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Kim Hyun Joong… [Article] FANS & IDOL

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim

By LazerKim: Today’s update, “Netizens take note of Kim Hyun Joong’s manner when dealing with fans”. I read two similar updates about this matter and a blog. I do not want to pretend to be knowing everything well in fact I don’t. First, I’m not familiar with Korean terminology such as “sasaeng fans” is this some kind of nuisance fans??? Second, from where I read the news it seemed to me they are worried about the news. I wonder why?? The news was saying that Hyun Joong and another star were on their way out from the office of company agent, when a bunch of fans were there waiting for them, Hyun Joong’s manager were trying to prevent the fans from coming up close to Hyun Joong, but Hyun Joong allowed the fans to take pictures of him.

Since I do not know the meaning of “sasaeng fans”, may I just consider them as nuisance fans, who follows their idol wherever they go. I have just posted my article Sharing Love which pertains to fans and idols or similar topic before I read this news. I also had mentioned an idol group experienced violence with their fans. I just couldn’t understand how this incident be connected to Hyun Joong. My question is, was Hyun Joong hurt when he met his fans waiting for him outside his company office? Of course not, who would dare to hurt Hyun Joong among his fans? Anyway this incident happened in Korea, and not in other counties. I believe Hyun Joong is a very diplomatic type of man and he knows how to handle his fans.

I’m done with this article and was just about to post, a fan shared with me an article regarding a similar incident to this update, now I understand. Thank you so much for sharing. There were violence between the artist’s managers and the fans, similar incident in the past. May I explain the situation in reality. Body guards and managers are responsible in protecting their artist and that’s their job. If you come up close to their client or subject for protection, those body guards are trained to drive out anybody who would come up close to their subject irregardless of your intention good or bad.

That’s a general rule as far as body guards are concern. I agree, to be violent can sometime over killing but these body guards will only make their move once you come closer or touch their subject. It is their job, if any untoward incident happen to their subject, with no excuse they are 100% liable. This kind of incidents happen to any VIPs even to politician or anyone who creates a crowd. I think it would be better if we, Hyun Joong’s fans to take precaution, let the body guards or managers do their job and follow the rules if we can’t come close, so be it.

For the sake of Hyun Joong, to avoid untoward incident that might put him in an embarrassing situation, let’s follow rules, it can not be harmful to anyone to follow basic rules. Everything in this world has limitations that we are bound to follow. This is just as simple as that. Any untoward incident will reflect on Hyun Joong even if it’s manager or body guard’s fault, let’s not provoke. And one very important thing, in any event that Hyun Joong is on his exposure, be careful with infiltrators. I do not want to elaborate this further, I think it would be better if we fans oblige ourselves in protecting Hyun Joong from these infiltrators. How I wish Koreans fans can read this, because this is their concern actually. I don’t think this will happen during Hyun Joong’s visit to other countries, since he’s heavily guarded. Anyway, let’s consider this matter since Hyun Joong will be on his world tour.

I don’t think matured ladies who are majority to Hyun Joong’s fans, would behave in a most unconventional and unexpected to their personalities. Maybe teenagers, but then so far I haven’t read any untoward incident between fans and Hyun Joong, so let’s be at peace and then we matured fans, let’s guide the teenage fans of Hyun Joong in more appropriate way of appreciating him. Let the young ones be guided, then I think we can build up a better reputation as Hyun Joong’s fans, to prevent untoward incidents similar to what happened to other celebrities. And also for the fan clubs, may I suggest to protect your members from being infiltrated, I can not eliminate the thought of any possibilities, you know, someone pretending to be a fan and would only create something not pleasing to anyone. Although I’m sure Hyun Joong’s fan club officers are smart to encounter such.

I believe KeyEast has been doing their job in protecting Hyun Joong, the staffs know how to handle such situation, and besides I think Hyun Joong is always with bodyguards anywhere he goes. It’s so natural for Hyun Joong to be well mannered at all times specially whenever he sees his fans. Now being his fans, we know exactly where our limits fall. With the teenage fans, well these girls are young they sometimes get so excited for fun of it, it’s natural. Hyun Joong would love to hear you cheer for him, but of course we do it during his performance or other events.

