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Kim Hyun Joong - Yahoo Celeb Mission Interview

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MC: Welcome Yahoo! K-Wave Mission 1st lead – Kim Hyun Joong
HJL: Among so many artists for the Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: I am happy to be the 1st to start this activity
HJL: In future also hope that through Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: Would be able to communicate not only with fans from Asia but also worldwide
MC: Although the tasks this round are very stringent
MC: However these five person have successfully completed
MC: Please clap for these five fans
MC: These 2 person are fans who travel from Hong Kong to participate in this activity
Fan: I am Daisy, I am Hong Kong Blogger
MC: Oh, she has immediately introduced herself!
MC: Next
Fan: I am Molly, fan from Hong Kong
MC: Today to join Kim Hyun Joong together in the Yahoo! K-Wave interview
MC: Now started from the Hong Kong fans
MC: Future plans for activity
HJL: Is preparing for a drama
HJL: Will release new album in Japan, which consist of quite some good songs
MC: Very good
MC: Then the next question….
MC: 3, 2, 1! Ok!
Fan: What is your most memorable thinking about Hong Kong?
HJL: The most memorable recollection…
HJL: Must be my photograph being secretly taken by paparazzi in LanGuiFang
HJL: That’s the most memorable recollection
HJL: Waking up in the morning, and seeing it in newspaper
HJL: It was a shocking memory
MC: Indeed through Yahoo! K-Wave could also know
MC: The recollection of the incident which Hyun Joong was being secretly photographed by paparazzi
MC: Next, Molly, Ok?
MC: 3rd question!
Fan: What do you want to do before 35 years old?
HJL: Before 35 years old, I wish to hold a World Concert Tour
HJL: and also wish to film movie
HJL: to venture into worldwide market like hollywood
MC: Opening ‘Jaksal’ worldwide
HJL: Actually has plans to expand to Japan, Singapore and China
HJL: But it will be depend on my business partners’ decision
MC: Hope that in future including Hong Kong…
MC: Jaksal Chicken business will prosper
HJL: Thank you
MC: Tour back to the past
HJL: I really wish to personally see the mayan civilization or inca empire
HJL: Really felt very curious and interested in this area
HJL: Really wish to learn their civilization development
MC: The above are questions from Hong Kong fans
MC: Thank you Hyun Joong for answering these questions
HJL: Although the time is very rush, but very happy to be able to meet everybody
HJL: In future, more news about me will be available in Yahoo! K-Wave
HJL: Please visit Yahoo! K-Wave more often
HJL: In future, will meet everybody again in the best condition in Yahoo! K-Wave, thank you!
MC: Please visit Yahoo! K-Wave more
MC: Hope everybody will continue to love our Hallyu icon Kim Hyun Joong
MC: The interview ended here! Thank you everybody!
HJL: Hong Kong fans, please visit Yahoo! K-Wave more often
HJL: Definitely must visit Yahoo! K-Wave

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