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Kim Hyun Joong Seen Washing Dishes, A Humble Asia Star

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Celebrity Kim Hyun Joong's simplicity is a hot topic. He was seen washing the dishes in the chicken restaurant that he owns.
Pictures of him washing dishes surfaced through a blog and an online community on the 15th.
Kim Hyun Joong appeared at a chain restaurant that serves chicken on the 14th in Dongjak Gu, Sadang Dong in Seoul. This particular chicken restaurant is run by Kim Hyun Joong and his friends and is called "J Chicken". The Sadang Dong branch is directly run by Kim Hyun Joong.
According to a fan at the scene, Kim Hyun Joong was at the restaurant for about two hours. He signed autographs for customers and even washed the dishes. The pictures that the fans took show Kim Hyun Joong washing the dishes while wearing a tank top with a leather vest.

The fans that saw him wash the dishes said, "He washed dishes for 20 minutes because it is his restaurant. I wanted to tell him that I would do it for him" and, "He even wiped down the sink afterwards. It's clear he does this a lot."
Kim Hyun Joong's fans and netizens that read about this story were shocked at this top star's humble and simple actions. Netizens were unable to hide their surprise as they said, "It is rare to see a celebrity wash dishes even if he does own the restaurant."
This year, Kim Hyun Joong is the first Korean artist to sell more than 200,000 albums in Japan.  He is currently filming "City Conquest" with the company that also produced "Iris".

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