Now, Hyun Joong is a very private person and he would like to have a free life style, let’s give it to him. Anyway he had already given almost half of his life to us, so let’s give him some space. Let’s not allow Hyun Joong to be slave of his fans. He’s very nice to his fans but let’s not take advantage of his kindness by going over board with our limitations. Mutual respect is something we can value for a long lasting fan idol relationship with Hyun Joong.

There are lots of ways we can show our love for Hyun Joong without being physical or to the extent of invading his privacy. What he had shared with us about his private life is all he can give to us, let’s content ourselves with it and appreciate it as he appreciates anything we give to him. We all want Hyun Joong to live his life to the fullest and he can not do so if he’s being followed around. As he said, he wants to walk around, eat in a public restaurant or street tent stalls and that’s his only free time of being normal like us. And if you happen to meet him in such places, then content yourself to look at him appreciate his beauty like a normal person, you may take his picture only if he will allow it and let go of him if he has to.

I do not want to be harsh to any fans who’s doing such nuisance or judge them, no I don’t think it’s right. I still believe they can understand and we Hyun Joong ‘s international fans would maybe enlighten them, that whatever is not good in the eyes of others may reflect on Hyun Joong. And we would not want that to happen. For the nuisance fans, if ever there are, who are there in S.Korea, I would understand your being a big fan of Hyun Joong, but keep your cool Hyun Joong had given almost half of his life to us his fans, let’s just acknowledge what he’s giving us, spare him a little space for him to breath on his own.

Ah I remember again, at one event, I think it’s high five event, there was this fan who came to approach Hyun Joong on stage and out of excitement, caught unaware she just hug Hyun Joong!!! Well, what can he do, he was in front of a thousand fans, he handled the situation so as not to embarrass the fan. I don’t think it will happen again, because the girl earned a lot of criticism on line!!! It’s alright girl, I understand you were just so excited, but I’m sure it won;t happen again!!

I think those fans who were there at the company agent’s office to see Hyun Joong would just like to see him and to take pictures. For as long he was not hurt or anything, then that’s fine. I would say it again, “tell me who your fans are, and I’ll tell you what you are”. Hyun Joong is a very respectable man and I still believe his fans, with no exception, is as respectable as he is. And as for the media, if ever they caught an incident as such, there’s nothing wrong with it, Hyun Joong being nice to his fans is just but natural to him. I don’t think they are nuisance fans. No big deal.

For the teenage fans again, just content yourselves to know more about Hyun Joong by reading articles, then content yourselves with listening to his music and collecting pictures which I got a bunch of it that you may collect. And when the big event comes, now I would gladly ask you to please cheer for him as loud as you can because he loves it. It gives him a high degree of adrenaline which is good for any dancer performing on stage. After the show, your limits starts there. Back to on line collect photos again and read the updates.

And for us fans who are matured enough to absorb the adolescence period of the young once, let’s guide these teenagers and cite the good example. As usual we content ourselves by just reading and wait till the time comes for another event, of course cheer on top of our voices and upon going home we’ll reminisce about Hyun Joong again!! I think that’s gonna be the pattern of our lives with Hyun Joong. Oh not to mention poll voting!! Again we become slaves as ever, but happy we are joining together as we push Hyun Joong up to the top!!! That’s gonna be our job!!

Oh well, I wasn’t intending to prolong this news item, actually my mind was about different topic but since the news is there, I end up talking about it!! There’s nothing to dispute about this matter actually, because there wasn’t any untoward incident happened to Hyun Joong then be at peace, this is no big deal.

Hyun Joong said once in June 7, 2011, “from now on we’ll share all happiness through my music”, so that’s what we’ll do. Let’s keep those nuisance fans busy reading and dreaming instead of getting curious about Hyun Joong’s or whoever idol they adore. Let’s show them Hyun Joong’s fans are in peace and happy having Hyun Joong at our side. We prided Hyun Joong being his fans, and so let’s give Hyun Joong something to be proud of about his fans for being matured, considerate, caring and loving. A unique kind of fan and idol relationship.

And so my daily dose is done for today, I’ll see you again on another episode of Hyun Joong’s story. For my parting shots……. Kim Hyun Joong has a motto for himself that is, “I only live once, & make it to the fullest……” LazerKim here writing.

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