Friday, 11 May 2012

Washington Post Praises Kim Hyun Joong

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, InKyung  
Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

Washington Post, an influential weekly newspaper in the United States, introduced Kim Hyun Joong as a Hallyu Star who knows how to communicate, gathering much attention from everywhere.

On May 4, the online edition of Washington Post, reported about Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore fan meeting. The article read, “Korean entertainer Kim Hyun Joong plans to kick off his ‘2012 Asian Fan Meeting Tour’ by high-fiving all 3,000 people expected to turn up – a first for a pop star visiting Singapore.”

The newspaper reported that the reason why Kim Hyun Joong plans on high-fiving 3,000 fans after a two hour concert was because he wanted time to communicate with the fans. 

“’I hope that even if it is a really short moment of high-five, the fans would know how much I appreciate their effort and support.’” The article continued, “Organizers say Kim will high-five everyone at fan events in Hong Kong and Taiwan too.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting news has made it into an influential weekly newspaper shows just how big K-Pop has gotten. Netizens who read Kim Hyun Joong’s article commented, “An influential newspaper from the US showing interest in Kim Hyun Joon is so cool,” and “I’m so proud of Kim Hyun Joong for moving forward from Asia to the world.” 

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