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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KNOWING YOU

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim


By LazerKim:               Kim Hyun Joong join hands with Yahoo-Korea to communicates with worldwide fans. Hyun Joong was chose to be the first celeb by Yahoo having awarded by Yahoo Buzz as Best Male Performer receiving four trophies in 2011. Hyun Joong shall participate at the Yahoo celeb mission interview. There you go, such an exciting news for everyone, Hyun Joong’s fans shall have the chance to talk with him, to interview him about the things you want to know about him personally.
Now start praying and cross your fingers that you’ll get the chance!! But I think this goes only for Korea, am I right? Nevertheless, since this is an interview mission, to be heard worldwide, meaning his fans will have the chance to ask Hyun Joong questions, then we’ll have the chance to get to know him better coming from straight from him. That’s still a good news though.
How much do we know about Hyun Joong being his fan? I would say Hyun Joong is not selfish to his fans, he shared many information about himself in reality that his fans ought to know about him. He has many weakness specially in his ability as an artist and he’s very honest about those weaknesses to admit, and takes necessary initiative to improve himself. And we had seen his effort in doing so, that little by little he starts to adopt the right ways and have not stop in learning to develop himself.


I have found the video clip of Hyun Joong guesting in one talk show as he was relating his being fond of outer space!!! So you wouldn’t wonder why his fans carry the U;zoosin luminous green stick every time Hyun Joong is performing anywhere. This video clip was actually has been in my playlist, but since it does not have English sub title I can not talk about it, but that talk show was full of laughter!! And so I got a copy with English sub title, and Hyun Joong here was talking about outer space and talking with dogs!! I was laughing and I was asking myself, is this one of his 4D??
Because if you watch the show, for me it seemed he was talking about another world!! Hyun Joong said “Being a human traveling in the space is very exciting and interesting to me. I don’t know when I’ll be able to travel in outer space, it’s very expensive like 5 million, but with 2 million I could work in the field and go!!!” What was he talking about?? Oh he’ll make you believe in this, as he talked it out like very convincing!!
And then Hyun Joong said that he can talk to Korean dogs but he couldn’t talk to foreign dogs!!! Of course, dogs do understand, they’re the most intelligent among animals!! But as he was saying it, he communicated with the dogs by barking on different tones!!! Hyun Joong was telling tales as if he was telling something that is true, when the rest of the guests were laughing at his tale, while he was totally expressionless as if his tales were true and convincing, he’s good in it. He was playing, that’s just it!!
Way back during his SS501 days, he guested in another show, a cooking show!! It was absolutely a play having Hyun Joong as a guest chef of the show. Obviously he doesn’t cook at all, he was just messing around but watching him demonstrating on how to cook was quite convincing, since he was totally expressionless while others could laugh at him!!
In another talk show he was relating that he loves spicy food, and there’s a certain restaurant in Korea specializes in spicy ramen served in certain degree of spice depending on how spicy you want for your ramen.
Hyun Joong picked the most spicy one, and the chef warned him that he might not be able to resist, but Hyun Joong insisted!!! After eating in less than 5mins he felt uncomfortable and so he was brought to the hospital!! Hyun Joong is such an adventurous type of guy, he’s just so courageous on trying anything. When he starts to learn a little bit about something, he wants to learn the rest of it.


Hyun Joong loves challenges even in terms of courtship, he’s up to girls who are hard to get. It’s like, even you like him a lot, keep him guessing, he’s not up to aggressive type of girls but he doesn’t like the stereo type of romance!!  And if she’s trying get away from him, he’ll do everything to get you back in liking him, and that’s Hyun Joong.
On a one on one interview in Taiwan he was made to choose his ideal girl in terms of looks, he was shown two photos at a time, and Hyun Joong picked the first batch photo on his left, as series of photos was shown to him, he consistently chose his first choice. Finally, the girl whom he consistently chose was the leading lady of Meteor Garden. At one point he is made to choose, decided to stand on it, and he sticks to it no matter what.
Hyun Joong was asked, about the reason behind his latest argument, and he said he had an argument a long time ago, he doesn’t like conflict and so he will initiate to avoid such situation to happen. During his SS501 days, he always say, if one of his member is not in a good mood, he leaves him alone because Hyun Joong believe it’s just one of those moods and he’ll soon come around.
Hyun Joong loves a fun atmosphere around him, but once his member approach him for having problems, that’s the only time he’ll talk about their problem and advise his member. He’s not the type to initiate the approach to ask what’s your problem. He’ll wait until such time you’re prepared to open up to him and that’s the only time he’ll give his opinion.


