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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] WORLD NAMJA

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By LazerKim: I always get caught by this word “Namja”, I didn’t know its meaning not until now!! Namja means “man”, so it’s understood among Kim Hyun Joong fans if they say Namja they are pertaining to only one man and that is Kim Hyun Joong….the world’s man!! Yes, Hyun Joong had already stepped out of Asia and the Namja became known worldwide!!

When I started on my research on Hyun Joong, my focus was only about his career life, on how he started to be at the lime light. And I would say it’s the most interesting story I have ever read. Kim Hyun Joong himself and his story is something I’ll never get tired writing about. This would at least keep him close to my heart.

I remember the days last year when I was in search of anyone who shared the same feeling as I did, being addicted to Hyun Joong. I was like crazy that I felt restless, looking for something I can read about him, at least a fan who could describe what she feels about Hyun Joong just to let me know I’m not alone… When I started writing, it took me some months of everyday writing and posting before I finally found what I was looking for, Kim Hyun Joong fans.

As I wrote the article Unity in One, it was only then that I found out the guy had reached countries that I wasn’t expecting his name to be known. And it was then I found out the Kim Hyun Joong’s market goes out to any age range from the teens to the elders. Wow, this is just so great.!! I dig deeper into that matter of age and nationalities, until I got through to the hearts of Hyun Joong’s fans from different nations.

Kim Hyun Joong debuted last year in June as a solo artist, and this is barely less than a year that his popularity boost higher and his chain of success had been unstoppable. Every time he’s on his public exposure, his popularity just keep on rising. And almost every month Hyun Joong had been gaining commercial endorsements.

Needless to say if a celeb gains the endorsement for commercial advertisement and to represent the company products, it only goes to show that Hyun Joong also had gained attention from the business community not only in his home country but worldwide. It was a clear chain reaction that many individuals believe in Hyun Joong’s credibility as an artist.

In some other countries, I found out that Boys Over Flower are still airing, and this would mean another aftermath of Hyun Joong’s gaining attention from another part of the world, which most of us had experienced after seeing him for the first time in 2009. I’m quite sure about the aftermath of watching this drama. People would be in search of Hyun Joong, exactly what I was before I started writing. I just hope and pray my articles would be able to reach those who are new to Hyun Joong, to get to know him better.

Kim Hyun Joong is a Korean star with different culture and language. He barely speaks English as an international language, and he is a singer but he sings in Korean. But all of these barriers did not even created problem to admire him as an artist nor to like him, or to love him as a person for who he really is.

Others would say, Kim Hyun Joong should learn English, to be able to communicate with his fans, which he has a much larger chunk of fans than his fans back home. But Hyun Joong’s fans took the initiative to learn his language instead!! Language barrier did not matter at all as far as Hyun Joong’s fans are concern. They would do anything in their power to understand him.

I cross my fingers that Hyun Joong would finally decide on working on new drama. By this way, being a lead star in a drama, there would be another event to spread to the world showing another side of Hyun Joong as an actor. It may be a lot of effort to have any TV drama series translated to different languages, but it’s worth it to be out there in the international showbiz arena. The Korean drama industry in TV series had been doing a good job in producing and exporting to different countries worldwide, which brought an excellent result in the industry. All Hyun Joong’s fans are there excited to see his much awaited come back drama.

There are lots to look forward to about Kim Hyun Joong. There’s also his third album that he had been preparing for, but all of these will just pop out to surprise his fans. Again this album shall be out there to be distributed to different countries, that we can just wait for it. Hyun Joong sings his songs in Korean, but by just listening to his voice and the melody of his songs would just make you fall in love with him over and over again!! Specially the latest OST “If You’re Like me” he did, it’s a ballad song that would touch your heart as you listen to it.

The internet played a big role in reaching out HyunJoong’s fans from the different parts of the world. Without internet, I don’t think I would be able to know who Kim Hyun Joong is and there’s nothing for me to write and for you to read, even updates about him!!! And I appreciate the effort of those fans who had gone out of their way with their sincere effort in continuously uploading video clips of Hyun Joong to be able to reach out other fans. And once Hyun Joong decides to work on his next drama, I’m sure his fans will put an effort to upload the episodes. If it may not be aired in your country, internet will do it for you to be able to watch it.

At the Twitter, you’ll be surprised that everyone talks in different languages, and even you barely understand, you know that they’re just talking about one person, and that’s Kim Hyun Joong. At the Twitter, we meet in the morning greeting each other in English, sharing updates, sharing photos of Hyun Joong that brighten our day before going to work or school. Here, mother fans, noona and teenagers student, working ladies, we get together just like a one big family, but we treated each other equally like friends regardless of age. And it’s fun because everyone is Hyun Joong’s fans, in different nations and different ages in one family of Hyun Joong. You wouldn’t feel strange even if you can’t speak English, because everyone is friendly by just simple greetings.

