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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] JEALOUSY!!

Credit & Wrote by LazerKim


By LazerKim:            Kim Hyun Joong arrived back home to Korea from Japan last night, as he did a brief visit for Aeon press conference. Many of his fans were at the airport to hand in their personal letters and gifts, and Hyun Joong gladly accepted those, got in to his car, roll down the car window as he waved and smiled at fans and drive off. As I watched the video clip, I smiled thinking,  it’s nice to see a very good fan and idol relationship in mutual respect.
While Hyun Joong went back in the hiding, let’s talk about him, well, what are we here for!! Just consider this article as an effect of real dull life without Hyun Joong that is trying to cheer you up! If you remember, before the year 2011 ended there were series of show presentations that Hyun Joong attended and he performed with the After School girl’s group. And there was a kind of kiss scene in their choreography. What was your first reaction after watching? Did you at least felt jealous? Someone commented jokingly, do they have to do that? Do they have to kiss on stage!! I laugh at that, of course it was only an act!! And so I smelt a funny jealousy from the other end, but it was a fan girly thing!!
Yesterday as I was browsing the Youtube I came across a video which was not in my playlist, a behind the scene of Boys Over Flower location filming at the airport. If you remember the scene of Hyun Joong and Han Chae Young embracing at the airport. While filming the actual embracing, a group of fans was at the location and they screamed while Hyun Joong and Han Chae Young were embracing. Then Han Chae Young said  to Hyun Joong, “your fans are jealous.” Hyun Joong said, “I’m really nervous” he was pertaining to that scene of embracing, which took them a lot of takes!! I can’t help but laugh!! This guy is a greenhorn!! (a guy never been kissed, a virgin!!)


Actually this is not the first time that I heard an actress commenting the same thing to Hyun Joong. It happened with Park Shin Hye when she did a TV commercial with Hyun Joong too. This time it’s embracing and act of about to kiss, then Park Shin Hye remarked to Hyun Joong as “Your fans will get jealous”. Hyun Joong replied “I don’t have many fans”!! I laughed at that!!  I’m having the idea, maybe Koreans are jealous type of fans, or maybe this is just normal to fans, I don’t mean to single out, it just happened that it was a Korean actress who commented. But let’s talk about it, do male celebrities have jealous fans too?
I read from somewhere that most of Korean actors tend to get married at later age, late 30′s or early 40′s. It was said that  early marriage of actors easily fades from the screen. And then Hyun Joong mentioned in one of the talk shows that when he was still with SS501 they were prohibited to talk about girlfriends and drinking. There are fans who tend to shy away from their idols once they’re married or having a relationship, as they said.
There are instances that fans specially teenage ones who get jealous when they knew their idols are having a relationship with another celebrity and become haters of that particular female celeb. Some idols would keep their relationship as much as they could, because in a lot of instances their girlfriend tend to be affected by fans specially if the fans disagree to their relationship. This could sometimes be the price a celeb would pay being a public figure, their personal life is also at stake. But this may be said it’s depriving idols on their human rights to have a relationship. Female celebs may rarely experience such jealousy from their fans, but it was said most male celeb do experience jealousy from their fans specially from teenage fans.
In Korea I would say male celebs are the most popular ones over female celebs and apparently male celebs has the majority of female fans. Fans do take interest in celeb’s personal life, which I think is just natural. A part of Hyun Joong personal life is known to every fan, Hyun Joong knows what part of his life he can share with his fans and the rest is being kept for himself. Hyun Joong’s fans respect his privacy as much that they do not brag about what is not being told by Hyun Joong himself. They content themselves with what Hyun Joong shares with them and ignore the hearsay.


Unlike in Hollywood, celebrities are open about their relationships, unfortunately majority of their relationship doesn’t last. Nevertheless, their fans still stick to them married or not. I probably wouldn’t care, the only thing that’s irritating for me is the media. Specially whenever they try to link a celeb with another, that seems to be malicious. Some fans do match making too, which I’m not really fond of. I would leave Hyun Joong’s personal privacy if ever he’s in a relationship. I can talk about his past relationships which he’s open about it, and if the information is coming straight from his lips. But I probably wouldn’t go for hearsay.
Hyun Joong had two drama project BOF and Playful Kiss, and I’m glad he was not being linked to any of his leading ladies in those dramas. Although there are some actors being linked with their leading ladies, but one way or another careers of both parties are being affected. Some fans of other actors would match them to their drama partners, and if the relationship did not worked out between the actor and actress, fans are also affected. So for me I would prefer Hyun Joong for not being link with any other female celeb. Or if he does, which is very natural, I would just want him to keep it for himself and not go public about it, as other actors had. I would consider Hyun Joong has a different career status at present unlike when he was still with his group.
In some countries, male celeb are being paired with another female celeb, it’s like an actress who has higher popularity boost would paired up with another male celeb who’s less popular. Well, it’s somehow effective, but I don’t buy such tactic in boosting popularity. A celeb can be popular on his own ability and charisma just like Hyun Joong. He doesn’t need other popular figure to be at his side to be popular. Hyun Joong is in one package that you may say everything is in him and need not ask for anything more than what he has, because he basically has what it takes deserving of his fan’s sincere love.


