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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PROTECT PRINCE!

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong has been gaining a huge popularity within a short period of time ever since he released his first album Breakdown. And we all know very well that his gaining popularity started since 2009 as he did the character Yoon Jo Hoo for Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss. As Hyun Joong debuted in June 2011 as a solo singer, his popularity even boost remarkably higher. This year 2012 Hyun Joong debuted his album for Japanese market again marked a history in the Japanese music industry, bringing his first album in the gold record status.

History would tell that every time Hyun Joong gets into a big project, his critics are there to just mess up. I have already accepted this fact that he will always be surrounded by those critics or the antis. That is just as expected since Hyun Joong had been gaining more and more fans.

Gaining more popularity and getting his steps upward to stardom remarkably in speed that none can stop him. What can we do? No matter how much degree of attack thrown to Hyun Joong, the more he goes up. Haven’t the critics and anits realize that fact?

Last week a news broke out about Taiwan complaining about ticket price and yesterday morning the news was there again. Now this really makes me doubtful about the legitimacy of that news. I was thinking these fans allegedly to be complaining about ticket price may not be Hyun Joong’s fans.

These so-called fans may not be genuine fans but the antis pretending to be Hyun Joong fans. That’s possible, because it’s so easy to say you’re a fan of so and so and brought the matter to KeyEast. Of course KeyEast made an explanation, but you can just imagine how much pressure this would cause Hyun Joong.

I truly believe that Hyun Joong Taiwanese fans are dedicated. And they will do anything just to support Hyun Joong. We have witness this once when Hyun Joong visited Taiwan for The Face Shop and he was warmly welcomed by his fans and the media. So this news is just impossible.

I’ve been receiving emails from other fans from Taiwan after they read my article Fan Meeting, and they said ticket price are reasonably affordable. So what does this news mean? It could be somebody is putting pressure on Hyun Joong, and that’s how I see it. I believe there’s a bigger demand from Taiwan since Hyun Joong will be having two performance.

Someone from my comment box left a link for me to read, it’s an article from Jakarta Post dated April 24, 2012. If you read the article it seemed positive but as you read it, it appears to be negative criticism. Don’t be mislead if you’ll read the article, it appears to be nice at the beginning but with negative insinuation against Hyun Joong.

Jakarata Post Korean idol plays it safe (source: The Strait Times)

Here are some things Life! found out about him in an e-mail interview that is the equivalent of an anatomically correct Ken doll – there is only the smile and perfect hair with no controversial bits to mar his image.

His e-mail interview technique makes perfect sense since the man comes from a land where plastic surgery is commonplace.

Don’t like the nose you were born with? Get a new one. Don’t like questions you are asked? Cancel them out.

Here are some of the questions he took a scalpel to: How do you stand out from other solo artists such as Rain, Se7en or Taeyang and G-Dragon from Big Bang? Do you find it harder to succeed in K-pop as a solo artist, compared to being in a K-pop band? What is the one fashion style that you really like?

Forget about him speaking out in support of fellow entertainers in South Korean show business who have been harassed.

Questions about Open World Entertainment CEO Jang Seok Woo, who is being investigated for alleged charges of sexual harassment, were all crossed out.

While he will not admit it, he sounds – just a little – like he could be looking over his shoulders at the competition from other singers.

He sure works hard for his money, er, sorry, we mean his fans.

LazerKim View Point:

The writer of that article has her opinion that I should respect, fine. I’m just wondering, what’s her motive writing that article? Is it for fun? May I just quote “forget about him speaking out in support of fellow entertainer in S.Korea show business who have been harassed.” Is there such thing in showbiz?

I may not be aware of, but was there any celeb who publicly defended Hyun Joong when he was caught in a malicious controversy? In my language we say this as “Buntot mo Hila mo”. In English we translate it as – Pull up your own tail. That is how it is in politics and in showbiz reality. You don’t need to broadcast about your support to a friend! Not if the celeb needs air time and photo shoot for publicity!!!

May I quote: “His email interview makes perfect sence the man comes from a land where plastic surgery is common place”.

Wow! What a way to insult a country! Forgive me my dear readers, but may I just write what I feel, anyway this is my blog, it’s my right. How I wish North Korea missile would point their target to this writer! My goodness!

I really hope this writer would have time to read my articles to know more about Kim Hyun Joong, before she insult him. She might just regret she ever had written that article. *wink* Spare me some time, anyway I gave you sometime to read your article, you are most welcome to read mine, and I’m sure you’ll know who Kim Hyun Joong is.

