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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR’S DREAM

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong stated: Anyone can be a world star or an even bigger one in words, you see. Call it a wild dream…but if you don’t look at it as some wild dream and start dreaming everyday….you should dream big in order to get close to it. I have always been that way.

What does it takes to be a superstar? It must be good looks, talent and charisma. Almost all stars in the showbiz industry possess these good qualities that are being admired by many of their fans. And as we all know Kim Hyun Joong is blessed with almost perfect physical outlook, multiple talents and a magic charisma. In April 14 MBC aired Hyun Joong’s documentary that many of his fans had enjoyed watching and in fact many still re-watch it after being aired. I was able to get some translations and there are other views coming from those who actually work with him, that I would like to share with you.

Let’s try to dissect their views and analyse what we have missed in getting to know the guy. But before we get to that, may I just share my thoughts. As I was re-watching the video clip of this documentary, I came to realize, indeed Hyun Joong is so young to have been able to achieve what he had in such a short period of time, which is less than a year from his solo debut as a singer in June 2011.

And at this stage of his career he was already able to have his own documentary, as if time was running so fast and before you know it, Hyun Joong is already on top!! The guy had done a lot and still he’s on his way to go busy bee again!! How did all of these started??

STEPPING STONE: (From the Documentary)

>>>>One of the topics that viewers were most interested in was his thoughts on his meteoric rise to Hallyu superstar status through his breakout drama, Boys Over Flower.

Hyun Joong said, “That was my first acting production, but at the time, I was not really interested. However, I always dream of becoming a world star these days. I think dreaming big dreams allows you to get closer to achieving them.”

During the broadcast, the president of Kim Hyun Joong’s management company spared no compliments regarding the star by saying, “Kim Hyun Joong is excellent at taking care of himself and has a gift in maintaining a steady heart in any situation. He is very smart and tries much harder in his endeavors than others.”

***In the documentary Hyun Joong’s first drama project Boys Over Flower was brought up again. I think this drama is really a phenomenon specially on Hyun Joong’s career life. Because this was the time when Hyun Joong started gaining a lot of attention which is a reality, base from any news around the world and from his history background.

Hyun Joong is a very independent type of person, he knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. Being a hard worker is very natural for him as he had gone through a lot of struggles in life that taught him many lessons that he applies all through out his endeavor.

Hyun Joong mentioned that he was not really interested since he was thinking he was a singer, and he did not have any experience in the acting field. But he was right by the thoughts of having a dream, more than what he can achieve in the past, had brought him to where is at present. How would Hyun Joong knows that he can act if he doesn’t try. And knowing the guy is such an adventurer, he was right in his decision all along.

I was thinking if Hyun Joong did not accept the offer from BOF where could be right now? I still believe no matter what route he took back in the past, he’s still bound to be where he is right now. Because this is his fate, this is where he is bound to be, a world star.

FATE: (From the documentary)

>>>>In a street in Tokyo city, Hyun Joong asked, why the street looked so ‘old’ compared to other streets in Tokyo, looking as if a rural area. There is an arcade game here in this street and he played, and there’s also a game like the Iron Fist(?). He said last time there’s a pachinko (a type of gambling machine in Japan) and he did try it before and there’s Yonsama (Bae Yongjoon) pachinko. He used the Yonsama character and for the first time, he won. And from then onwards, his fate with Bae Yongjoon begins~ (lmao!!)

*** Is this a coincidence?? Back then when Hyun Joong played the pachingko and place his stake at Yonsama or Bae Yong Joong, did he ever had the idea that they will meet in such circumstances? It must be fate that these two men will eventually meet and be closely connected at present. I think they are destined to work together.

May I just share, in an episode at We got Married in 2008, at the skating rink, there was a part in that episode that Hyun Joong wore a knitted muffler with the same color as Bae Yong Joon wore for Winter Sonata. Did you ever imagine that Bae Yong Joong and Hyun Joong would work together in 2010 as they begin this episode in Hyun Joong’s career life?

RESTAURANT: (Memory Lane)

>>>>In a restaurant he usually visit in Japan, he pointed at an autograph he signed together with SS501 members back then in 2008. The owner said HyunJoong really came to dine around 4-5 times last time and said HyunJoong is really kind. Whatever questions he’s been asked he’ll answer and keeps the conversation going. An ahjumma customer once gave him a buchimgae (Korean pancake) and he accpeted it in a friendly manner and said he’ll eat it nicely. He’s really friendly towards people no matter it’s ahjummas or teenagers.

