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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] LOVE SONG

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Everyday of our lives we work to earn for a living or attend to school routine. We do take care of our responsibilities, obligations and by the end of the day, whether we had accomplish our mission for the day or not, there’s nothing else better than sitting and glue your eyes in front of your monitor and search for Kim Hyun Joong. It’s real becoming a habit. And the other night Hyun Joong surprised us with a beautiful song for a good bonus for our daily struggles.

The new song is entitled If You’re Like Me, an OST for the new drama Marriage Plot. When a short teaser came out last week Hyun Joong’s fans got so excited. Well at first I thought he was doing this drama that my adrenaline shoot up rocket high!! And later on I found out he’s just singing the OST for this drama, and so adrenaline dropped on the ground!! But as I listened to the short teaser I was mesmerized that I can’t move and just sitting still. It was Hyun Joong’s voice seem to be capturing my whole being again.!!!

Everyone waited for the full version of the song, which was released earlier than the original schedule of its released. Prior to this release, the song leaked from somewhere. And so everyone went panic on how they can get a link, everyone stayed late that night talking about where they can get it!!! And then one of the fan said to calm down, now that it leaked for sure it will be released earlier. Well she was right, Sunday night it was released. Many fans waited patiently until they have finally had the chance to listen to the full version of Hyun Joong’s song.

Seeing Hyun Joong fans being so excited to hear from him makes smile that deep inside me I was talking to myself, How does it feel? Hyun Joong is worth waiting for in anything he does. Now there’s another song to be kept in our hearts, there’s another memory that will always keep him near to us, even we don’t see him as often. But it’s worth it a hundred folds of waiting as he always does, a something new, a something different that would again makes us fall for him again and again.

Hyun Joong’s song will echo again in our minds even we don’t hear it. Actually I have seen this scenario before, if you remember as he released Mary Me, everyone was busy waiting late night for the song to be released. And when it did, everyone even stayed at wee hours that night listening to the song Mary Me. The same scenario echoed again, but this time I think there’s a larger number of fans waited. Would you still be surprised Hyun Joong’s fans just multiplied by itself.

But Hyun Joong, you just don’t know how much you have touched the hearts of your fans out of the beautiful song you surprised them with. As I listened to the full version of the song, for some reason tears just fall from my eyes, and I just found myself crying. Well I admit I was in pain since I was sick while I was listening to Hyun Joong singing, I do not understand the lyrics of the song, but just listening to his voice it’s just like he’s saying “everything will be alright, you’ll be well again”.

And then followed by a buzz from my comment box, a fan was saying she was reading my article for the day Ultimate Lover while listening to Hyun Joong’s song as she was doing her laundry, and tears just fell from her eyes, for no reason at all!! She was asking herself why am I in tears. As her washing was done, she went back to reading and focus as she still listens to Hyun Joong, the more she cried!! I couldn’t reply to her comment because I can imagine both us is just lending each other’s shoulder to cry on for no reason!!

It’s the melody of the song and Hyun Joong’s sweet soothing voice that just melt your heart, you can just drop and listen to his soul. And yes you can listen to his soul while he’s singing this song because he sang it with all his heart, with all his emotion. You may not see him yet he’s just so near to touch your heart. What’s with this guy??? We may not understand the meaning of the song but somehow he communicates his love from the deepest depth of his heart. Hyun Joong sings very good ballad because he brings out all his emotion to the song he’s singing. I just love this song and I love how he sings it.

The drama started airing in Korea, and for sure Hyun Joong’s fans will be watching it. Seeing from its trailer I think it’s a good material plot, it’s a comedy romance with the same director of Boys Over Flower Lee Min Woo. When Hyun Joong knew that Lee Min Woo will be directing this drama, Hyun Joong volunteered to sing the OST. And knowing Hyun Joong sing its OST, well we all know how influential Hyun Joong is, I think this drama will have good ratings.

I like this director too, Lee Min Woo also had directed 49 Days which also gained good TV ratings. I’ll be watching this drama of course in support for Hyun Joong’s OST, oh maybe I’ll be imagining Hyun Joong as leading man again, just like how I imagined him portraying the king in place of Kim Hyun Soo Hyun!! Forgive me, this is just my imagination, I appreciate Kim Soo Hyun in that drama!!

When you miss a person, tendency is seeing him in any lead actor whoever is front of your monitor!!! And you can only say, oh Hyun Joong can portray that role too, and this and that!! I’m just speaking for myself!! I can only tell you that, one of my wish came true. I have been wishing that Hyun Joong would sing some OSTs for his drama projects.

Well, it may not be his drama project but at least my wish came true and I’m very pleased cause I love this song very much. And with that I’m very thankful to Hyun Joong volunteered to sing this song which suits his voice range perfectly. I remember as he said, if he likes to do something he’ll really do it, regardless of price.

Kim Hyun Joong once again shared his music to his fans in a different approach, as we keep this song, treasure it as we listen to it over and over non-stop. He’ll always be there with you every where you are, as he sings this love song to keep you company……… LazerKim here writing.

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