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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FLASHBACK

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By LazerKim:          Kim Hyun Joong will be taking off to Singapore on Wednesday, May 2, 2012 at 1:30 PM Flight KE643. I got this news yesterday afternoon as it was officially announced that Hyun Joong will arrive at the airport of Singapore on Wednesday. My dear co-fans from Singapore, I know you’ve been eagerly waiting for Hyun Joong’s arrival in your country. And so there you go, he’s arriving earlier to prepare himself on stage for the great performance he can share with you.

And this is another chance for you to greet him at your airport, allow him to appreciate your presence as you cheer for the Prince!! Of course, we’ll be expecting him to do some local TV appearances to promote the fan meeting, if this doesn’t happen, start locating for the promoter or organizers in Singapore, and demand for it!!!

FLASHBACK:    (Singapore)

Allow me to do some flashback about Hyun Joong’s visit to Singapore from the previous years. In December 2010, Hyun Joong visited Singapore as the official endorser of The Face Shop, an international cosmetic brand. It was said that Hyun Joong was welcomed by some 2,000 fans at the Singapore airport, that Singapore calls it a record breaker since Bae Yong Joon visited Singapore in 2005 and he was greeted by some 1,000 fans! Bae Yong Joon was the previous endorser of The Face Shop.

I can’t help to think how lucky this company is for having two perfect men in row to represent their company product. As Hyun Joong’s purpose of his visit is not only as an endorser of the product but also as an actor to promote his drama Playful Kiss. Back then Hyun Joong had just finished filming and airing the drama back in Korea.

Hyun Joong came back to Singapore in August 2011, this time as a solo singer to promote his first album Breakdown. Again Hyun Joong’s fans warmly greeted him at the airport, as he smiled and wave at his fans. Hyun Joong then promised his fans from Singapore that he’ll be back to perform a concert or a big fan meeting. To fulfill Hyun Joong’s promise, on May 4, 2012 Hyun Joong is set to perform his Asia Tour Fan Meeting event and his first stage will be at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

FLASHBACK:        (MAMA, Singapore)

In November 2011, Hyun Joong flew back to Singapore to receive his trophy being awarded as Best Male Artist 2012 by MAMA and performed Lucky Guy at the ceremony. This event was one of the most unforgettable to every Hyun Joong fans, as MAMA conducted a voting poll and Hyun Joong’s fans actively participated.

It was a long journey of sleepless nights for every fans uniting themselves in casting their votes for Kim Hyun Joong. As some fans would say, they became slaves of Hyun Joong!! That time, observing the movements of his fans on line, that I could see a strong bond among them, as they glued their eyes monitoring the poll’s daily results making sure Hyun Joong was secured on top rank.

And it was all worth it that Hyun Joong was brought up by his fans to the stage to received the award and the most deserving artist ever to receive the Best Male Artist Award. Of course the results of the poll is just a fraction of the judges from MAMA’s criteria in judging talent ability. The point is, fans had shown their collective support and unity for the love of Hyun Joong.

At the same event prior to the ceremony, a press conference was held, that for me the most unforgettable Q & A. As Hyun Joong was asked by a German media reporter as “what do you think of German girls.” Hyun Joong responded, “whenever I hear German, the first thing that comes in my mind is sausage and draft beer.” Because Germans do drink beer even at lunch time!!

Hyun Joong brought a surprising roar of laughter among the international media!! I still laugh whenever I recall Hyun Joong saying this, of course it’s one of his 4Dness!! But he seriously said he haven’t met any German girl and he hopes to meet one someday. That’s him, out of nowhere he’ll just say something beyond expectation!That’s Kim Hyun Joong!!

FLASHBACK:      (Breakdown in the Making of Success)

As we look back last year 2011 Hyun Joong did his Asia Tour to promote his album Breakdown, as his first mini album as solo singer. He visited seven Asian countries namely, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, and China. The album Breakdown came out to be on top rank no. one in any music chart in these countries he visited.

From here onward his chain of success began, that his fans would just be surprised as HyunJoong kept receiving Awards from here and there. His commercial endorsements were overwhelming, and his popularity just kept rolling increasing in numbers every time he’s in public exposure.

Over flowing with star power exploding around the world, Hyun Joong became the most wanted Hallyu Star all over Asia and beyond. As a Japanese editor stated:

Kim Hyun Joong songs are powerful yet his ballad are soft and emotional. The kind of charisma will not be contain just in Asia, I’m sure it will spread around the world. I have no doubt about it.

I never doubted it either, that I agree to what the Japanese editor said at Hyun Joong’s documentary. His versatility made him different, he may not be the best singer as of now, but Hyun Joong has every potential to be the best solo singer among all artist. He holds all the aces that made a real winner in all aspects being an artist. And these aces came naturally from himself that he slowly cultivates that brought him to where he is at present.

Hard work, dedication, determination and passion to his craft, plus a bonus, which is the virtue of patience. Hyun Joong patiently waited for the right time to explode. To beat the odds and keep trying until he succeeds, he pushes himself to make it happen. Let’s go back in time when he was still preparing his first album and let’s see how his superiors had to say about Hyun Joong.

From his documentary as stated:

In all honestly, Hyun Joong never was known for his singing skills previously, so he needed a lot of practice. Back then there was a time when the song recording were not going smoothly and it was really very stressful and tiring for me and for Hyun Joong. But he really put all his heart and effort pushed his body like he was a robot. The kind that just grits his teeth and push himself to the end. 

Hyun Joong had a different training ground, when he was still with his group, apparently to sing with a group is quite different as singing in solo, for obvious reason. Most of the time he would sing in unison, or if ever he sings, it could be one or two lines from each stanza and this is not enough to be trained doing solo. And so Hyun Joong pushed himself beyond his limits until he’s satisfied.

Here’s what Hyun Joong stated:

I have to be satisfied with it myself, even if I practice so long for five songs, but if there is anything not right, it is necessary to redo it. If you harbor thoughts like it is such a pity to redo everything. It will be equivalent to trapping yourself and not being able to innovate. I will redo it many times, try it again many times.

The guy is a perfectionist, Hyun Joong can not be stopped until he had reached that perfection he is aiming for. From one of his video clips it was said, if Hyun Joong started to learn one single thing he won’t stop till he learns everything. I think I heard this from WGM. And I would believe Hyun Joong is that. He has a certain degree of persistence in himself. He is also an adventurous type of person that he’s not scared of changes. Apparently this can be seen every time he change his image.

Hyun Joong believes in his dream, he believes that anything that is being sincerely worked hard for will eventually succeed. As he said, the bigger his dreams are, the bigger chances to improve himself. I guess he’s right,  Hyun Joong remained focus to what he wants to attain and because of that, he pushes himself to his limits and maintained it by learning further. All of his hard work resulted in a magnificent gains and much beyond expectation.

For so many times he had proven himself the more he gained love from his fans all over the world.  Hyun Joong believes that graces from heaven just don’t fall on his lap. As he said in one talk show, “I have to work hard to be able to gain love from my fans”.

May I just mention my favorite line coming from Hyun Joong as he stated “I hope I can always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan.”

Such a very humble statement coming from a big star Kim Hyun Joong………

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

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