*** Would you still wonder why Hyun Joong has quite a number of elder fans? By nature Hyun Joong is very polite, courteous and well mannered regardless of age he encounter with. He is always humble in spite of his status, a very down to earth type of guy. He’s is not choosy when talking to people and he’s never a snob even he he looks like it to strangers and strange place.


>>>>HyunJoong said back then when he was carrying out activities in Japan, he think he got into depression. When their popularity was on the rise in Korea, they came to Japan and debuted and he was worried. He wasn’t able to return during New Year’s eve or during chuseok and he’s always inside his room (there wasn’t much activities in Japan that time), and slowly he got to like the dark things (where the depression came in) because he’s always shutting the curtain in his own room. From that time onwards even now a little, that type of ‘feelings’ still remains, He couldn’t sleep when it’s too bright…aigoo.

*** Before the documentary was aired, there was a news that Hyun Joong will reveal his depression while he was in Japan. It was not specifically stated as to when he encounter such depression. Many of the fans are worried about Hyun Joong. And so it was revealed that the depression came about the time he was still with his members in Japan. As for me, I couldn’t sleep either if my room is too bright!! But I’m not depress, I can’t sleep with lights on too!


>>>>What the director of “Iris” says about Kim Hyun Joong in the MBC documentary:

Of course I also like Hyun Joong, but I have my reasons for betting on someone. The fact that he has control shows a high probability that he would be big.

He is able to manage and maintain himself without feeling the weight of his popularity. Everything is under control, and he is someone who can manage even if he becomes much more popular in the future.

*** I fully agree with this opinion, Hyun Joong is aware how his popularity goes, but he never brag about it and kept his feet firmly on the ground. Hyun Joong knows how to deal with his fans, with his co-artist and most of all to those whom he work with. As Hyun Joong stated:

There is nothing I can do by myself. I am here because of my staff. The Kim Hyun Joong you see on the stage is the made-up Kim Hyun Joong. Behind that Kim Hyun Joong, there are many people, who are like “Daddy Long Legs (the secret famous benefactor from a famous novel),” supporting me.


Interviewer: Is there a role model for you?

KHJ: This may sound really proud, but I actually don’t have a role model, to tell you the truth…I respect various artists, who came before me. It’s like “I respect and like so and so,” but I don’t have a role model. They are just some artists (who came before me) that I like and there are many. To have a role model means that you want to become “another so and so,” but I don’t want to live like that. I just want to be me. Respecting someone means you have a duty to become bigger than that person as mush as your respect.

Actually Hyun Joong doesn’t need a role model, because he himself is already a role model. By simply being himself as versatile as he is, that makes him a unique artist, Kim Hyun Joong is born to be a world star as he dreams of.

And so going back to the question What does it takes to be a star? In my opinion, Hyun Joong has all the qualities in being a world star, His looks, his multiple talent, his magic charisma, hard work, dedication and passion to his craft. But above all of these qualities that is not visible in our eyes is his positive mind set and attitude that’s leading him to where he is bound to his dreams of world star.

These are just a few of some translations came out yesterday about Hyun Joong’s documentary. There are more actually but I’ll take step by step as news are being posted. This is the first documentary ever made for Hyun Joong on his first term of his career success as a solo singer. What else can I say, I’m so proud of Hyun Joong. How else can I even glance at other artist if what I have in front of me has it all it takes to win my heart of admiration??

If I want to listen to music, Hyun Joong has it. If I want to watch some dancing shows, Hyun Joong has it. If I want to watch a drama, Hyun Joong has it. And If I want to laugh to cast away not so good mood, Hyun Joong has it by just watching his 4D. And if I want to share some inspiring thoughts, I’ll just play this documentary for inspiration. Kim Hyun Joong just got it all to fill up my daily needs to cheer me up. He will always be with you.

May I just mention, now many fans do share their thoughts in this blog, and they do share photos and Hyun Joong’s video clips. So dear readers, you may please check out on my comment box as other fans readers of this blog shares what they got to share with you. Let’s spread to the world and share our love to Kim Hyun Joong.

My appreciation to Jackie606 whom I just met at YouTube this morning, had translated this first part of the documentary, thank you for your effort. I do hope she’ll continue to translate the documentary which means a lot to every international fan.

Thank you so much for sharing in this blog that I sincerely appreciate the kind gesture as we join together in sharing Hyun Joong’s love for us, his fans. LazerKim here writing

First part documentary w/sub eng:

Photo credits as tagged thanks. Video credit fr Ellen, Dandalion69, thanks.

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