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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CONCEPT CHANGE

Credit : LazerKim

By LazerKim:              Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Changi Airport Singapore yesterday around 1:25PM, safe and sound. As expected, his Singaporean fans eagerly waited at the airport and they warmly greeted HyunJoong as they cheered upon his arrival. Hyun Joong was gracefully escorted at the airport lobby on to his car. It was funny, since the fans at the Twitter were waiting till Hyun Joong’s flight touched down at Changi airport and in less than 3 minutes, he’s gone to his car!! As usual, he and his escorts were walking fast and the fans had very little time to take pictures of him!!

Nevertheless, Hyun Joong had I think the longest video clip at the Incheon Airport in Korea on his way to board his flight, so we took a longer glimpse of him as he departed from his country. Hyun Joong then arrived Singapore safely and that is the most important thing. I’d like to thank the fans who took pictures and videos of Hyun Joong at both airports and had posted it immediately. Yesterday at the Twitter seemed like a feast as everyone waited for his arrival in Singapore.

For the fans who actively post the update news about Hyun Joong, your effort is very much appreciated by other fans worldwide who were eager to see him or to take a short glimpse of the Prince. Thank you very much.

Yesterday afternoon, Hyun Joong attended the press conference and had discuss a lot about his upcoming fan meeting to be held tomorrow May 4, 2012 as the much awaited Asia Tour Fan Meeting shall make a mark to begin. The press conference was held at Fairmont hotel, and I can’t help notice, Hyun Joong was very handsome!! He looks fresh and well rested. As usual, hearing his gentle voice during the Q & A among the media and himself, just keeps me melting this summer!!

I’ll discuss the press conference as many interesting topics were opened up by Hyun Joong. First is what to expect tomorrow night as the Fan Meeting will take place at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. Hyun Joong chooses Singapore as his first stage to begin with the Asia Tour Fan Meeting, inspired him by his fans as he often visits the country,that he is always warmly welcomed by Singapore. I think this country will remain a memorable place for Hyun Joong, since it was here that he received his first award as Best Male Artist at MAMA and the event will always be memorable to his fans too.

Hyun Joong mentioned that the event will cover a mini concert and the fan meeting roll into one. At the mini concert portion, Hyun Joong stated that he will be performing numbers or songs which he hadn’t performed before. The show itself is innovated having the standard of a major concert in terms of stage set up. This is not an ordinary show which we normally watch at fan meetings in smaller gathering. The sitting capacity of Singapore Indoor Stadium is at 3,000, this probably could be one of the biggest fan meeting ever held!

Hyun Joong also mentioned that there shall be games that he will participate with his fans, which I think is much fun!! He prepared a lot of presents souvenirs specially for his fans. As I have mentioned in my previous article Hyun Joong personally picked and prepared for his fans to bring home some goodies aside from watching him perform and a chance to meet him in person, since he’s quite serious doing the High Five session to all his fans or to the entire audience. Gosh what more can you ask for!!

The very interesting part is, Hyun Joong prepared a video of himself, to be shown at the fan meeting, that was never shown before. I would guess, this must be his private life and his wacky 4D that was never shown before. And so he prepared for this too, as we all know, it is not enough to watch Hyun Joong perform. The aftermath of his performance will bring anyone to their curiosity as to who Kim Hyun Joong is in reality and the other side of him. Hyun Joong now is giving more chances to everyone to know more about him as a person.

Gosh, it seem to me he sincerely prepared a lot for his fans. Hyun Joong clearly stated that he wanted the High Five to be done because he wanted to have a closer look and to remember each of his fans. This was opposite to what I was thinking as giving the chance to his fans to have a closer look at him!

I think Hyun Joong is slowly changing the concept of a Fan Meeting. Normally when we say fan meeting, there’s already an instant perception that it is a gathering of a group of fans and their idol. And in the past, this event is usually attended by members of fans club. The gathering is usually intimate in such a way, the event takes place as very casual having the chance for the fans to get to know their idols better.

This time Hyun Joong prepared basically a mini concert, I would say this is the highlight of the event. And the event is not only for definite fan club but it’s a come one come all, in short everyone is invited, whether you are his fan or not. For a non-fan I think this is a very good idea, since you’ll not only get to see Hyun Joong in action performing his show, you’ll also get to know the guy better. And I would say this is a very rare chance and I think a very unique concept of a fan meeting.