Since there’s a plan to include Indonesia in Hyun Joong’s itinerary, I can’t help to think, is this another way of under estimating his credibility? It seems to me that the writer is against Hyun Joong. And towards the end of the article she wrote as “He works hard for his money…err…sorry we mean his fans.” Very clever but not funny at all. Ms. Writer, are you somewhat jealous?? Oh please don’t be, whatever chain of success that Hyun Joong attains, is his fate. He works hard for it, Hyun Joong is a nice person that I don’t think he deserve such insinuations.

But she did her criticism in a subtle way, yet it’s still so insulting to Hyun Joong. Alright girl, you won my attention, but bear this in mind, the more Hyun Joong is being criticized, the further he goes up to his ladder of success. Nobody can stop Hyun Joong, because he is destined to be up there. So keep doing so whatever motive you have, we’ll throw it back to you with love!! *wink* *wink*

In another news update the other day, it was said that Hyun Joong has been practicing for the fan meeting and Hyun Joong even added a high-five session on this event, I think that’s gonna be 500 fans for the event. My goodness!! He’s doing this just to satisfy his fans. What else would you wish for? It’s good China agreed not to have the high-five session. And aside from the high-five there will be T-shirt be given for every purchase of ticket in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Ladies you are so lucky, you’ll not only get to watch Hyun Joong perform and interact with, you still be taking home some goodies!! Now go run to the nearest ticket outlet in your area and grab the ticket. Don’t mind those insects roaming around to mess up the event, the alien soldiers will take care of them.. Oh Hyun Joong just hate insects, and we all know that!! How I wish to gather those insects in a net, wiggle it till they realize that they are indeed insects!!

In many events in the past, we have all witness how Hyun Joong was warmly welcomed by his fans from his arrival at the airport to his departure from different country airports in Asia. As we recall his recent visit in China which was unexpectedly turned out in a fan crowded commotion, as fans went out of control of their excitement upon seeing Hyun Joong. But I’m very sure that will never happen again. This may just be a friendly reminder as we observe orderly and organize warm welcome to Hyun Joong’s arrival to your country.

Yesterday I read another news, and it was said that Hyun Joong took the challenge of high-five session to all 3,000 fans in Singapore!! This must be tiring, but what can we do Hyun Joong wants to get closer to his fans. Even I know his fans would be contended to watch him perform as he sings and dance, to have Hyun Joong just sit back and talk about himself as everyone listens to him. That would be nice I think. It’s more relaxing, but I think Hyun Joong wants his fans to have a closer look at him. Anyway, I’m sure Singapore will take care of him.

As Hyun Joong takes his journey to visit his fans, the world will be keeping an eye on him as we always do, and wishing we’re there with the others too. Of course it’s everyone’s first instinct to get really get excited patiently waiting for the coming of the Prince,that’s very natural. But let’s not forget that Hyun Joong’s comfort is important above everything else. I’m sure HyunJoong’s fans will be preparing on his arrival to your country, and so welcome him with all your excitement, but allow him to take a glimpse of what you have prepared for him.

In my previous articles, I always have been saying, being a fan is not only cheering for Hyun Joong, supporting, caring and loving him. We fans have to Protect the Prince at all cause. We know very well his status in the stardom, and it is very likely we will encounter many detractors along his way. There are many instances that he can not defend himself and we may never know, he might not even aware who his detractors are. We fans then defend him on his behalf, we see who those detractor are.

Hyun Joong would only remain silent while these people insult him or criticize him. If not, they will try to mess around just before Hyun Joong can his first step towards his plans of meeting his fans. My dear co-fans specially the new fans, do not let this put you down, I know it hurts whenever these things are being done to Hyun Joong that he does not deserve such insulting insinuations. But remember, a tree that bears good fruits tend to be stoned down. So let’s keep our awareness open, keep your eyes open about updates too.

Again may I say, Kim Hyun Joong just hate insects, he doesn’t even like the sight of it. Let’s pumper our Prince, making sure those insect doesn’t get near Hyun Joong, fleet them right away!! As Hyun Joong visits your country, welcome him with all your love and while he is in your country, keep eye on those who will try to mess around Hyun Joong.

This is how it is to be a fan, but you’re not alone in your defense in protecting Hyun Joong, somebody will always come to help you defend him. Let’s just take it as many are quite jealous of Hyun Joong’s success, and jealousy can push a person to his downfall, but one can never put a good man down.

As we started our count down for Singapore, 8 days to go before he steps on that stage, for those who have not gotten their tickets for the Fan Meeting go get them now. This is your chance to show your sincere support to Hyun Joong and this is a very good chance to spend a memorable day with him.

I can only say this to every fan of Kim Hyun Joong…….PROTECT THE PRINCE!!

LazerKim here writing. 

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