong to cloud nine is the network of fans that he gained. KHJ's popularity had a drastic increase in numbers but from where did these fans came from? I think Hyun Joong was able to get hold of his SS501 fans the Triple S, then there's Hennecia the official KHJ's fan club formed in May 2011, and I think Bae Yong Joon's fans supported KHJ specially in Japan as the fans called him Little yon Sama. Not to mention those fans who doesn't belong to any fans club but had been actively participating whenever polls voting is being conducted.


Kim Hyun joong strictly followed his formula, he made the right choice as to when to be out there to shake everyone's attention and he indeed made a lot of noise in his come back stage. He made the right choice of people whom he worked with from his agent, producer, music composer, choreographer, even his good looking body guard and most of all he made the right choice of mentor, BYJ a veteran in the industry and an artist like himself.


After this long litany of highlighted events on Kim Hyun Joong, the question is still remains, is this luck or destiny??

Let's move a little backward to his history. In some talk shows Hyun Joong candidly relayed that he once run away from home when he was a kid at age 14, to search for the star from himself like the rock star singer he idolized. He was influenced after watching his concert  and wanted to be that rock star one day, and the rest was history. 

Kim Hyun Joong was a born hard worker, an adventurous who is not scared of trying for anything that makes difference, he who would seek for ways to cultivate and develop. He's ambitious about his career.  But if ask how he sees himself in the future,  he just wants to be an ordinary man in a friendly neighborhood.!!


Kim Hyun joong's career strategy was very effective that delivered excellent results. Specially at his come back stage that created a lot of noise in just a matter of short time, that brought his popularity rating shoot rocket high


Kim Hyun Joong possess what it takes to be a super star. His perfect looks, his multiple talents, natural charisma that not all artists has, ability to transform himself inside out, hard worker, sincerity and honesty.

Hyun Joong had created a big storage of ideas within himself that whenever he steps on that stage there's always something new in him that surely surprises his audience. 


What's with him??? It's not the question as to what is in store for him for 2012,  but what is in store for us to see from him.

Now would you the judge as to the question,  Is Kim Hyun Joong just a lucky guy or is he destined to be where he is at this point of his career??

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