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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KPOP LEADER

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By LazerKim: In my previous articles some months ago, I have been asking myself as to why does Kim Hyun Joong seem to be the only solo singer that’s been in line with the Kpop groups? I even mentioned jokingly that maybe judges from MAMA, mistaken the Artmatic to be singers too like Kim Hyun Joong!! Well in fact Artmatic is the back up dancers of Hyun Joong. If you visit the music chart last year 2011 and this year 2012 since Hyun Joong debuted in Japan as solo singer, he’s just on top rank together with the other idol groups. I asked again, where are the other solo contenders with the same category as Hyun Joong gone to?

At last I finally got the video clip of the documentary of Hyun Joong with sub title for the first part of the documentary that I would like to tackle in this article. But before that, I would like to appeal to Hyun Joong fans, specially those who are active posting for updates. The first part of the documentary of Hyun Joong with English Subtle had already been posted.

I think it would be a great help to Hyun Joong if we can distribute this documentary video clip with subtitle to be able to reach every international fan of Hyun Joong before he goes out on his Asian Tour or even his world tour. By this way people would get to know him better, specially his new fans and upcoming fans.

This will somehow help expand Hyun Joong’s fan network all over the world. We all know that it is not enough to watch Hyun Joong perform, people would go searching more about him, until he capture their hearts through knowing more about the guy.

In the first part of Kim Hyun Joong documentary, it was said that since last year 2011 and this year 2012, Korean Pop grown around the world. And solo artist has risen to the top of Kpop leading in the pack as a solo idol is Kim Hyun Joong. He is in high demand now and his popularity has risen to the top. Hyun Joong’s Japanese version album of Kiss Kiss debuted in January 2012, as he started his year with a huge explosion in Tokyo.

The entire event of his official visit in Japan had cause a loud noise that many businessmen and business entity was shocked. Yes, the word is “shock”. Because they were not expecting that Hyun Joong can be that popular and has a huge fan base in Japan.

Come to think of it, Hyun Joong is doing solo performance meaning by himself and yet he was able to take control of a huge crowd of Japanese fans. Not to mention other fans from around the world. But how did Hyun Joong accomplished such a success in Japan? And so at this point, we’ll go back in time in January this year as he visited Tokyo.

Let us dissect the first part of Hyun Joong’s documentary which already had marked a history in the Korean Pop being a solo idol. Well we all know that if we say idol it always pertains to a group. But this time, it a solo idol Kpop that Hyun Joong will be the leader.

The documentary video clip started as Hyun Joong was taking a ride towards the airport on his way to the Tokyo in January this year. He said, “I was thinking as a solo artist in Japan, it’s my first step in that direction. In Japan, I’ve done many things, so many stuffs and I think I can do well”. And while he was saying this, he was anxious and restless.

Why not, it’s I think very natural since it’s his first concert, and doing the show that some of his songs are in Japanese version that he has to perform. But Hyun Joong doesn’t dive in a shallow pond that will hit his head first!! He prepared for the big day of his career life in the international arena, just as much as he prepared his first album Breakdown.

Watching Hyun Joong closely from this video clip and the his very first series of fan meeting in November 2011, I think he has a better confidence this time. The documentary video clip showed all behind the scene that was not shown in February after his concert. Here he was totally hands on to every single details in the preparation for the concert.

As I have mentioned in my other article Life on Stage, it describes the preparation, details in behind the scene on every concert is to be performed by Hyun Joong. I have mentioned that everybody that works on stage and behind it, has to attend the technical rehearsals which is a day before the actual performance. Hyun Joong and his staffs did exactly that.

He had a bunch of security body guards who were included in the concert since Hyun Joong has to go down to the audience gallery, for his fans to have a closer look at him. And so Hyun Joong has to rehearse with his body guards!! He was totally in control of that technical rehearsals which was a day before the concert and he makes the call!!

When everything was perfected, at the hotel suit of Hyun Joong, he couldn’t sleep, he was still anxious about the concert the following day. He was holding on his schedule and said,

“This is tomorrow’s schedule. I’m going over it and make sure everything is set right. The arena is close to many famous place, I need to make it memorable. Tomorrow I hope I can genuinely touch people through my songs till the end”

It was said that, the burden of making his fans satisfied, he look at it repeatedly and the night went on like that.

As the audience or fans attending any of Hyun Joong’s concert, particularly this concert in Yokohama Arena, we do not have the least idea, how Hyun Joong prepared and how restless and anxious he could be before the performance set forth. The tension is very natural to any artist before a big event. Specially that Hyun Joong deliberately took responsibility of the most important day of his performance which is the technical rehearsals.The night before the concert, he was consumed by tension.

But on the day of his performance, before he finally stepped on that stage, he was very cheerful, greeting every production staff he met, and my favorite part is his playfulness!! Hyun Joong was happy that he almost missed a second of his cue!!! I laughed at that!!

