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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GOLDEN HEART

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By LazerKim: Kim Hyun Joong is an artist known to have a big heart in helping the less fortunate or others who may need his help. In one of Hyun Joong’s interview with Lee Sora, he was saying, when it’s time for him to close his curtain as an artist, on his last show he would like to perform a concert for his fans for free, and that he’ll place a can for the fans to put whatever they can afford and would like to collect the money and give it charity.

This was not the first time I heard Hyun Joong spoke about giving free concert. Way back in time when he was still with his group, he was saying he would like to give free tickets for the students who can not afford to buy a concert ticket to watch their show.

These interviews echoed in my mind as I have read an open letter coming from another Hyun Joong’s fan club OKT or OnlyKHJtimes. Some fans from U.S. Singapore and Canada had sponsored some fans who have minimal budget to afford a ticket to attend the Asia Tour Fan Meeting. I was moved by the gesture of other fans who volunteered to be sponsors of the other fans who are just desperate to see Hyun Joong in person.

These fans are not just supporting Hyun Joong but had extended they’re support to their co-fans as their ways of sharing happiness and memories with Kim Hyun Joong. Thank you very much, may you have more blessings as you do share those blessings to others.

May I share with you this open letter for those who have not read it yet.


Dear friends from the world of Henecia,

Surprisingly, we got a few emails from some truly generous and kindhearted Henecians from US, SG and Canada in the past week. Knowing that some fans could not go to the FMs because of $ issue, they sent us $ to buy FM tickets for fans who desperately wanted to go to the FMs = whether in SG, HK or TW.

So far, we have managed to hook up 2 PH friends, 2 TW students and 1 MY to go to TW (The PH and MY peeps pay for the lodging and flight themselves. We just give them the sponsored tix).

Coming up, we’re going to hook up 5 more deserving fans to go to the SG FM.

We were genuinely surprised and felt honoured how there are fans who CANNOT come to the FMs themselves or feel that since they can, they want to help others who desperately want to see HJ at least once in their lives. As this message is written, 1 more generous Henecian from SG has pledged to sponsor 2 fans.

Seeing this trend of generous Henecians who truly want to help, we decided to write this short, open letter to all HJ fans out there: If you feel you want to be a sponsor for fans who really want to go for HJ’s FMs but can’t afford it – and if you feel you can trust us with your money – email us at onlykhjtimes[@], and we’ll talk. Please hurry, as the FM dates are edging closer as we speak.

Briefly, here’s our role: We will advise you about what to do, buy the tickets for you (be it in SG, TW or HK) and arrange for fans to go for the FMs.

We are only offering to do this with the SOLE intention of combining our efforts in the best way possible, to give practical support to HJ. If you do not trust us, please by all means, ignore this message.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Warmest regards,
OKT (OnlyKHJtimes)

I have known Hyun Joong fans are very accommodating and considerate, but I have not known that Hyun Joong’s fans can be so generous. Specially fans from US and Canada, since they are not covered by Hyun Joong’s itinerary and could not attend the event, they instead let another desperate fan to attend in their behalf.

The gesture is just so touching, to think and be concern with their co-fans who are basically strangers, but they gave their trust wholeheartedly knowing what every fan feels towards Kim Hyun Joong. Again may I thank the fans from US Singapore and Canada who had gone of their way in making other fans of Hyun Joong happy.

I believe these sponsoring fans has a genuine big heart, and again It makes me think of the sayings “tell me who your idol is and I’ll tell you what you are”. Hyun Joong’s natural trait of being generous and helpful to others is I think contagious to his fans too! I remember the successful concert in Yokohama Arena, that Hyun Joong gave his profit share from the concert to the homeless kids.

And quite recently, the gifts he had received from his fans were given to those who were victims of the recent calamity in Japan. These are just a few of good deeds Hyun Joong had for those who are in need. Not to mention the various charity organizations he has been actively supporting.

In one of the talk shows, Hyun Joong was asked, who manages his finances. And he said he personally handles his finances, because many among his relatives and friends are in need of his help and he personally attend to them.

And then I remember he was again asked in a talk show, if he had given his earnings to his parents, that time he was already promoting Breakdown. And he said, “No I have to pay for my taxes and it was quite huge amount, so I don’t have much money now.” I really laugh at this, just like that, he spilled out what was in his mind and honestly admitted where his money went!!

As we are aware of, since Hyun Joong was still a kid grade school pupil, he would go to the bank and deposit his saved money out of his allownace. He would save 80 cents a day no matter what happen. In short, ever since he was a kid he already knows how to manage his finances, that taught him self discipline. In all his video clips, I haven’t seen Hyun Joong having meals at a fancy restaurant eating fancy food. Except when he is with his boss Bae Yong Joon of course.

But if he’s alone or with his staffs, he would go to a less expensive practical eatery. He loves to drink in a side walk tent stall in Korea or an outdoor bar-b-que, if there is an occasion. Now, he can’t go out to karaoke bars anymore, so he content himself with his staffs and Artmatic at his dance studio, switch off the lights to create an atmosphere as if they are actually in a karaoke bar!! Content themselves with soju and crackers!! That’s Kim Hyun Joong as himself in reality. Not that he can not afford to buy fancy food or fancy places, but he’s just being practical and always humbles himself.

Hyun Joong tends to be stingy to himself so as he has more to give to the less fortunate and to those who are close to him who are in need. Hyun Joong may have fancy clothes, fancy cars, luxury apartment, this is just because of his status in life for being a star celeb. But if he’ll be given a personal choice, he’ll be gladly choose just a room enough for him to sleep, and ride bike to take him anywhere he pleases to go.

He seldom stays home for long hours because he always out to work. He grew up working his guts out, if you remember when he was still a trainee, he works in a restaurant as a service crew to support himself to live, since he was not given allowance during the time he was still training.

Hyun Joong had not forgotten his promise to two of his childhood friends, that anyone of them who’ll be successful, they will put up a restaurant. He was the first to became successful and so he went back to his friends as Hyun Joong raised the money needed to put up a restaurant and Jaksal Chicken was born. And currently having nine outlets and still growing bigger. Hyun Joong uses his own resources to expand, so that he can have more to be able to extend his support to the less fortunate, that he never fails to do so.

Whatever is in excess from what he earns from his hard work goes to charity and to those close to him who needed support. This is the other side of Kim Hyun Joong in reality.

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans are coming from the above average status in life. They too had gone out their way in their support and admiration to Hyun Joong. His fans extended that support to their co-fans to share a big part of an unforgettable memory to spend a day with Kim Hyun Joong.

This is such a remarkable gesture from Hyun Joong’s fans with a generous heart shares their unconditional love to Hyun Joong and beyond, to those who truly loves him too. I’m so proud to be a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and so proud to be in a community of fans who genuinely shares what they got in making others happy. Hyun Joong’s golden heart sink in even to his fans, as they support him anywhere he is, support anything he does and with much more unconditional love.

A man with the golden heart will always share what he got. That’s Kim Hyun Joong.

LazerKim here writing.

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