Friday, 27 April 2012

Kim Hyun Joong heals everyone with his warm smile

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Kim Hyun Joong became an idol star who heals people’s heart the most.

Music site Monkey 3 carried out a survey under the subject of “Who heals your heart the most?” targeting 1,953 people from March 9 to April 15. As a result, Kim Hyun Joong ranked number one, receiving 1,044 votes (53%).

People responded: “Kim Hyun Joong makes me feel happy,” “Kim Hyun Joong makes my heart warm and I feel like I’m getting consoled by him when I look at him,” “Kim Hyun Joong makes me happy,” “I just like Kim Hyun Joong without a specific reason.”

CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa ranked second, followed by G-Dragon (of Big Bang), Suzy (of Miss A), and So Hee (of Wonder Girls). Monkey 3 is carrying another survey under the subject, “Who are you most excited about from the singers who come back in May?” The candidates are Jun Su (of JYJ), Ulala Session, IU, Leessang, Infinite, and Baek Ji Young.

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