Hyun Joong would only talk about his personal relationship, once it’s over and done with. And I don’t think he would talk anything about his present if ever he has. I think this is a wise move from him, even though I know his fans are matured enough to understand him as a man who of course has definite needs that needless for us say, I would be worried if media gets mingled with his personal affairs. Specially at this time that Hyun Joong is getting to the top of his career, I’ve always been praying he won’t get entangled by any controversy like other artists are experiencing. Although I truly believe his fans are always on guard to protect him 24 hours 7days a week, by shifting schedule!!!! LOL!!
This thought just pop out from mind and may I just share it with you, anyway today’s article topic is jealousy. I’m having a wild thought, what if Hyun Joong falls for a girl celeb and this girl celeb let’s say not the type of girl a mother in law can take. What would you do? Hyun Joong has many fan mothers out there, and what about the noonas, what would you do??  Okay I know, the young fans must be so jealous but couldn’t do anything, since the girl is with Hyun Joong. Are we going to deprive him? Of course not, it’s his life, on the contrary, we’re here to defend him from anyone who would mess up with him.
Hyun Joong has been maintaining a very good reputation in the eyes of everybody including the media. Once a man fall for a girl regardless to who she is, he’ll take her. As for me I have learned to love those people closest to Hyun Joong and I’m sure you are too. Anyone who may be attached with Hyun Joong carries on with his name. If chances are still open, I would probably write about her only once, being a closest person to Hyun Joong, and I end there. Once that relationship ended, and Hyun Joong disclose the topic about her, then that’s the only time I’ll talk about her!!


If in case Hyun Joong would be caught in a controversy, well if you read my articles as once a day dosage, I’ll triple it, that will be one for breakfast, one for lunch and one before you sleep!!! If I need to squeeze my brain out I’ll gladly do so!!! Why?? Controversies are made up to attract the general public to have a scoop for a magazine or newspapers, much more at the internet. And before you know it, the person in that controversy may be mentally disturb on how he can get away from the said controversy. I wouldn’t want that to happen to Hyun Joong. That’s why if this happens, I’ll triple your dosage until the talks about the controversy dies out!!!
Hyun Joong is very careful with his reputation, and I think this is one reason why he shy away from girls specially with his co-celebrities. He prefers to be with the company of his old male friends and the Artmatic. Hyun Joong is naturally shy type of guy and he’s quite uncomfortable in a strange place and strange people. I can see that quite clearly from his video clips and he hates blind dating, not that he’s being unmanly, for him dating with a stranger is like having dinner literally just eating and the least he and his date would be asking each other their blood type!!  In short, since Hyun Joong is not comfortable with strangers, they will end up looking at each other and there’s nothing to talk about.
Hyun Joong had a video interview a sort of Q & A kinda thing, and he did mentioned about his past girlfriend, that was after he and his members came from Japan. He was talking about his relationship as if he was talking with his best friend, he answered very briefly and he didn’t really talk about his girlfriend but talk about the break-up and stating that he felt real love back then. i can see he was affected from the break-up.
In other interviews and talk shows he would bluntly say who is his ideal girl, in fact in one reality show his ideal girl was also a guest in that show, and he told her that she was indeed his ideal girl. But Hyun Joong is not really good in proper courtship like letting the girl know how he feels about her, which I think most men are, Hyun Joong is a shy type of guy when it comes to courtship. He’s very conservative though, he wants to be the one to take the initiative to propose and not coming from the girl. He’s not fond of being teased by match makers.


Like this photo above at Strong Heart, Super Junior was trying to link Hyun Joong to a member of a girl’s idol group, but they did not succeed!!! If you have watched this video clip, there’s a certain part in the video, seeing from the expression of his face, he was a bit irritated about trying to link him with that member. Obviously, he doesn’t like the idea, at least not in public and not in a national TV. Though Hyun Joong is a public figure, he still keeps a self reservation to himself, which I admire in him, he’s being discreet specially in his personal life relationship. 
I think a very good example is Hyun Joong’s boss, Bae Yong Joon who was maliciously linked with his co-artist, media can just pick up on anything and make stories out of what they can pick up. But BYJ’s fans did not buy the news until it just died naturally. Bae Yong Joon maintained being a bachelor until at this time, I would believe BYJ still receives the sincere love from his fans that he kept postponing his plans for marriage. And according to Hyun Joong his boss is not in a relationship at this time, so there’s no reason for him to think of marriage at this time.
It’s very likely the same thing will happen to Hyun Joong about getting married in the later age like his boss. BYJ until now enjoys the love of his fans even he’s not so active on screen, and I believe he’s contented with the love he receives. I would not wonder if Hyun Joong would end up like his boss!! Because Hyun Joong truly enjoys the sincere love from his fans. And I would say he content himself by the love he receives from his fans.
Why do good looking guys finds it hard to pick a girl they want?? Are they being choosy? Or do they have a high standard when it comes to their relationships, or is it because of their careers?? These good looking celebrities knows they are handsome enough, eligible enough and they know girls would just be chasing after them. But most of these celebrities would choose their fame over relationship, they may have relationship that they kept for themselves and most of the time they end up being single again. There are many male celebs who deprive themselves from serious commitment. I think this is another price they pay for fame, specially for celebs who find it hard to have time for such relationships.


They said, jealousy is a monster in any relationship. If ever Hyun Joong ends up in a relationship, I sincerely hope he’ll fall for the right person deserving of his love and someone who can be understanding, open minded and someone whom he can be proud of to introduce to his mom. As for me, when that time comes, I would want him to keep it for himself, this not depriving his right to have a relationship, but to protect himself from the media, because personal lives of celebs are their interest. I know this must be difficult for him to do so but once the media get into the picture it might just create problems for him. For us fans, of course we’ll be at side to protect him all the time.
Maybe jealous fans do exist, and maybe it’s natural for others, I guess we do not have much problem with jealousy, because Hyun Joong still maintain his status being single and uncommitted in any relationship at this time and so be it. He’s still enjoying the love we give him, but there will come a time he’ll meet Ms. Right, then let’s be happy for him and continue with our support. His happiness is ours too.
Kim Hyun Joong content himself by the support and love we give to him, while he literally set his personal desire to the back seat, for his fans…..                LazerKim here writing. 


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