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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PINK HEALTH

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By LazerKim: In the whole term of our lives, we do experience getting sick no matter how we eat and rest well, but sometimes we are so much engross with our work. A lot of times we tend to neglect our heath. Just the same with Kim Hyun Joong, checking on his medical records. Hyun Joong had gone through a lot including his health failure in the past. I was hesitant to talk about this, since it’s already in the past, and Hyun Joong now is back as a healthy young man again.

But I guess it’s just right to discuss his health history, so that we can have a better understanding why he has to slow down a bit from his usual active life style. And for us to keep our patience while waiting for him to be out there on his exposure.

From the time Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005, he has been keeping a busy life style, that no one would blame him because being an artist is his life. He has a dream to fulfill which he had been looking forward over the years of his struggles. As I wrote the article Dark Moments that describe the struggles and emotional pain of Hyun Joong, before he finally sits on this current status in the stardom, there were much more behind those dark moments that he had surpass. And that was his health woes which started in 2008.

In 2008, he was still with his group SS501 marked the launching of their major album De Ja Vu. Since the group sings and dances at the same time, recording the entire album takes a lot of effort learning, polishing and memorizing each and every song included in the album.

After recording the entire album, dance rehearsals comes up next. I have written the article Behind the Scene which describes what goes on during entire process of preparing an album, specially the dance rehearsals which is not an easy task. In releasing an album, promotion, concerts and TV appearances is a must, of course public awareness is important in this business since this is selling out albums.

Right after the launching, promoting the album De Ja Vu including series of concerts, Hyun Joong was offered another project which is a reality show We Got Married which run on air about six months I think. Within that period while doing WGM, Hyun Joong’s group SS501 was in Japan to promote their album in Japanese version of the album. And so he has to go back and forth between Korea and Japan to fulfill WGM task at the same time.

During the time Hyun Joong was still working on WGM, he had another offer which is the popular drama Boys Over Flower, which he accepted as his first acting project. Hyun Joong had to take a bunch of acting class, learn how to play a violin, equestrian ect. In short, it was too much doing all at the same time.

Hyun Joong was left with no choice but to go about it since it’s his opportunity to try his talent in acting. Right after doing We Got Married, Hyun Joong concentrated on the filming of Boys Over Flower. It was here that his health started to deteriorate. He had barely had two or three hours sleep daily, and considering his young age, would need at least eight hours sleep at night time which is humanly normal and healthy.

And when you lack sleep you tend to lose appetite in eating at the normal hours of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in between those meal time. In other words, his life style drastically changed that affected his health, that he had no choice but to go about it as a professional actor.

There was one video clip that I had viewed as Hyun Joong was sleeping in his van, nevertheless, with that situation during the filming of BOF, it doesn’t matter anywhere he doze off as long as he gets to sleep. I actually noticed Hyun Joong becoming a bit frail at the midway of the drama and losing weight and having pale color skin became obvious on screen. But I would say, he really tried to be cheerful behind the scene while filming BOF.

He lost eight kilo from his weight which is not a joke. But I would admit, having seen him lost weight, he still looks handsome as ever. Once a human body gotten used to less sleep, he’ll eventually develop insomnia, that sometimes may find it hard to get some sleep and the feeling of not being sleepy at all. And Hyun Joong had developed that kind of insomnia.

During the filming period of Boy Over Flower, car accidents among the cast occur because most of them could be tired and lack of sleep. Even they have their own drivers to drive them home, it’s the same thing, since their drivers had to stay with them at wee hours during the shoot. It was said that Hyun Joong experienced collapsing during the filming. The F4 members were newbie in the world of acting drama, and so it took them a lot of hard work, sleepless nights and losing meal appetite, Hyun Joong endured with it too.

After Boy Over Flower which everyone knows was a huge success, Hyun Joong and the F4 members were showered with multiple offers as commercial model for CF and pictorial sessions just went on and on. Hyun Joong experienced collapsing at the set due to over work load that he again had to endure. And despite of it, he never gave up, he stand on being a professional no matter what happen.

A video clip I’ve viewed Hyun Joong just dose off to the floor sitting, I would assume he couldn’t bear feeling sleepy, and another scene that he was standing on the set with closed eyes. He had no choice since the demand for him being a commercial model was so high, and took advantage of every opportunity that it was too much work load given to him. Viewing from that video clip, he looks cute and maybe you would laugh thinking it’s one of his 4D, but it’s not. Hyun Joong was already over worked that time. But never showed a single sign that he’s tired, he just kept going and going with the shoots.

After BOF Hyun Joong was given the chance for a break of a week to take a vacation with his family to take trip abroad and relax. But there were rumors that he actually didn’t take the trip instead stayed in Seoul, sent his family abroad instead. I just read this from some blog, so I couldn’t be sure if this was true. There was even a period he has to be on sleeping pills, although this had been prescribed and with his doctor’s on watch. I think it was the time he couldn’t sleep for three or four days, but he had already gone through with it. It’s just that BOF was his first acting project and he gave everything to the project. And knowing Hyun Joong is a natural hard worker, he has exceeded his physical limits that time.