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans out there are still alone in their thoughts about Hyun Joong and who wouldn’t be? When every one in your neighborhood are fans or admirers of your local stars, while Hyun Joong is a Korean. In one of your areas in your country, the ratio could be 20 is to 1, or maybe your neighbor feels the same way as you do, who is hesitant to talk about Hyun Joong thinking she’s alone in her thoughts.

This was how I felt before, I got no one to share my thoughts about Hyun Joong, and that was why LazerKim was born, for you to have someone to share with!! I do encourage everyone to leave your comments even in your language, and by this way, maybe there are fans who speak the same language as yours who happen to read my article, then there you go, you finally met your country fellow who just felt the same way as you do. If many of us do not understand Hyun Joong’s language, it didn’t matter at all because Hyun Joong understands his fan’s heart.

We may not understand languages, culture, or whatever we have in our respective countries, but nothing matters. Because all of us understands only one thing, and that is Love for Kim Hyun Joong. As Hyun Joong only understand one thing from his fans and that is Love for his fans. They said…Love is blind and lovers can not see… if this would be the case for Hyun Joong then I rather be blind, it’s enough for me to feel Hyun Joong’s sincerity for his fans.

Kim Hyun Joong is indeed a World Namja, that he was able to capture the world by his own natural way of being an artist, and as you get to know him better, the closer he gets into your heart to like him as a person for what he really is. And in no time, you’ll search for him further, that before you know it, you’re learning to love the man. By the end of the day, you’ll just be proud to be one of his fans, because every time he’s out there, to sing and dance, he always prove to be worthy of your love and support.

There will come a time Hyun Joong will be able to visit your country and any country around the world where his fans are. He will prepare for you as he plans for his world concert tour. Just keep your fingers cross and keep your prayers, I think this is just a matter of time, as Hyun Joong expands his fan base worldwide and strengthen it. There’s a plan for Asia Fan Meeting which will start on May 4 and Singapore will be his first stop and succeeding countries shall be announced later.

Yesterday after I finished writing my article for the day, I went back at Twitter to check on updates. I got caught up by the news about a strong earthquake in Indonesia, everyone at Twitter got worried because many of Hyun Joong fan community are from Indonesia. We started monitoring on them, and I have seen how everyone was worried about what’s going on in Indonesia, and other neighboring countries since there was a tsunami warning around the area of Indonesia and its neighboring countries. Everyone shared prayers for Indonesia since this was the second attack by earthquake and the scary tsunami in 2004.

Hyun Joong’s fans I would say are strangers to each other, we don’t see, we don’t know each other’s real names, but I deeply felt the concern and caring for among the fans from all different nation. It’s like a one big family caring for each other. I think this is the essence of being a fan, it’s not just admiration to Hyun Joong, it’s just not cheering and supporting, but it’s beyond the normal perception of being called “fan of Kim Hyun Joong”.

There was no verbal or written commitment that we have to do this and that, nor a commitment to their time because everyone come and go anytime. But there’s an instant connection among the fans and sincere concern anytime you need it. Someone will be there for you. It’s amazing, that because of just one Namja Kim Hyun Joong, people you do not know gather in one place called Twitter, are there for you anytime you need a friend.

For the new Kim Hyun Joong fans, I’m glad you have found your way to this blog. In case you are in search of Hyun Joong;’s other fans who are active in sharing, they are at the Twitter and Face Book. They are currently active in providing update news all about Hyun Joong and share with you his latest photos, creative fan arts and you can communicate with them easily, making their presence over the Twitter available to your needs of information about Hyun Joong.

Simply look for LazerKim at Twitter and follow those whom I follow then you won’t lose your way towards Hyun Joong. Majority of Hyun Joong’s fans at the Twitter and Face Book has their own Blog where you can find further information about Hyun Joong and we will guide you to the right way towards knowing more about the Namja.

I fully understand how it is a new fan feels can sometimes be alone in your thoughts about Hyun Joong. And we’re here to be with you to guide you in search of Hyun Joong and to be someone whom you can share your thoughts. We, Hyun Joong fans had experienced what you are currently experiencing. I can guarantee that Hyun Joong fans are friendly and accommodating. To be at the same community of fans is a wonderful experience where friendship builds up and a family from different nationalities develop. What have you got to lose in winning friendship in one and only World Namja Kim Hyun Joong??

Nation’s color, language, culture, religion shall never be a barrier for friendship, for as long as the World Namja Kim Hyun Joong is always in our hearts.

From the United Colors of Kim Hyun Joong!! LazerKim here writing

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