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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] REMEMBER ME!

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By LazerKim: These past few days, we have been busy sharing information pertaining to Kim Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour which will start on May 4 which is ten days from now. Yesterday as I was browsing the twitter, my eyes was caught by this “Happy First Anniversary Henecia”!! And then I read a letter from the blog of Hyunited 6686 coming from KeyEast dated April 22, 2011, which was a year ago yesterday. The way I understand from the translation of the letter, it was on this day that Hyun Joong created the name Henecia as his official fan club, since he started as solo artist.

Henecia was originated from the Latin word Benecia which means blessed, and combined H that stands for HyunJoong, and gave the interpretation of Henecia as blessed people. Indeed Hyun Joong’s fans are blessed with big heart and good brain like him. And so to all Henecians Happy First Year Anniversary!! There will be many more anniversaries to come as we all grow with Hyun Joong as time passes by.

April 22, 2011 marked a memorable day since it was on this day a birth name was ordained by Hyun Joong to be his official fan club. I think the new fans of Hyun Joong ought to know this. Although I do not want to confuse you, since from Wikipedia, it was stated that Hyun Joong named his official fan club in May 2011, but the letter coming from KeyEast was dated April 22, 2011. So I would assume the name Henecia was created in April 22, 2011 and was officiated in May 2011. Please do correct me if I’m wrong.

To the new fans who might have just seen Kim Hyun Joong from June 2011, but before you have seen him, where you during that time last year? What about the fans who came in during the period of Playful Kiss or Boys Over Flower, what have you experienced during that time last year? I can only read and watch from video clips of Hyun Joong that probably during this times he was already preparing him memorable first album Breakdown. And this month, this year Hyun Joong is busy again but this time he’s already preparing his first Asia Tour Fan Meeting.

One year had passed from the time he was busy preparing for his first album and it feels like those days were just like yesterday. And I would assume, the only difference could be, back in time Hyun Joong was full of worries and uncertainty about his future career. And his career future lies within the first launching of his first album Breakdown. It was his turning point to be back on stage, but that time it’s gonna be just by himself. Until at this time, I can still feel the pressure he had back in time around this month last year.

Before I started writing this article, I was watching Hyun Joon’g documentary part 3 with English Title. It shows the behind the scene during his rehearsals in preparation for his Asia Tour and his recent activity in Shanghai China. I couldn’t help but to compare his rehearsals back in 2011 and this recent video of his rehearsals taken this year.

Hyun Joong was rehearsing the same music Lucky Guy, his dancers Artmatic has the same members, rehearsing at the same rehearsal studio, the same recording studio and he’s also wearing his favorite training outfit. In short, everything is the same if you review both video clips from last year and this year. But there’s only one that makes both video clips different. It’s Kim Hyun Joong himself.

As I watched the video clip back in time last year 2011 around this month, Hyun Joong was rehearsing Lucky Guy and Breakdown, he was too serious that even at his break I could not see him smile or if he does, looking at his eyes was filled with uncertainty and worries. Hyun Joong was totally different that time, that even his technical rehearsals, his tension was so obvious.

During those times before his launching of Breakdown, I can understand his worries first and foremost was his worries about his fans. I would say, he probably was thinking his fans had already left him and he was doubtful if his fans would accept his new image, which was the opposite image he had as a flower boy.

I remember a video clip on his first TV stage at Music Bank, as soon as he made his exit to the dressing room, he was interviewed. Hyun Joong was still catching his breath after his performance of Breakdown, as he stated, “I want to show my manly side to my fans and I hope they will like it.”

I can’t help say to myself, this guy is still catching his breath right after his performance and all he can think of is his fans!! My goodness!! Is this how much you love your fans? That even Hyun Joong find it hard catching his breath, it’s only his fans that’s been occupying his thoughts. Hyun Joong was this way back a year ago.

And so this year watching from Hyun Joong’s documentary, at his rehearsal studio, I can see a different Hyun Joong from last year. Now he’s back to his playfulness, cheerfulness, stress free and now he’s so lively, that as I watched this video clip for the first time, I can’t help my teary eyes. But this time it’s tears with joy seeing him happy and confident. Do you know what made him that happy?

It’s you his fans, that brought him back to his old missing kid. Because you have accepted him, because you made him feel you never left him after all, because you have shown him your undying love and support, you gave him something to hope for. And the best thing is, you have multiplied in more numbers, because you spread his love to others within the span of time.

So at this time he’s preparing for his Asia Tour, he may be preparing his repertoire for the show and most of all he’s personally preparing his souvenirs and presents for you. Hyun Joong is doing this for you, as he appreciates your love and support all year round and he’ll be expecting you to be there for him.

The countries included in his itinerary namely, Taiwan Singapore, Hong Kong, China and hopefully Indonesia and Thailand, you are one lucky fan to be visited by Kim Hyun Joong, so grab this rare chance. He’s going to your country just to see you coming all the way from Korea and he sincerely prepared a lot for you.

I don’t think Hyun Joong deserves to have your second thoughts or thinking about your budget. There are ways of obtaining what you want and that is a little self discipline like cost cutting on your allowances for shopping, saloon or sacrifice a little on vices or night out unwinding and save that budget for Hyun Joong’s fan meeting event. Grab a ticket for yourself now.

If you’re worried that no one is coming with you, do not worry about that because everyone in the community of Kim Hyun Joong is your family. Consider it that way, because we’re truly a one big family. The fan meeting is exclusively for his fans, and this is why Hyun Joong did not plan it out as a concert even the quality of his show is as good as a concert, because he wants more time to interact with his fans. And the fact that he’s doing this is because he wants to give back the love you have for him.

If Hyun Joong can save $8.00 a day out of his allowance when he was a kid, then why can’t we do that? This is once in a life time rare chance for every fan that you may not have a second chance. Hyun Joong may travel bringing his concert next time, but it is definitely no longer in Asia anymore. So think about it, or do not think anymore, just go and grab that ticket.

And for the new Henecians, why don’t you treat yourself since it’s your anniversary, I think it would be great to celebrate it with other Henecians and celebrate it with Hyun Joong. Wouldn’t that be great? Gosh, guys it’s a memory that you will never forget for the rest of your life. Trust me, I’m just being truthful with my opinion.

To those who are trying to mess around with Hyun Joong’s fan meeting, I do not know what can you get by messing around. Just remember this, anything you do you can not stop Hyun Joong to be successful because he’s bound to be in that direction no matter how you try to twist his fate or put him down. And so alien soldiers you know what to do, Protect the Prince at all cause!!

I appreciate many fans are now actively advertising the fan meeting event, let’s make noise for the upcoming Kim Hyun Joong fan meeting event. Simply post Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour schedule of respective counties and how to get the tickets. Let’s make this week lively by creating noise about his visit and fleet out the insects, the Prince doesn’t like insects!! If you have those insects in your country, simply fleet them out!! Insects doesn’t like noise so we’ll make noise!!!

The count down begins in Singapore, ten days left to go, so Singapore go get your tickets now. And for fans from other countries, go grab that flight ticket and fly with Hyun Joong to Singapore, this is his first stop and our memories starts from here. Let’s join together in making Hyun Joong’s First Asia Fan Meeting a remarkable and memorable event.

Kim Hyun Joong is creating something that his fans will always remember him through his music and through his sincere effort to get near you to touch your heart, and now is your chance. Kim Hyun Joong simply wants to be remembered always…….. LazerKim here writing

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