Anyway, there had been sporadic news in 2008 about Hyun Joong’s multiple leg injury, that he had even fell on stage because of it, followed by shoulder dislocation and multiple fainting incidents while filming BOF and another after filming. Boys Over Flower was a huge success for Hyun Joong but there were a lot at stake that he had to endure, both physical and emotional stress.

In 2009 after filming and airing of BOF, Hyun Joong proceeded in re-grouping with his members in preparation for their next album All My Love to be released both in Korean and Japanese version. Hyun Joong was hospitalized on the 8th of September 2009 in Japan, that his visit to Thailand had to be cancelled. This was the incident of H1N1, as Hyun Joong together with the F4 members promoted the BOF drama. With all the busy schedules he has since 2008, his body resistance drastically dropped that he was easily inflicted by the killer virus.

Writing all of these incidents made me feel the physical pain Hyun Joong had gone through. He wanted these work load though but there should be limitations too. Human body is just like any machine or equipment that can malfunction at times if being over used. After all these health woes, followed by the the emotional dark moments of his career life, Hyun Joong had face all of those head on with all his strength left for him.

Hyun Joong back then would accept any job given to him, he would take any demand from his fans for his presence, because he loves them so much. He wouldn’t skip any chance that his fans would see him, no matter what happen. Even with just his photos or billboard of him, Hyun Joong would give in because that would be another chance for his fans to always remember him. Because he understands what his fans needs from him.

His work load back then was like given to a horse!! It was just too much to endure with everything he had gone through. I knew it, I have been hesitant to write about Hyun Joong’s health matters because I know I would feel the pain, and I actually feel it right at this moment….

Anyway, I’ll be posting my article about Artist Agent after this article, for us to have a better understanding as to the responsibilities of an agent and their managing artist. It is the responsibility of any agent to provide projects to every artist they manage, but there has to be discipline not to over load their artists. They are the ones arranging artist schedules on every projects and artist would just accept whatever is given to them by their respective agent. This will be the gist idea of the article Artist Agent.

After reading this article we now understand why KeyEast kept a slow phasing on Hyun Joong’s career. I’m not saying Hyun Joong is physically unfit for any job, no, please don’t misunderstand. KeyEast is doing a good job on Hyun Joong, they just do not send their artist to any project in demand with a too much loaded work that would end up physically spoiling their physical asset which is health, just for the company to earn. No mam, KeyEast had Hyun Joong in disciplined work schedule. Which I appreciate them for doing so, for Hyun Joong’s sake.

Back then in 2010 Hyun Joong did Playful Kiss, that time he was already recovered but still gave Hyun Joong more time to fully recovered both physically and emotionally. And so KeyEast sent Hyun Joong to play his favorite sports which is soccer, while in the process of preparing his first album. That project was for charity that Hyun Joong had been wanting to participate with.

This then is a good balance, Hyun Joong had his public exposure while he exercise, that even he may experience stress over the preparation for his album at least he had the chance to enjoy his favorite ball game. To be on exposure to any artist is quite stressful, and with Hyun Joong whenever he is on exposure he sing and dance that would mean preparation too.

And so after reading this article I do hope we fans can understand as to why Hyun Joong has to take alternate rest in between his activities. He may have loads of offers but again KeyEast has its discretion if he ought to do it or not. If you remember, he wrote to his fans saying he’s getting bored and lonely? I can imagine Hyun Joong being locked up in his apartment to take a rest!!!

He’s like a prisoner behind bars and writing to his fans for help to get him out of the bars!!! LOL…And knowing the guy could be so restless, he couldn’t do anything, it’s his agent who’s giving him time to rest!! But I can’t help imagine him to be itching to sing and dance rock the stage with his fans. I think that time it was what he wants to do!! That’s why he said he’s getting bored!! Hyun Joong was so sweet to write to his fans though.

And so, this time during his absence, as we patiently wait for Hyun Joong, let’s be more open minded about the guy. He wants to be out there with us to rock the stage again, that’s very sure, reading from his last message, and reading from between the lines!!. But his agent gave a certain discipline that he has no choice but to follow. And all of those is for his own good.

KeyEast will not allow Hyun Joong to work like a horse anymore, he had gone that much in the past that nearly killed him. And so we just have to be thankful to his agent for taking care of him. KeyEast is not only business just for the company to earn out of Hyun Joong’s effort, I can see the company cares for Hyun Joong more than what they can earn from him as an artist, and so with his boss. And so be it that way.

Now I rest my case!!, writing this article is really painful. But still, it’s a part of Hyun Joong’s story…….Kim Hyun Joong had gone though a lot of hardships in life both emotional and physical. Hyun Joong is more than deserving of our loyalty, sincerity, love and care…

May Kim Hyun Joong blessed with a Pink of Health all through his life, as we shower him with lots of unselfish love and affection….. LazerKim here writing 

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