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[FA] My 1st KHJ Fan Meeting in Singapore 2012

By Angela@luvKHJ4ever: For those who know me well, they will know that I am only good at designing. when it come to words, its like '要我的命' which has a similar meaning to 'want to die' T_T;

Anyway, this is my 1st time writing a FA. After having Hyun Joong in my life, there are so many firsts; my first twitter account, my first blog, my first time making friends around the world thru the internet, my first time logging online to chat with like-minded henecians (which is the best part of fangirling ^^) and so on.

on 2nd May 2012, never had i imagined that i will actually make an effort to rush to the airport when HJ came to SG just to have a glimpse of him. However, it was worth every short minutes of it!. Hyun Joong was so awesome, walking calmly and steadily out through the glass door, his megawatt smiles melting many fans waiting outside for him. When he appeared, screams and shouts ringed thru the arrival hall and camera was flashing non-stop. The whole scenario made me feel so high and out of control... kekeke^^

Credit to Nikki for nice capture & I can concentrate looking at HJ....

it was such a fun experience to have. First meeting with with tweeps that i regularly tweeted with (you know who you are! thanks for the live updates of what HJ was doing inside before appearing through the glass door, love you guys the most) and also making new friends there (which was beyond my expectation ^^). "Meeting fans of HJ always gave me a warm feeling; most of them are kind and friendly"

on 4th May 2012, that morning was one of the most exciting one after so many years! It was even comparable to my wedding day, and i was telling myself that I am indeed the most fortunate girl in the world!! hahaha^^. Well, i am excited today not only coz i get to meet Hyun Joong but I am also gonna meet the people whom i chat to with everyday on the internet. After chatting with them for a few months, this is the first time we were going to meet up as there were from other parts of the world. It was so amazing!^^

Upon reaching the airport, the 1st 2 ladies i met was Siew and Wan. We hugged each other tightly, especially Wan, whom always treated like a big sister. Next came Omma and Choe. I was especially happy to meet Choe as she is always acting like the big sister in our group but privately, she was like my big baby... LOL! Maybe due to the communication involved in preparing and arranging for the FM tickets for SG, HK and TW, we bonded. We relied and counted on each other so much during this period... I Love You Choe!!! ^^. Soon came Luan, Rene, Vick, Kathy, Eleen and her friends and everyone exchanged hugs. Lunch was a great event as it was our first time meeting each other, we basically just chat and catch up with each other. It feels great.. don't you think?^^

After lunch, we headed to the hotel; not to rest but to prepare paper cranes for Hyun Joong. It was fun and we managed to finish one whole pack of papers with joy and laughter.

Of course, the most happy and excited person should be my little princess Shyann. She has been following me since this morning; from the airport to lunch, then to the hotel and she also attended HJ's FM that night. It was a mother-daughter dream to attend HJ FM together and HJ made that dream possible on 4th May 2012! YIPPEEE!!!!^^

Shyann proudly showing her 1st crane for Hyun Joong

My friends from overseas all brought little something for me, so after paper crane time, they all took turns giving me gifts. I went home that night with 2 big bag of goodies... Gomawoyo!!! <3<3<3

At 6pm, we finally reached the venue of the FM ~ Singapore Indoor Stadium. Our busy schedule was just starting, after handing in the tickets, we prepared a surprise birthday celebration for Alice, one of the girls in our group. On top of that, met a few new friends, omo I was like a crazy woman. Definitely not the image I wanna portray in front of my friends!!! I will take this opportunity to say SORRY to those i didn't manage to say hello or spend time with... keke^^

To top it off, my daughter Shyann, who followed me thru the whole event, was so obedient & well behaved as she knew mummy is busy. Hence didn’t disturb me at all. I'm also very thankful to my group as they were all very good babysitters too… my gal had a great time mixing with and I trusted them to take very good care of my gal too… Kasahaemida!!! Hugs… ^^

After entering the concert hall, I can see all the fans were ready to enjoy HJ's FM. The atmosphere was so high, with everyone greeting to each other regardless of whether they know each other or not. This feeling was so awesome!!! And Shyann happily posing for picture too… so sweet & cute!!!

At 8.10, the music started and we all lit up our light stick and prepared to welcome our U:Zoosin king. The moment he came out on stage,  I was out of control. Although this is not the 1st time I saw him performing live on stage, but I still felt so excited to see him. I enjoyed every single part of his performance and of coz Shyann too, she was dancing, singing & shouting “Kim Hyun Joong” the whole time!

*Since there is a lots of awesome HJ FM picture & video, Im not going to repost them here... 

After 2 hours of laughing, singing & shouting, the concert came to an end and the HI5 SESSION started. Shyann and I started to be very nervous as this will be the 1st time for us to be standing so near to him. Shyann prepared a little message for HJ so she kept repeating 'Saranghaeyo' over and over again, hoping that she will not forget the pronunciation. When we climbed up the stairs, I heard there was a loud cheer from behind, maybe they were surprised to see a small little fan coming for HJ FM, I noticed HJ brought himself forward to shake Shyann’s hand and she managed to say her 1st “Saranghaeyo” to Hyun Joong but maybe it was inaudible, so HJ ask her to repeat what she said. If u notice in the picture, they do have eyes contact... OMG this is so beautiful & amazing, isnt it? HJ is such a lovely man, the way he looked at Shyann you can see Love & Kindness in his heart... an emotion that comes from deep within which can't be faked nor pretended.

Thanks for the media photos...^^

At this time, Mummy came to the rescue by explaining that Shyann want to say I Love You, and Shyann repeated the 2nd time. This time HJ smiled sweetly and touched her face!! Wow this mummy is jealous of her little girl lor... How I hope HJ did that to me too! Anyway I managed to shake his warm & soft hand and said 'Gamsahamnida' with an eye contact with him. I will never forget this moment!!!

Hyun Joong FM came & went by too fast. I am HYUNGRY again and my heart tells me that one FM is definitely not enough for me. i really hoped i could follow him to each and every venue on his schedule but due to tight working schedule, attending HK and TW FM was not possible for me.. so sad!!

Some may think this is an expensive FM to attend but the feeling & experience that I get is priceless and out of this world! We can feel the hard work & love that HJ prepared for each and every one of us is incredible, he is preparing to show 
which he did so unselfishly.
 I really enjoy it very much!!! This FM has brought me a lot of joy & pride. Joy from being able to spend precious time with HJ & my fellow fan friends and pride for HJ & Shyann. Hyun Joong received all good comments from the media and even some others idol fans who attended the FM. HJ once again proved his talents & hard work to others especially those anti-fans. As for Shyann, because of the media pictures, she became so well-known & popular among my friends… Hahaha ^^ Mansae Hyun Joong & Shyann!!! 

with this great experience in mind, i am currently planning my for my next FM in Guang Zhou. To top it off, a friend who never thought it was possible for her to see HJ is making a trip half way round the world to join me in Guang Zhou to see him!! So HJ, see you soon!! Saranghaeyo... XOXO

photo credit to SKR, Choe, Rose, Nikki & KimHyunJoongPerfect
video credit to June chapelle

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