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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROLE MODEL

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim


By LazerKim:             Kim Hyun Joong back to flower boy image?? Will he be doing another Boys Over Flower drama?? Nope! The photo above was taken during his press conference in Japan a few days ago, as Hyun Joong flew in the morning and back to Korea in the evening. A press conference was held after he did some pictorial session and filming commercial ad for AEON. Hyun Joong was joined by another female model, as a video entry at twitter said “Warning: watch only if you can control your jealousy.” And then this news gave me a good laugh, to the caption that says “KHJ in bed scene”!!! Well, because AEON was promoting a bed linen or something, and there’s a scene of Hyun Joong sleeping with the female model!!. Check it out, but before you do so, might as well follow the warning!!!
As we all know Hyun Joong has been doing a lot of endorsements or commercial ads. We do buy glossy magazines, and we see many beautiful faces of both male and female commercial models. Along the shopping malls we do see big pictures of our favorite models and celebrities endorsing products of any kind from various reputable companies. These models and celebrities do earn good money from simple posing on pictorial sessions. But we do not have the least idea, what it takes to be a product endorser. I got the list of Hyun Joong’s endorsements from the time he started in the entertainment industry as follows:


Kim Hyun Joong Endorsements:
  • Samsung Anycall Blue
  • Mighty Mac
  • Elite Uniform
  • Lotte Milkshake
  • Converse
  • Samsung Anycall Haptic Pop
  • T.I For Men
  • Nongshim
  • Le coq Sportif
  • Samsung Anycall Jet
  • Dinamic Kin (Coca Cola)
  • Hotsun Chicken
  • Samsung Card
  • MVIO
  • Basic Homes
  • I’m David
  • Tony Moly
  • The Face Shop
  • Hang Ten
  • Coupang Spring Campaign
  • Lotte Duty Free
  • Aeon Heatfact (Japan)
  • Aeon Coolish Fact (Japan)
  • Seoul Ambassador to Tourism
  • Slim Beauty House (Japan)
  • March 2012 Honorary Ambassador of the United Nations Millennium Development


In one video interviews of Hyun Joong, he was asked what properties do you have? Hyun Joong thought about it, but it’s clear that the question was pertaining to ownership like piece of land, business entity, ect. Hyun Joong replied, “my property is my body”. This may be the least expected you could think for an answer, but he’s right. In reality, Hyun Joong has been earning through his physical outlook, his handsome face, his smooth clear skin, his perfect denture, his body built, his height, his hair style, and the totality of his personality. This is as far as commercial endorsement is concern. Not to mention his multiple talents being a singer, actor in being in the entertainment industry and his popularity boosting. All of these factors taken in one package is Hyun Joong’s personal property.
Commercial models do earn from their physical appearances, and so they do go to their extent of taking extra care of their body, Hyun Joong was very honest, and stated very bluntly, that he has a dermatologist whom he regularly visit for his skin care. This is one thing I like with this guy, many celebrities could hardly admits that they do have this routine skin care from their dermatologist. But Hyun Joong just say it as casual as if talking to his close friend!! And why not? I don’t see anything wrong with men taking extra care of their vanity. In his interview in Singapore for The Face Shop, he was asked if he had facial musk while boarding the plane on his way to Singapore, he was a bit surprised by the question, and so he replied “I was tired and too sleepy to apply for facial musk, so I put on my black glasses and hat!! But I do have facial musk the night before I do pictorials”.
A lot of celebrities would give you an impression that everything is natural to them. Come on!! You may have a perfect skin, but once you neglect caring for your skin it would soon tarnish!! And these people earns from their beautiful faces, I couldn’t understand why would they make people believe to something that is nearest to impossible. Even those celeb who denies having plastic surgery, oh they will deny it till death!! But Hyun Joong had his nose fixed and admitted to it so casually, that even Kang Hodong, the host of the show was surprised by his admitting that Hyun Joong had a childhood accident that hit his nose and had damaged, and he had it fixed. And so the talks about his plastic surgery eventually stopped. Hyun Joong’s just being true to himself, and people tends to like him more being himself as honest and straight forwarded.