An idol from another group commented that Hyun Joong is a real man that once he made his decision he stand by his decision no matter what. And another group was compared to Hyun Joong, but they submitted to Hyun Joong, in short they have a high regard on him. This is quite obvious watching from his video clips, even he’s with his members, he mingle with other groups too, junior idol or senior he has treats them equal respect. Hyun Joong doesn’t compete with anyone but himself. He dance, sings, he acts and do his best consistently not for the purpose of getting an award or anything but merely doing his job to the best of his ability.
Before he flew to Japan in January, he said to his fans, I want my album to be number one, in other words, he’s just saying to his fans to patronize his album. Hyun Joong was asked what is the most touching thing that a fan had done to him, and he said that his fans would apologize to him if he won’t make it at number one at the chart. And he would just say to his fans “it’s alright it’s not your fault, I’ll do my best next time.” Hyun Joong also mentioned that his fans are fond of giving him expensive gifts. He said, he appreciates personal letter and personalized gifts in hand made by his fans, rather than expensive items, he doesn’t want his fans to spend too much for him personally.
And in connection with this, quite recently Hyun Joong donated the gifts he received from his fans from his Japan debut concert, to charity, for those who were affected by earthquake in Japan. Maybe I would suggest, the money you intend to buy him a gift, place it as cash gift for charity and hand it to him. I’m very sure he’ll be more than pleased with your gesture. Hyun Joong is still currently active in supporting many charity organization, and we all know that.  Hyun Joong doesn’t really need expensive material things.
Hyun Joong is definitely not a materialistic type of person, he may be dressy because he’s a celebrity, but deep inside he sees himself as just a simple guy. KeyEast staffs were saying Hyun Joong receives more material gifts from his fans than his boss Bae Yong Joon. What BYJ receives are tons of letter of appreciation from his Japanese fans and none fans for the various aids he had donated during the earthquake incident.
Is Hyun Joong stingy? I would say he’s very practical when it comes to spending. He’s quite meticulous though when it comes to clothing, this is because of his status as a star, nothing more nothing less. He’s just oblige to dress up for his fans. And besides anything he wears and anything he does to himself,  just suits him handsomely. I mentioned this in my article Fashion Icon. But if asked about his favorite clothes, he would settle to the most comfortable shirt and jeans. Hyun Joong knows the value of money because ever since he was a kid he had  already trained himself on saving money for rainy days. He knows how to use his earnings from his hard work. You wouldn’t wonder why he’s rich!! I also mentioned this in article Richer Poorer.


These are a few more traits that Hyun Joong has in reality. We may still want to know more, and in time he’ll tell us more about himself. He knows that no matter what he is we’ll still be loving him with all our sincerity. Hyun Joong had built enough confidence in himself as he said and I repeat “I always want to be the kind of person you will not be criticized because you’re my fan”.
I would always remind you about these words he said to his fans. You know what? The most inspiring for me to write about is Hyun Joong’s real self. From time and time again, you’ll read from me the same way of describing him, and I will never get tired about it. That I wish you will not get tired of knowing him again and again. Even you already know those matters, I hope you’ll try to read it and won’t get tired of it. Because Hyun Joong is such a wonderful person, and he’s one of a kind who’s beyond comparable to anyone.
That is how I have known him to be, and I will stand on it proudly. Because knowing Kim Hyun Joong is the best thing happened to our lives………….         LazerKim here writing.

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