Wednesday, 16 May 2012

[Eng Translation] Anan Kpop Special Edition

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Article: We open unpublished pictures including the ones we used in the poster which
we showed at Omtessando metro station.

In February this year, we got a tremendous responses which we have never received
before from readers. Therefore, we have picked up another beautiful pictures for you.

In addtion to the new pictures, we added another pictures we used in the poster
which also created a sensation at Omotesando metro station, in total 7 extra pictures.

Please enjoy together with a new message we got from Kim Hyun Joong. 

Q1: Referring to your stay in Japan in February, what do you remember most ?

Of course, it is the concert where I met many Japanese fans who came from
different local area ! But if you mean a bit different image of memory.........
I went to the shopping street where I used to go when I lived in Japan as
I could stay in Japan for a longer time than usual this time. I dropped in a
restaurant (or shop) and went to the ramen restaurant I like. This was really
deeply emotional.!

Q2: In your Japan-Debut DVD, which do you want your fans to see most?

The experiences as solo artist, I've got a bit of breathing room. I hope that
you can feel the difference. In the past, I put full energy from the beginning,
not being able to perform perfectly with little energy left. However, I can
maintain the balance now on the stage, which makes me work well together
with the audience. I now enjoy the stage much better than before.

Q3 : After Japana Debut, how have you been spending your time?

I read the scripts of the drama, thinking of the image of the role I act.
I have been very busy with shooting for CMs, participaing in drama OST of
the Korean drama. After the Asia Tour which started this month, I will
have an opportunity to see all of you in Japan. Please look forward to it !

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