Reputable companies are being meticulous in choosing celebrities who would endorse or represent their products. And it’s not only their physical outlook that they look for, they also considers the celebrity’s personal reputation. Well, we may think having their beautiful faces placed in big billboards that we see posted at the mall, busy city streets, and highway roads are just but that. Nope. The celebrity or endorser’s reputation is vital in representing their company product. Although there are endorsers who are not so good looking but their popularity can carry on in promoting a product
Celebrities who are doing commercial product endorsement tends to be more careful with their reputation. And Hyun Joong is no exception. They know very well that being entangled in one complicated controversy may bring them down, may lose good reputation being a product endorser. Or a lot of times the media just put up a malicious write up about a certain celeb can possibly destroy their reputation.
Hyun Joong never pretends to be someone he’s not just to give you a good impression about himself. No, that’s beyond his character, he’ll always stay as he himself regardless whether you would take him positively or negatively. Just like his manner of speaking, or his pronunciation which he admits that he’s having a bit of a problem. But come to think of it, every time he commits a mistake he’s just so cute and you would just laugh about it. Just like pronouncing the word Aeon, when he was in Japan last January to launch this ad, he was relating how he practiced saying Aeon properly with correct pronunciation and right intonation!


My point is, this might be so simple but Hyun Joong is just so open and friendly to be admitting his weak points. How many celebrities can be humble enough to publicly admit their short comings? Since celebs knows that people look up to them, and so some do tend to cover up their short comings. I’m telling you Hyun Joong is just one of a kind unique individual and the least you expect him to be by just looking at his physical outlook is just different inside him.
Hyun Joong will not let his fans or those who believes in him be blinded by his good traits, instead he will show you his true self in real life. In one talk show with Lee Sora she said, Hyun Joong had become more open about himself. As Hyun Joong replied that when he was still an idol, he would refrain from talking about drinking and about girls. Now that he’s a soloist, he has a better freedom to talk about girls and about his vices, as Hyun Joong loves drinking and had admitted it. Although he does this after his work as his way of unwinding, and after drinking, he simply sleeps!!
The title of this article is Role Model, which I’m pertaining to Kim Hyun Joong as a role model being a celebrity to other celebrities. Hyun Joong is an ideal celeb, first for his being modest all the time on and off cam, not a single air of arrogance can be seen in him. Second, his honesty, for being himself, never pretend to be somebody he’s not. Third, being always polite to everyone regardless of who they are, regardless of their age and social status, he treats everyone with respect. Fourth, He knows how to handle his fans by setting his boundary without being selfish of himself to share with his fans. Last, his being naturally helpful and sincerely cared for the less fortunate.


Many of celebrities just can’t keep their feet on the ground, some can be so much carried away by their fame and couldn’t look back from where they came from. As Hyun Joong would always say “I can’t be a star forever”, and he’s being realistic to what he’s saying. Fame is not a permanent thing, that he’s always aware of, and Hyun Joong can only do his best while he’s on stage. And he would always say, that when it’s time for his curtain to go down, he would gladly perform a concert for his fans for free, and would just be putting a can for donation to charity. Even the less fortunate is also in his dream on his last day.
Years ago, Hyun Joong was saying to his fans, “There will come a time you’ll get tired of me, there will be more new stars coming out to be more powerful than me”. He said this five years ago when he was still with his members. And so the time that he was saying finally came, yes it’s true, what he was saying was all true. There was indeed a more powerful star came out by the name Kim Hyun Joong, the kid who grew up to be a man, and a powerful star much better than the Kim Hyun Joong who spoke to you back in time.
If only all celebrities would have even half of his humble self, if only celebrities can be as modest as he is, and as caring, considerate, and sincere, then maybe there will be no controversies as other artists experience, then there should not be a single fan to be hurt while defending their idols out of the controversy. I’m not saying he didn’t experience being entangled to any controversy. But he did face all those controversies with all his courage and honesty. Did he lose anything? Nothing, because the truth had set him free. Hyun Joong had earned respect not only from his fans but from his co-artists too, for simply being himself with no pretenses.
Would you still be wondering to the fact that when you first met Hyun Joong, you were attracted to him, and while in the process of getting to know him better, you would still want to know more about him and before you know it you have fallen for him. It’s because Hyun Joong is beautiful and he’s more beautiful inside him.
Kim Hyun Joong is not a saint, but he will always be a role model….. by just being himself.                                                                                   LazerKim here writing.


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