Tuesday, 27 March 2012

[Fan Article] A Voice Beyond Recognition by MiuMiu

Credit & Wrote by @miumiu1120

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When the news broke of Hyun Joong participating in a drama OST like a speed train I began to probe and with my limited almost non existent Korean I should say managed to dig up and translate further information about it. I was that excited that I simply could not wait and had to find out on my own! The world of Henecia on twitter went on a frenzy upon learning that the teaser for the OST was going to come out that same day. The frantic burst of excitement coupled with anticipation that any minute we would all hear the voice of our much loved namja, it was simply killing us slowly. Haha.

Then in what seems like mere minutes later indeed that much anticipated teaser came out. Perhaps it was my conducing dim lit ambiance as I lay there in my warm bed under fluffy comforters that contributed to the emotional turmoil I experienced when I heard his voice. It was beyond recognition. Or maybe perhaps I was already dreaming? But no, Hyun Joong’s voice was so endearing and so real that it couldn’t be a dream. It was hauntingly beautiful that I couldn’t even remember the scenes from the video, his voice stole my thoughts and vision..and all I could see, feel and hear was him.

As I’ve said I was laying in bed by then, cell phone beside me, body was relaxed but….quoting Hyun Joong’s own words….”When the music flows from the mobile phone and into my ear and penetrated my heart, I revived as anew. That’s when I feel I’m alive.” -Kim Hyun Joong

The fact that there were doubts in some people’s minds and mistakes made as to the identity of the singer behind that voice is proof enough that Hyun Joong has accomplished far more than what people expected of him. A voice beyond recognition. And for that I am extremely proud of how far you’ve gone and what you have become. Continuously pushing yourself to the limits, to be better. And oh what a revelation you are each time. I’m always in awe of you as a person and as a performer.

Thank you for the beautiful music Kim Hyun Joong.

My romanization of If  You’re Like Me by Kim Hyun Joong for the drama Marriage Trick/Marriage Plot/The Wedding Scheme. Pardon for any mistakes I’ve made, this is quite a hard labor of love for a first timer. Haha.

Keudaedo nawa gatdamyeon
Keudaedo nawa gatdamyeon
Jigeum jjeum geudjido mothago
I nae nun mul manheulligetjyo
Yakhaejyo ganeun moseube
Ae sso moleuneun choekhaeyo
Geudaeleul hyanghae dallyaganeun naega boinayo
A ju daleun sesangi wado
Negaoetneun sesangi wado
Keudaewa Naneun kateul

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