I think it will be a big regret to get this rare chance out of your hand. As Hyun Joong said

“People always think of more intimate setting for a fan meeting, but I want to give a concert like performance and I have prepared and work hard for this event. The best way to know what to expect is to come and experience it for yourself.“

Hearing this makes me want to fly to Singapore and attend the event!! And so for those who have not gotten yourself a ticket, go get it NOW. You have only till this day to get it!

Hyun Joong was saying, he would like to see more of Singapore, since this is his fourth time to be in the country but he hadn’t seen much around. So he’ll be doing that as well, as he mentioned,

“Do not get surprised if you see me roaming around the street of Singapore since I would like to visit many places here.”

I remember Hyun Joong visited many public places in Tokyo in his recent activity there. And Japanese people were overwhelmed by his gesture to appreciate whatever there may be in Tokyo!! If you remember the ice cream he ate in one of the small stores in Tokyo, the ice cream flavor Hyun Joong picked was named after him and had became as top selling ice cream flavor!!

I think he’ll be doing the same thing in Singapore, and I would be looking forward to it. I just love Hyun Joong watching him walking on public streets and public stores he visits!! Hyun Joong indeed has that magic pull from the general public, as anywhere he goes, people do follow him. He just conquers everyone!!

Hyun Joong mentioned his plans of doing drama right after the Asia Tour Fan Meeting event. At last the much awaited drama is coming to light!! I have written this article Save Rider, which talks about Hyun Joong’s critics and the drama he wants to work on. There’s indeed a huge demand on Hyun Joong’s drama project for this year. And now that it was brought into open as he had mentioned about it during the press conference, we can look forward to it and support.

Upon hearing the drama project from Hyun Joong, everyone at Twitter went crazy discussing about it!! And who wouldn’t be excited, it’s really high time Hyun Joong gets his toes on his drama project, and this piece of work I’m sure is what Hyun Joong had been waiting for. The drama is City Conquest, a handsome plot suitable for Hyun Joong but contrast to his two dramas in the past.

SYNOPSIS:    City Conquest is a drama that’s been adapted from the original comic by author Shin Hyung Bin. This new project brings together humanism and action, and it tells the story of main character Baek Mir, who grew up resentful towards his father who left his mother and himself. He takes revenge against the evils of society which drove his family into destruction.

Kim Hyun Joong will be playing the role of Baek Mir, a strong individual who experienced all sorts of difficulties growing up without parents, but a man who becomes infinitely weak when it comes to love.

This is just the gist of the plot and I hope I can get more information about the drama and share it with you. I can see a Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves type of guy in this character, well why not? Hyun Joong represents Asia in these two Hollywood stars!! Or even more so, as Hyun Joong is a unique individual, again he’s beyond comparison.

Another personal question was brought up by the media about Hyun Joong and having kids which is another topic that I would like to share with you next time. It takes an analysis to discuss the topic which involves Hyun Joong and his family that we can learn a lot from. I think is an interesting topic, so watch out for it.

For the mean time, let’s focus on Hyun Joong’s every activity he has in Singapore. Today Hyun Joong will surely be busy preparing the stage technical rehearsals, and hopefully he can still have time for Singapore local TV promoting the Asia Tour Fan Meeting.

We have known Hyun Joong’s creativeness when it comes to his work. He has a bunch of innovative ideas stocked in his mind for years, that now he is slowly bringing it up. The Fan Meeting is one of them, that he is bringing in a new concept change from the casual idea of fan meeting.

And he’s doing this for his fans that they can enjoy not only the stereotype of fan meeting in the past, but Hyun Joong changing concept of bringing a mini concert together with the fan meeting. An innovated new idea inspired by his fans, Hyun Joong pushed himself to his limits to bring out the best in every moment he’s on stage with his fans.

As time passes by, the more Kim Hyun Joong is into different concept change, in himself as an artist to his image and in his work. His self uniqueness runs even to his ideas as Hyun Joong gradually makes concept change for this new generation. Let’s welcome him as he brings these concept changes and appreciate.   As Kim Hyun Joong is doing this solely for his fans and his fans to be in the very near future.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing.

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