Hyun Joong’s tension the night before the concert was gone, and what consumed his energy now is his inspiration brought to him by his fans, as he hears them calling for him from the gallery. And finally set foot on stage, confident and well composed.

Hyun Joong is a perfectionist, meticulous and diligent. He said he wants to genuinely touch people through his songs till the end. And Hyun Joong did, it was a very successful concert, and maybe even he was not aware of it, he was able to touch not only his Japanese fans, who attended the concert. But he was able to extend his memorable concert beyond Japan, beyond Asia because he had touched people from all the corners of the world by his music and his very presence on that stage.

During the concert, Hyun Joong mentioned to his fans that it’s valentine event and he doesn’t have chocolates for them, but he will sing a sweet song Kiss Kiss. And so he actually melt the hearts of his fans. Hyun Joong is very thoughtful to his fans, that is another key that captured the hearts of many. And it’s a genuine thoughtfulness which I think every die hard fan can testify to that fact!

There were 60,000 fans who signed up for the concert, but unfortunately the arena can only accommodate 20,000. I can’t help to think, maybe Universal Music wasn’t expecting Hyun Joong would be able to bring in such a huge number of fans on his first concert. His album sets record breaking 70,000 copies on his first launching day and landed on gold record status on its debut!! It was amazing that Hyun Joong was even able to win the attention of many Japanese business entity to be their product endorser.

I still couldn’t forget the magazine publisher who posted Hyun Joong’s huge picture at the subway station. Hyun Joong had already gone back to Korea. After a few days his pictures were posted, and many passers by just gather around creating a crowded area taking pictures of Hyun Joong’s posters!! And it was said, as soon as the poster was posted the magazines were all sold out on the same day. Magazines stores had to take orders and had the magazine re-produced by the publisher. Of course it resulted in a good business in just one day!!

Kim Hyun Joong had taken Japan by storm, earthquake, hurricane or whatever you call it, but it definitely rock the country by his presence. Hyun Joong had shown his power to conquer! At the concert, Hyun Joong was totally in control over the 20,000 fans inside the arena, from the opening of the show down to the finale. He captured his fans right on the spot. Before the concert, on the first day launching of his album, there was already a fan crowded street in Shibuya, waiting for Hyun Joong to take a second glimpse of him. Everywhere Hyun Joong goes, there’s his fans and camera men surrounding him.

Kim Hyun Joong had proven his power to conquer as many Japanese businessmen were shocked. He may be taking one step at a time, but I can’t help to think his step is quite fast! Hyun Joong was in Japan November 2011 as he performed series of fan meetings in seven cities. There was a certain tremor, yes, but not as intensified as his visit this year which was barely two months and his popularity boosted in no time. And so I would think I was right in saying, every time Hyun Joong goes out there in his exposure, he just simply gained more and more fans.

He may have hidden himself after that explosion in Japan, and takes single event in Shangahai China, but still had shown a full pack arena which covered by his fans just to watch him perform a six minutes extended version of Lucky Guy. That event again had gained his Chinese fans, which is obvious since Hyun Joong will perform a fan meeting in four cities in China next month, which is needless to say there’s demand for his presence.

Quite recently Hyun Joong released his latest OST If You’re Like Me, and the song ranked at the Music chart just like that with no fanfare, Hyun Joong just wanted to surprised his fans out of the blues!. Japan was right in their assessment that Kim Hyun Joong indeed is the Leader of Kpop in this generation. Now I do not have to wonder as to why he was always in line with the idol groups ranking on top of the music chart, considering he’s the only soloist to be on top, and that’s the truth!!

Come to think of it Hyun Joong is a solo singer and yet he had gained as much in such a short period of time. With all the star qualities he has, Hyun Joong has the power to take control of being the leader of Kpop. Mind you this is not my opinion but coming from the Japanese community. Which I agree 100 percent.

As it was said, “the charming and playful guy Kim Hyun Joong as a solo artist takes one step at a time, always trying to connect with his fans.” I agree with this statement, just like for instance, Hyun Joong was asked, which would you prefer, to perform on TV or perform on stage? He replied, “I like doing concerts because I have all the time to interact with my fans”.

Preparing for one single concert is not a joke, it takes a lot more effort on Hyun Joong’s part since he performs solo. And may I just mention, Hyun Joong was able to use his studies in Stage Production Management and it serves him well in taking his every project hands on.

It was said that Hyun Joong has more ideas which was very effective in his production, than a production planner or production designer!! Haven’t they known that Hyun Joong is an art wizard? He has bunch of ideas stored inside him for years, which is just aching to bring it out and this is the only chance he got to spill it out.

Well ladies, this is your man, aren’t you proud of Kim Hyun Joong being the Kpop Leader?

Please take note, one my readers shared an interesting article about Playful Kiss that can surely make you even proud of HJ, please check it out it’s at the comment box below, share by Dragon lady. Thank you very much for sharing this article.

LazerKim here writing. 

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KHJ Documentary Part 1 with Eng Sub. CLICK HERE > ( Video credits: jackiek606, thanks.

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